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Submission + - Apple Laptops Vulnerable to Battery Firmware Hack (

Trailrunner7 writes: Security researcher Charlie Miller, widely known for his work on Mac OS X and Apple's iOS, has discovered an interesting method that enables him to completely disable the batteries on Apple laptops, making them permanently unusable, and perform a number of other unintended actions. The method, which involves accessing and sending instructions to the chip housed on smart batteries could also be used for more malicious purposes down the road.

Miller discovered the default passwords set on the battery at the factory to change the battery into unsealed mode and developed a method that let him permanently brick the battery as well as read and modify the entire firmware.

"You can read all the firmware, make changes to the code, do whatever you want. And those code changes will survive a reinstall of the OS, so you could imagine writing malware that could hide on the chip on the battery. You'd need a vulnerability in the OS or something that the battery could then attack, though," Miller said.

Submission + - PBS and Writerspace Hacked Again (

Endoflow2010 writes: Looks like PBS and Writerspace have been hacked again. The 'hacker' taking credit for the hack goes by the handle Warv0x and is also know by Kaihoe. The previous hack was claimed by Lulzsec to be a zero day exploit for MoveableType . This time Warv0x (AKA Kaihoe) expose the whole Database of using and SQL injection attack.

According to Warv0x (AKA Kaihoe) "This wasn't done for fame or fun,just proving LulzSec aren't as good as they think they are. I haven't rooted the box or been up to crack the hashes, I'm just proving that most of their attacks are very lame and basic (i'm pretty sure and automated) SQL injections and further privilege escalation, which is just matter of time." He also said "Support for WebNinjas & Jester, good job at exposing them. Sad to mention, but I really agree with th3j35t3r & WebNinjas — LulzSec are just a bunch of script kiddies..."


Submission + - MI6 attacks al-Qaeda in 'Operation Cupcake' (

Pigskin-Referee writes: British intelligence has hacked into an al-Qaeda online magazine and replaced bomb-making instructions with a recipe for cupcakes.

The cyber-warfare operation was launched by MI6 and GCHQ in an attempt to disrupt efforts by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsular to recruit “lone-wolf” terrorists with a new English-language magazine, the Daily Telegraph understands.

When followers tried to download the 67-page colour magazine, instead of instructions about how to “Make a bomb in the Kitchen of your Mom” by “The AQ Chef” they were greeted with garbled computer code.

The code, which had been inserted into the original magazine by the British intelligence hackers, was actually a web page of recipes for “The Best Cupcakes in America” published by the Ellen DeGeneres chat show.

Written by Dulcy Israel and produced by Main Street Cupcakes in Hudson, Ohio, it said “the little cupcake is big again” adding: “Self-contained and satisfying, it summons memories of childhood even as it's updated for today’s sweet-toothed hipsters.”

It included a recipe for the Mojito Cupcake – “made of white rum cake and draped in vanilla buttercream”- and the Rocky Road Cupcake – “warning: sugar rush ahead!”

Submission + - EVE Online Customers demonstrate in central hub ( 4

An anonymous reader writes: After the leaked internal newsletter of company CCP that postulated that there are plans to sell ingame items for real money customers are demonstrating in the game.

Submission + - Hackers attack Electronic Arts website (

fysdt writes: "Cyber hackers have breached an Electronic Arts Inc website and may have taken user information such as birth dates, phone numbers and mailing addresses, the company said on its website on Friday.

Electronic Arts is the latest victim in a spate of global cyber attacks waged against video game companies. Last week, Sega Sammy Holdings Inc reported that user information had been stolen from 1.3 million customers, while Sony Corp is still grappling with the massive breach that compromised the data of more than 100 million of its video game users in April."


Submission + - Microsoft Exploits Firefox 4 Uproar, Beats IE Drum ( 1

CWmike writes: "A Microsoft executive late Thursday used the furor over Mozilla's decision to curtail support for Firefox 4 to plead the case for Internet Explorer in the enterprise. 'I think I speak for everyone on the IE team when I say we'd like the opportunity to win back your business,' Ari Bixhorn, director of IE at Microsoft, said in a post on his personal blog. 'We've got a great solution for corporate customers with both IE8 and IE9, and believe we could help you address the challenges you're currently facing.' Bixhorn addressed his open letter to the manager of workplace and mobility in the office of IBM's CIO, John Walicki, who, along with others, had voiced their displeasure with Mozilla's decision to retire Firefox 4 from security support. In a comment appended to a blog maintained by Michael Kaply, a consultant who specializes in customizing Firefox, Walicki called Mozilla's decision to end security support for Firefox 4 a 'kick in the stomach.'"

Submission + - Facebook Takes Down Roger Ebert's Page (

jfruhlinger writes: "Roger Ebert, best known for giving thumb-based film reviews in At The Movie, has reinvented himself for the digital age over the past few years, with an active online presence that includes widely read Twitter and Facebook pages. But his Facebook page was briefly removed after Ebert, responding to the death of Jackass star Ryan Dunn in a car accident, wrote "Friends don't let jackasses drink and drive," prompting complaints. The page is back now, but as blogger Chris Nerney notes, the incident shows that "your" online presence is in many ways not really yours, if it depends on services that can remove it on a whim."

Submission + - SkyDrive drops Silverlight ( 3

mikejuk writes: Microsoft's SkyDrive, a web service that provides cloud storage for end user files, has just acquired a revamped user interface — and it is HTML5 based. Yes, another Microsoft website has dropped Silverlight. How can Microsoft expect independent developers to base their future on Silverlight when Microsoft itself is abandoning it like a sinking ship? Whatever happened to "eating your own dog food"? It seems that now Microsoft would rather eat dog food made elsewhere....

Submission + - Bitcoin user gets robbed of his 1/2 million wallet (

anomnomnomymous writes: "One user claims that an unknown thief has stolen his virtual wallet with Bitcoins, worth the equivalent of half a million dollars. In a posting on the Bitcoin forum, a user with the nickname Allinvain claims 25,000 Bitcoins have been captured; An amount with a rough value of 467.500 dollar.
So are we going to see more of these robberies in the future? This clearly shows one of the downsides of the semi-anonymous currency, as a recourse or refund (or legal protection) is nearly absent."


Submission + - Libyan rebels weaponize Power Wheels toy ATV (

Danny Rathjens writes: " reports, "You know the little Power Wheels-style ATV [4-wheeled slow-moving truck] your kid uses to drive across the lawn? It turns out that it makes a great machine gun drone in the hands of Libyan rebel, and structural engineer, Mohammad Bin Saud. Bin Saud is one of a growing legion of rebel Libyans turning anything and everything — including the aforementioned Power Wheels — into weapons." Most of the content is a video clip from Al-Jazeera."

Submission + - Oracle releases RHEL 6.1 clone (

Julie188 writes: "From the "that didn't take long" category, Oracle has already released a clone of Red Hat's Enterprise Linux 6.1, despite Red Hat's efforts to stop the cloning of its flagship distro. Oracle's "unbreakable Linux" is not CentOS, which is still back at the RHEL 5.6 level. In the Oracle Linux 6.1 release notes, Oracle notes that it tweaked 61 packages from Red Hat's code. Of course some of those tweaks were to remove a few Red Hat-specific items and logos."

Submission + - Microsoft's New Anti-Mac Site (

StormDriver writes: "Microsoft has launched a new ‘PC vs. Mac’ site, and this one encourages potential Canadian Mac buyers to ‘do the math’ before buying.

The idea is that you compare the price of Mac systems to ‘corresponding’ Windows-based systems (I can’t add enough quotes around ‘corresponding’ so I won’t try, but rest assured that these systems have been carefully chosen) and end up being awed by the savings you could make by choosing Windows over Mac (and then you spend the savings on a vacation)."


Submission + - Becoming a Network Administrator

J. L. Tympanum writes: After many years as a star programmer, I have taken a position which involves maintaining and rebuilding the in-house network of a small company. There are maybe 100 machines, a mix of blade servers running linux, and desktop peecees running windows of all flavors. Basically, I have to learn networking from scratch. I have been given an "unlimited": budget to buy routers, switches etc to set up my own little test network as part of the learning process. So the question is, what's the right strategy here? What routers or switches or other equipment should I acquire? What books should I read? Should I take classes from Cisco, Global Knowledge, my local community college, or somewhere else?

Submission + - DARPA's new telescope could see the aliens on Mars (

coondoggie writes: "You can bet that if there are little red aliens running around on Mars or spaceships patrolling other planet in our solar system for that matter, a recently powered-up telescope built by the researchers at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency might just be able to see them.

The Air Force, which operates the DARPA-developed Space Surveillance Telescope (SST) says the telescope's design, featuring unique image-capturing technology known as a curved charge coupled device (CCD) system, as well as very wide field-of-view, large-aperture optics, doesn't require the long optics train of a more traditional telescopes."


Submission + - Microsoft Launching Angry Birds For WP7 on May 25 ( 2

autospa writes: Today at the MIX11 event Microsoft set the launch date for Angry Birds, a very popular game, on the Windows Phone 7 platform: May 25th. Angry Birds has become a cultural phenomenon, with millions of users across every major computing platform, mobile and not. Angry Birds and WP7 have something of a history, including an episode in which Microsoft mistakenly made it seem that the game was coming to the platform at a time in which no such plans existed.

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