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Comment Re:Wouldn't numbers be easier? (Score 1) 131

a number of years ago, our kids' elementary introduced a novel grading system. We had to have a sit down with the principal to walk us through it. She told us how the new system would be 1-2-3-4-5 etc as opposed to traditional A-B-C-D - F. This would take time and cause obvious confusion with parents, but the administration felt it was for the benefit of the children so it was worth all the hassle. Swear to god.

Comment Re:Not just at the border... (Score 3, Interesting) 318

We have the same in San Diego - a border check on 5 fwy 40 miles from the border. It's the only direct way to get to Orange County from SD & I drive through it every day. I am baffled as to why we cannot keep the border checks at the border. Over the years I have missed several meetings because the delay goes to maybe 30 minutes or so. For every illegal they catch and throw back, there must be 100's of hours productivity lost to local businesses because of workers stuck on the 5 freeway.

In a flat world where you have to compete with all countries, I just don't get why any politicians see this as beneficial use of resources (keep in mind US trillion dollar federal deficit.)

Comment Re:Just one fatality (Score 1) 297

two of which resulted in fatalities.

Getting distracted with Autopilot engaged is like removing your seatbelt because you have airbags. .

Why call it autopilot? just call it cruise control, and don't let the driver out of the loop. I have lane change assist in my Porsche. If it does not detect input from the driver after some number of minutes, it will automatically disengage and beep out a warning. Point is, the system doesn't even pretend to be engaged if you're not.

Comment Five reasons why all the fuss is unnecessary: (Score 1) 771

1. Apple will do it anyway
2. You'll get an adaptor and move on, just like you did last last time
3. your mom isn't freaking out, neither should you
4. you can always stay with the last generation iPhone, which will be available for a few years
5. Admit it android people, you just luv to complain about Apple.

Comment Re:Some horrifying Key Statistics (Score 2) 181

New and data aggregator: is (and was) the only thing Yahoo did well.

I always liked their sports app and sports news. Seems like they never really figured out how to make money in the web 2.0 world like the other bigs managed to do. They sure spent money like crazy tho. Alibaba was a good investment for them, all the rest seemed to fizzle.

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