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Comment The problem is (Score 1) 51

None of that makes alternate media any better. There's nothing wrong with pointing out the problems media has. Indeed it is healthy and necessary as the only way we can hope to improve it is to point out the problems and demand that they be improved upon.

The issue is that is not what many of the people who call themselves skeptical of the media are doing. Rather they seem to be taking the view that MSM is bad so that means whatever alternate media site they read is good and accurate all the time. They'll be critical of CNN or the New York Times often to an unreasonable degree, but then accept without question or analysis things from Brietbart or Infowars.

That is completely silly, of course. The idea that because a site is not "mainstream" they must do a good job reporting is bunk. Being "alternate" is no guarantee of any sort of journalistic standards, or any process to try and combat bias. On the contrary, many explicitly have a viewpoint they are pushing, to try and capture a certain part of the market.

That really is why most people like them, and dislike more mainstream sites. It isn't that they are actually critically evaluating the news's failures, rather it is they disagree with what they are saying. So they find another site that says things they agree with, and they decide that means they must be telling the truth. They aren't actually doing any critical analysis, just trying to find places that say things they agree with.

It is like a person who is skeptical of a diagnosis from a doctor, but will unquestioningly accept the diagnosis of a homeopath.

Comment Re:Plasma (Score 1) 72

25k hours after manufacture or 25k hours of use?

After manufacture would be something of a problem, that's just under 3 years.

Of use would seem to be something less of a problem, that's 8 hours a day, every day for 8.5 years. Telly turned on at 4 pm every day and left on until midnight.

There's some segment of home users that might be affected and some institutional use cases, but that's a lot of on time and frankly in most settings where I see a TV that's been on that long it looks like shit anyway and that's non-OLEDs.

For most people it would seem like the technology would age out well before the set did.

Comment Re:"self investigate" == alt.right (Score 3, Interesting) 442

properly licensed by the same government officials

The guy showing up at a pizza restaurant with a gun to "investigate it" is a retard, but this case is yet another entry in the list of things that has been bugging me about the "fake news" thing.

Why are we calling this "fake" news instead of "incorrect news" or "wrong news" or "wacko conspiracy theory"? My guess is that deep down, the people that are pushing back against what they call "fake" news doesn't care about truth or falsehood, only the messenger.

Comment All the new high end ARM CPUs do (Score 1) 71

My phone (LG G5) supports it because it has a Snapdragon 820. That's great and all, but there aren't a lot of devices out there that are so new. So no real point in Netflix supporting it. They'd need to wait a few years for enough people to replace their hardware with new units.

Comment Re:I quit using DVR (Score 1) 121

Sports is a good example of where legacy broadcasting rules effectively sabotage streaming. Even if you subscribe to some streaming service, blackout rules dating back to the 70s can still prevent you from having access to a game.

Plus you can record in better quality yourself and you don't have to waste any bandwidth viewing a locally stored recording.

Plus some of this stuff is completely free OTA. So it's gratis too.

Comment Manned space exploration (Score 1) 379

Why not manned space exploration as the "purpose" behind what will largely be a giant make-work process anyway? It requires a ton of skills across the spectrum, from basic labor to, well, rocket science, and it has kind of a purpose which hasn't (yet) been completely politicized -- in fact, much of science fiction surrounding spacefaring is pretty utopian in terms of race and class relations.

It seems kind of ideal from a unifying propaganda perspective as well as providing people with a constructive activity.

Comment Re: Will this apply to slashdot as well? (Score 1) 318

Yeah... sexist and misogynist. That's the new codeword for treating a woman as an equal. You're just playing the woman card and pretending that they are all just weak victims that need protected. This goes equally well for Trump's groupies, the professional entertainer, or Clinton herself.

When Germans need to put signs in bathrooms because the Syrians can't or won't use a toilet properly, you've got a real issue that can't be glossed over by liberal platitudes.

The issue of successful assimilation is not something to be glossed over or ignored just because it contradicts your politics.

Comment Re:Inside every "Liberal" is an "Authoritarian" (Score 1) 318

The "Hitler Problem" wasn't that the guy said mean things. The problem with Hitler is that he also had an army of uniformed thugs beating people up. He didn't just say "bad things". He did things that relatively libertine Americans would consider illegal.

The Hitler problem is that he suppressed dissent. He did that long before he came to power.

It's even in that silly little poem that people have had fun misusing lately.

This Cliff Notes version of history that liberals love to peddle ignores a lot of very relevant details.

Comment Also nothing supports it (Score 4, Interesting) 71

I mean the newest devices support it in hardware, but it has to be a very new chip to have H.265 support. The vast majority of devices in use don't. For computers you could do it in software but that isn't ideal, since H.265 decoding is rather heavy so you'd hit the CPU pretty hard, whereas hardware accelerated H.264 would hit it almost not at all. For mobile/embedded devices though it just won't work. Too CPU intensive to do in software, so people need a new device.

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