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Comment Re:Good (Score 2) 50

I like having what I want when I want it.

Forms of consumption other than privately owned physical media simply don't allow for this.

You're at the mercy of what corporations let you have at a given time and they can change their minds at any moment.

Comment Re:... and that's bad, why? (Score 1) 50

I have always thought of Netflix as a bone yard. Movies end up there once they aren't even worthy of the Walmart bargain bin anymore.

This decline in DVD sales and prices has been going on for a VERY long time already.

Blaming it on Netflix is a bit silly.

The idea of a DVD seems quaint to a lot of people these days. I wouldn't buy them myself if I couldn't convert them into nice DRM free files.

Comment Re:AI as a marketing term (Score 1) 99

My question is that as AI is developed from machine learning or whatever it's antecedents are, at what point will we decide that we have AI?

It seems like the goal line for what we're will to accept is AI keeps getting moved forward, mostly driven by a science fiction version of AI, like HAL9000, Westworld robots or some other kind of self-aware machine consciousness.

Comment Re:So. (Score 1) 241

Swearing is only "deviant" in some parts of "polite society". This also varies greatly by region. What would be considered mundane in Manhattan would be considered absolutely scandalous in Georgia. Southern hangups are even more extreme than that going beyond what someone on either coast would view as "profane".

This almost sounds like something that snowflakes that have never been out of the suburbs would come up with.

Comment Re:FB is not entertainment (Score 1) 28

I think the big error Facebook made early on was making it too easy to post links and to share other such posts. This diluted the content from "stupid shit my friends say and do" to "clickbait social media shares" with no original content from friends.

I see people on Facebook who seem to do nothing other than re-share web links and meme photos, with zero original content added. And there's a lot of it, which is why you end up speed-scrolling your news feed, because its all clickbait and a lot of it politics, too.

I also think that politics and the ease of re-sharing has been a REALLY toxic combination for Facebook. The amount of ZOMG Trump and strident political messaging makes the content even worse.

I was flat on my back sick for 3 days and was surprised how easy it was to blow past everything in my news feed when I finally checked it out again, I thought for sure there would be enough unique self-generated content to kill some time, but it was, again, just a lot of low quality noise.

The idea of Facebook as a long-form video source platform just seems ridiculous. It's not on any STBs and even if it was, the newsfeed doesn't make for a video selection user interface. Even Netflix struggles a little with content catalog presentation.

Comment Re:battery life a braindead argument (Score 2) 256

I work as an IT contractor, and I have about 400 gigs of miscellaneous software archives that I drag around with me. About a third of it is legacy crap that I almost never need but when it does come up, it's usually critical to solving some problem.

I split the archive between a current branch and a legacy branch and keep legacy as just a symlink to a directory on a 256 GB card that stays in my Dell laptop and fortunately fits completely flush.

I agree that the speeds to SD are kind of erratic and not nearly as good or predictable in response to even a decent USB3 stick, but for what I'm using it for its more or less ideal.

Comment Re:battery life a braindead argument (Score 1) 256

A modular bottom panel is a pretty good idea. I suppose ideally the entire case would be designed around the bottom panel being swappable for a thicker one which included supplemental battery power and extra ports.

If they had a docking port on the bottom, this could almost be something a third party could deliver.

Comment Re:battery life a braindead argument (Score 2) 256

Am I the only one who finds that a SD card slot that holds an SD card is a great way to hold extra data? I keep a 256 GB one with low-use archive data in my SD card slot, symlinked into the main file system.

Frankly I wish they could put 2 or 4 of these slots into a laptop. I would use one for portable data I expected to move to other computers, one as a generic storage enhancer, and one other for my automatic image backup.

The latter I would really like, I can keep at least 5 restore points in 512GB for my system's 66% full 1 TB boot disk if I run the backup cycle daily. Create an incremental at every boot and then auto-dismount to protect it from malware or accidental overwrite.

My summary of this whole Macbook Pro issue (and I don't even own one) is that one side is arguing that "nobody" uses the missing features (SD card slots, USB ports, etc), basically arguing that because the *average* user doesn't use them, it's a waste to add them.

The other side seems comprised of the actual power users who have use cases for them and think that a product should be offered that addresses something other than the average user.

At the end of the day, the whole thing seems to boil down to millimeters and ounces of weight.

Comment Re:Will it be "Social Justice" content? (Score 2) 84

We've seen long-established characters changed to a different race or gender or sexual preference or some other trait just to make the content more "inclusive", even if it makes no sense within story lines or established canon. Or we've seen new characters created with a trait like their gender, race, or sexual preference as their main defining characteristic, solely so focus can be put on it, and the rest of the character pretty much ignored.

To be fair, there's also still a non-trivial amount of white-washing going on, too. The most recent and accessible example for the Slashdot audience would be casting Scarlett Johansson for the Ghost In The Shell movie.

In fact, I am somewhat curious about this list of movies that fit your criteria, as I can easily rattle off several whitewashing examples from recent movies off the top of my head, but I cannot think of that many where the reverse would be true (though there are some).

Comment Re:Expected /. response (Score 1) 446

I think the larger problem is people are just sick of everything having telemetry in it, even if it's generally benign and possibly even beneficial.

My main beef with Windows 10 is how willing Microsoft is to re-install sample app store apps after I've already "uninstalled" them (which I don't even think actually uninstalls them but just kind of removes them from my profile). There's a perniciousness to push their marketing angle in my user profile configuration that kind of bugs me.

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