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Comment Re:Just so you know (Score 1) 252

While OSX's Intel GPU performance is now lagging behind linux, I have to say I'm genuinely impressed by the quality of the drivers. I've never seen glitches or corruptions in rendering - and speaking as a guy who's been writing opengl for 10+ years, I've seen a lot of shit drivers. Particularly on the OSX side of things.

Intel's drivers for OSX ( whether written by apple or intel, IDK ) always produce correct output, even if performance isn't always top notch.

Comment Re:The Real Problem (Score 1) 417

Taxi drivers will try to stop it, it's true. I suggest to them that they demonstrate superior service. If they can, people will use human services over automated driving services.

Now, as a city resident (cyclist, pedestrian) who has been hit by taxis I'm going to root for their destruction in totality. Fuck them, and fuck everything about them.

Comment Gimbals (Score 3, Interesting) 325

Dumb question, I suppose. But, given that the earth rotates, and given that the flywheels will have a huge angular momentum, are they gimbaled? The article says they're suspended in a vacuum, levitated on a magnetic field, which is cool. But if they're not gimbaled a huge amount of energy will be wasted fighting precession as the earth rotates.

I assume the people making these things are smart and know their shit. I'm just curious how a problem like this is solved. If not gimbals, what?

Comment We are not the audience. (Score 1) 277

Every post here is (understandably) negative. But, come on kids, we are not the audience here. Programmers are not the audience. Hackers are not the audience. Gamers are not the audience.

People who spend all day on facebook, gmail and last.fm are the audience. And this is probably a very good solution for them.

Comment Re:And Adobe can't do this, why? (Score 1) 356

Actually, adobe is. I can't recal the name of the project, but Adobe's writing a canvas-based flash renderer in JS.

Canvas is actually the right way to go, because despite all the comments in this thread about how HTML-5 is "officially as powerful as flash" now, the fact is flash does still have some advantages, like bitmap filters.

Those can be implemented from scratch in a canvas-based renderer, whereas any attempts via dynamic SVG will be subject to whatever support SVG has for filters.

In short, by implementing a from-scratch canvas-based renderer, Adobe gets full control over the pixel pipeline, which allows them to get pixel-perfect rendering. Flash is, believe it or not, a very high quality renderer, and Adobe likely doesn't want to lose that.

Comment Re:reasons this may not catch on in the US (Score 1) 533

Hey, I just want to thank you for a good & sensible writeup.

I am one of those people who architect his life about sensible transportation. I recently bought a house in washington dc, and ride my bike to work daily. I've been a bicycle commuter for 10 years, and have made my living arrangements favor bike commuting accordingly. It's actually pretty wonderful, I spend 15 minutes on my bike every morning and evening to get to work ( and if necessary, to stop at the grocery store on my way home ).

Frankly, it's an absolute joy. My colleagues bitch and moan about traffic, yet they insist on living as far as possible from where they work and spend more than half of every day.

Anyway, I had to comment simply because so many internet discussion threads about cycling tend to devolve into name calling and internet-tough-guy-ism.

Comment Re:It's a Free Market (Score 1) 553

You know, I just wanted to let you know that we yanks know perfectly well what an arse is, we don't need to have your mystical moon-man speak translated for us.

Yes yes yes, it must make you feel all high-falutin-etc to condescend to let us in on your colloquialisms. But it's not a secret. We know what arse means. We also know that you call a car's trunk a "boot", and that you like to spell color with a 'u'.

We get it. Carry on.

Comment Re:Free Energy, what I would do if I invented it. (Score 1) 213

2 things:

1) You'd better figure out how to keep the world from just getting hotter and hotter. That free energy's being turned into work, after all.

2) You're using what would be the greatest advancement in the entirety of human history, to play a prank? On all of humankind?

Sir, you have my respect.

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