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Comment Re:CS should _not_ be taught to teenagers (Score 4, Insightful) 241

It is not even remotely similar to reading, writing and basic math. Most people do not need coding, will never be any good at it and trying to tech it to them is a complete waste of time.

I absolutely disagree. Programing (by which I mean building something that does stuff, rather than doing it the best possible way) is not about math, it's about logic. It's about deciding goals, making a plan, testing one's progress, and making milestones. This sort of thinking is essential in nearly every field, from baking to investing, from education to career planning.

Comment It's just adjective inflation, nothing more (Score 1) 80

The same way that things went from being "neat" or "cool" became "awesome," and how a few years back all "fails" became "epic fails." Nowadays one can't be a "good" coder, or an "excellent" coder. One must be a "rock star." People who aren't rock stars aren't merely "below the median," they are "fucking retards."

My city has been trying to get some dubious development lately (casinos and the Olympics). The politicians and developers, seeking to get voter approval for revised laws, tax breaks, and other asshattery, love to throw around terms like "world class." I saw an ad on the subway that used the phrase three times. It's like listening to Donald Trump imitators throw around superlatives "the classiest, most gold-plated, marble-encrusted codpiece you ever saw."

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