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Comment Re: Amazing (Score 4, Insightful) 371

I've had insurance since I was born, I'm in my 50s, and my cost of insurance jumped 4 times since obamacare. My employer dropped it because insurance rates soared, so I no longer had matching, plus the regular rate better than doubled. And that is for insurance that covers almost nothing until I spend 28,000 because there are virtually NO doctors in the network. And NC has NO options, only Blue Cross. We used to have over half a dozen. My cost of insurance and overall healthcare went from being 5-10% of my income to over 1/3. So fuck your socialized healthcare that says responsible people have to pay insurance for irresponsible people that don't like to work. I'm fine helping those that can't help themselves, but this current bullshit is killing the middle class. You know, the people making 50k a year and pay the highest percentage of their income as tax because they don't make enough to shelter it. But then, that was the original plan, wasn't it? Make a system so god damn bad people would beg for a single payer. Guess what? You got Trump instead, so suck it up Dr. Buttercup. You have no fucking clue the pain this system has caused to hard working, middle American, blue collar people.

Comment Re:Former CVS pharmacist here (Score 2) 371

I'm the parent of a kid whose doctor has said we should have a pair of Epipens around and had the joy of paying quite a few for them out of pocket for a few year.

I was slightly annoyed when I learned of the Adrenaclick as no one had mentioned it previously at the doctors office, though a quick call to them got the Rx changed to the Adrenaclick which is an order of magnitude cheaper than the Epipen... and a generic version is also welcome news.

Comment Pushing up daisies (Score 0) 285

We don't just want you dead, we want you pushing up daisies. Literally.

Totally stupid. Like someone else said, the role of the military is to kill people and break stuff. Nothing else. Not nation building, not inventing environmentally friendly ways to kill. The goal should be to use the military sparingly, then when you do, use the most effective tools to do the ugly but necessary job.

Comment Re: Makes me think... (Score 1) 175

Interesting... your only complaint with my comment was who I credited... yet you didn't follow the logical course of actions to their conclusion.

I'm not sure if you are aware... but books or speeches do little on their own. Either they inspire legislation, or other action... like litigation, which is what happened and why involuntary confinement is so limited today.

Comment Re:Makes me think... (Score 2) 175

The baggage claim area is not a gun free zone. It's outside security and literally anyone from the street could come in with a gun,

Ditto for the area beyond 'security' as all literally anyone from the street walk in with a gun, open fire at anyone attempting to stop them from entering the 'secure' area.

There are also plenty of less obvious ways to get a weapon into that area, alas for you the dotted security line only provides security theater.

everything to do with mental health care.

And that solution is... ?

They thought he was deranged, so they passed him off to local PD who got him run through whatever cheap mental health screening they use for nuts off the street and then he was set loose again.

And? The ACLU and others fought against involuntary confinement long ago and won. Today, if you can say where you are and why you are there, short of any overt acts of of violence, you aren't going to be held for very long as like it or not... even the mentally ill have the right not to be held without due process.

Comment Re:Yep (Score 1) 175

Self-reporting such a thing is about the same as me reporting you to the feds for trafficking in kiddy porn... there is no evidence, so little cause/reason to move forward with any serious investigation/acts.

Go to the police and say you are thinking about harming yourself? Probably going to get the same result.

Really want to make sure you don't hurt anyone later? Cold-cock the cop and grab their gun in the presence of other people... that will get you locked up... or just go for more simple form of 'robbing' a bank or drug store with a note, then wait outside for the cops to arrive to arrest you without incident.

Comment Re:'Developed a Clear Preference' For Trump (Score 1) 732

I had a Coke instead of Pepsi with lunch today.

What does that matter?

It's just as relevant to the subject of Presidential elections as what you said.

The rules have been in place for a couple hundred years now, they were accepted by all who played, and only after losing are you throwing a hissy fit.

Comment Re:The ad hominem that ended civilization (Score 1) 821

I get it exactly.

I don't care who considers me "worth informing", nobody controls my actual value now or in the future.

Nor yours, except you are apparently too weak psychologically to handle reality, and thus your main point here appears to be to say I'm "delusional" as a random target, then pointlessly going on about it with explicitly no suggested path to improvement to the circumstance you find yourself in.

I am not treating it as a game. You are. One you've decided there is no alternative but for you to lose, inevitably and permanently. There is you "we" you keep referring to regarding this, in any respect.

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