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Comment Re: Stop it with the SJW crap!!! (Score 2) 383

Paraphrasing further, why do such people as totally unqualified in the field as Slashdotters make up such dumb conspiracy theories so they can ignore the actual experts, in favour of a bunch of thoroughly debunked propaganda spread by denialist oil industry shills?

Comment Re: The science isn't settled: it's dead. (Score 0) 383

Opposing views maybe, but the facts are clear to sensible people. Why so many supposedly intelligent people deny the fact of climate change on here is a reflection on their arrogance. The usual nutty claims of a scientific conspiracy are as laughable as believing in chemtrails, same mental illness perhaps? Or some prefer nit picking the data to justify their confirmation bias.

User Journal

Journal Journal: The 2016 Hugo convention 2

(Version with photos and without slashdot's patented text borking is at My web log)
I had more fun this weekend than I have in years! Patty and I attended this year’s World Science Fiction Convention in Kansas City.
Patty had said that she would be at my mom’s house in Belleville around one, and I got there a little before.
She got caught in constru

Comment Well... (Score 1) 7

That's fine if you only care about yourself. I have a friend (actually an ex-brother in law) who does have kids who shares your opinion.

Personally, I'd like to have the species continue, even though once the Earth dies a natural death by then (4 billion years from now), humans will be less like us than a bonobo.

Comment Successful? (Score 1) 7

I wouldn't call someone who was born into riches and loaned a million dollars interest-free who later declared bankruptcy four times and is being sued for fraud a "successful businessman." Actually, that may be a good thing, look how Bruce Rauner, a truly successful businessman, is totally screwing up Illinois governance. Christ, he's worse than the incompetent Quinn and the two jailed felons who came before him.

You can no more run a government like a business than you can run a business like a government. Just because you can drive an eighteen wheeler doesn't mean you're fit to race a motorcross, or even a Formula One.

The press is anti-Trump because they're not mindless fools.

Comment Re:Hottest on record ... again (Score 1) 270

Dont bother men, the so called sceptics are irrational, as becomes obvious by their silly clamis of scientists being corrupt.
I never reply to them, why argue with irrelevant old blinkered right wing morons who wont accept evidence.
We had one of these idiots on TV last night debating Brian Cox, the audience ended up just laughing at him, as Brain destroyed the usual denialist bullshit.

Comment Re:I can't hear you (Score 2) 394

DRM for sound is completely impossible. CD with DRM? Plug the CD player's headphone jack to your computer's sound inputs and sample. Hell, I get albums weekly; every Sunday night KSHE plays six full albums. I just capture the stream on its way to the speakers.

The only way to keep DRM "protected" music from playing on an iPhone is to get rid of wi-fi, bluetooth, the headphone jack, and the USB port. If I can put data on it at all, I can strip the DRM from those data before loading it on a phone.

DRM is a bad joke.

Comment Re:Whydja quit cigarettes (Score 1) 2

I did the math. Pack and a half a day was costing $300 a month, and all I got out of it was temprrarily not needing a cigarette.

I actually quit once before, in 1999. I got stupid drunk with a bunch of smokers and got hooked again.

Although two beers and a puff of reefer does usually get me started writing. I think the pause in the muse is from breaking the routine; the cigarette break.

I got over it before, I'll do it again. Oddly, the first time I quit it didn't affect me as much. I wrote "How to quit smoking cigarettes" in 2003, posted it on K5 (back before it was a ghost town) and if you googled anything about quitting, it was the first hit for years. It must have been pretty good, It's in my latest book.

Submission + - The Music Industry's New War Is About So Much More Than Copyright (

tedlistens writes: Last month, Taylor Swift, U2, and around 180 other artists signed a letter calling on US lawmakers to reform the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, or DMCA, which it said allowed "major tech companies to grow and generate huge profits” while leaving artists underpaid. (Though YouTube isn't mentioned by name, it's obvious to which "major tech companies” the letter is referring.) Still, while complaining (or hearing complaints) about low revenues from digital music has become as much a rock & roll cliche as devil horns or dying young, a deeper read of the industry's latest campaign against Silicon Valley “greed” (and 8 helpful charts) reveals that this "war" on online streaming is more complex than it seems: in spite of its efforts at a subscription service, YouTube's ad-based royalties remain a major issue. And untangling it is more important than ever: as it seeps again into the halls of Congress, the debate could impact copyright, online ads, and the future of making and listening to music.

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