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Submission + - Roland founder Mr Kakehashi dies. (

Falconhell writes: The Gauridan reports that Roland founder, and brilliant engineer Mr Kakehashi died on April 2nd. His Roland and Boss products revolutionised synthesisers, drum machines, and guitar FX, some of the early synths, such as the Jupiter 8 and Juno 106, now sell for more than they did new.

Comment Re:bullshit. (Score 1) 115

Have you seen the debt now, under the hopeless LNP, far higher than under Rudd/Swann? Of does reality hot suit your narrative?
It was by starving pensioners and unemployed that Howard/Costello built their surplus, on the back of reforms introduced under Labor, and the resources boom.
Had the Howard govt not given away buckets of money tomthe well off in middle class welfare, instead of creating a national wealth fund as Norway did, no debt would have been needed.

Comment Re:bullshit. (Score 1) 115

Well, arent you totally uniformed, there are vast amounts of unoccupied negative geared properties. Meanwhile, young people cant afford to buy their own residence, so they end up renting forever from negatively geared investors, manynof whom own multiple properties, who get capital gains.
I know its difficult for someone well off enough to afford an investment property to understand, but you are simply ignoring reality.
I absolutely stand by the words I used, and your beakdown is lttlie more than dishonest attempt to deny reality.

Comment bullshit. (Score 4, Insightful) 115

Complete right wing rubbish, the reason we got thru the GFC without recession was the governments prompt stimulus actions at the time.
The housing bubble is not due to supply, there are many vacant investor properties, it is the ridiculous negative gearing tax dodge that is fuelling the housing price problems.

Comment Re:Gravity waves, really? (Score 1) 56

Lee waves are used by gliders to reach great heights, they result from mountain ranges (forming lenticular clouds) , and at the edges of different air masses..

Standing waves ocour too, the Morning Glory wave is caused by the collision of two airmass.

The cloud streets, form when the wind aligns rows of Cumulus clouds, which then form the "mountain" that triggers a wave in the atmosphere above. This is known as thermal wave, and can at times be seen in the form of a Pilious cloud.

Strong wind shears can induce waves too, often of higher frequency. (Think high altitude Herring bone cloud) Increasing wind speed with altitude also helps the waves form and propagate, in some cases the wave is over 3 wavelengths long before dissipating.

The Perlan project has been trying for some time to reach very high altitudes on Earth, using the polar vortex, to reach a pressure zone similar to Mars atmosphere.

Comment Re:Turkey is in trouble. (Score 1) 289

Iran is no danger to anyone, only to people who still havent got over the Embassy affair who ignore the reason, the US overthrow of a democraticly elected government in Iran, and the truth is stranger than fiction bit, to restore a monarchy.

It is US behaviour and posturing that drives them to develop their own weapons. I dont blame then one bit, a quick glance at the last 50 years paints a clear picture of who the number one agreesor invading and bombing other countries in the world has been, and Iran simply doesnt rate.

Other than defending itself from a US armed Iraq, including supplying WMD to them, who then ended up invading Iraq, stuffing it up comletely based on the shallowest of lies, and creating ISIS Iran hasnt beem in a war at all .
You really couldnt be more ironic if you tried.

If you read the testimonials of Westerners visiting Iran, they say the people are very hospitable and friendly
To just pile the irony on, there was not one mention of ill treatment at the border either, whilst US ICE at an airport made a 71 year old childrens author Australian Mem Fox, who had visited 117 times so terrified she will not go to America again.

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