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Comment Re:Examples? Proof? Reasonable Argument? (Score 0) 434

The weather is fine here in civillisation thanks Nazi boy, its so nice living in a civillised country, ( please stay in the US, it would be confusing for you to have to behave yourself) with universal health care, a minimum wage 3x the US one, 4 weeks paid leave a year, plus 2 weeks sick leave, and no dickheads with guns to bother anyone.
I cant wait to break out the popcorn for Trumps inevitable war, badly needed to cull the right wing stupid.

Comment Re:Examples? Proof? Reasonable Argument? (Score -1, Troll) 434

Congrats Steve, you are posting at 0 already, as Slahdot deals with trolls pretty well!
I cetainly hate dumb scum like you, and, at the same time find you funny in a pathetic sort of way, I guess your US education is showing
Go on off you go back to 4 chan with the other dribbling nazis, leave the conversation for adults.
Fuck you seppos are dumb cunts.

Comment Re:Need a better search engine (Score 1) 385

The true irony is that Hux sig is from Redgum, a far left Australian band, led by a well known left wing activist, John Schumann exactly the sort of person an ignorant RWNJ like him would call an SJW. Ive met John several times, im sure he would find the irony hillarious. Then again, nobody ever accused the right of being smart.

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