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Comment Re:Hottest on record ... again (Score 1) 270

Dont bother men, the so called sceptics are irrational, as becomes obvious by their silly clamis of scientists being corrupt.
I never reply to them, why argue with irrelevant old blinkered right wing morons who wont accept evidence.
We had one of these idiots on TV last night debating Brian Cox, the audience ended up just laughing at him, as Brain destroyed the usual denialist bullshit.

Comment Re: Israel abuses human rights (Score 0) 278

Oh the irony of the Hasbara shill.
Ah, lets just forget the Israeli terrorism of Irgun and the Stern gang eh?
The hypocray of thieves whining about the original owners fighting for their own land back is thick.
The UN had no right to give away Palestinian lands to invading thieves.

Comment HHGTG Says (Score 1) 126

Yeah, well, Forget that. I mean do you know how the universe began for a kick off?

Well probably not

Alright imagine this: you get a large round bath made of ebony.

Where from? Harrod’s was destroyed by the Vogons.

Well it doesn’t matter -

So you keep saying!

No, No listen. Just imagine that you’ve got this ebony bath, right? And it’s conical.

Conical? What kind of bath is -

No, no, shh, shhh, it’s, it’s, it’s conical okay? So what you do, you fill it with fine white sand right? Or sugar, or anything like that. And when it’s full, you pull the plug out and it all just twirls down out of the plug hole but the thing is


No, the clever thing is that you film it happening. You get a movie camera from somewhere and actually film it. But then you thread the film in the projector backwards.


Yeah, neat you see. So what happens is you sit and you watch it and then everything appears to swirl upwards, out of the plug hole and fill the bath amazing.

And that’s how the universe began?

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