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Comment Re: News for Nazis (Score 1) 1501

First off, "fake news" doesn't mean what you're using it to mean here. Editorial, spin, distortion, or misinterpretation of real events to score political points is not "fake news". Deliberately making up complete fabrications out of whole cloth, knowing (on the part of the creator) that they are fake, and trying to get other people to believe it, is what "fake news" means.

Second, I'd like to see an example of Trump mocking an able-bodied person in the same way as he mocked the disabled person in question. (It seems plausible that he maybe does 'retard hands' like that as a way of mocking people in general, which still is not great on his part, but I'd like to know for the record whether that's really the case or not).

Comment Re:Not impulsive at all (Score 1) 1501

I can see where it comes from easily. You try appealing to someone's reason and it fails. You try appealing to someone's empathy and it fails. You're arguing against a closed-minded heartless brick wall of an opponent; you're not really going to convince them of anything, in any way, because their purpose in life is to disagree with you no matter what. So the best you can do is hope to dissuade others from falling in with their same lot, and one way to do that is to just publicly look down on the opponent, snub them, make them seem like the uncool kid who nobody wants to be like. So you get smug. Your opponent is an obvious moron and you publicly can't see any reason why anyone with two brain cells to rub together would so much as give them the time of day. They're not even worth listening to. Hopefully, if you give off that air, people won't listen to them, and won't fall into the trap out of which they can't be reasoned. Of course if someone asks what makes them so uncool, you still give reasons, but the default before that conversation happens is just an air of them not even being worth talking about.

Comment Re:Not a single time traveler? (Score 5, Funny) 1501

Time travelers already learned their lesson with Hitler. With no Trump presidency, there's no WWIII, and the technology that leads to time travel never gets invented, so using time travel to prevent America from getting trumped is pointless because paradox. Just like with Hitler and WWII, so since we already learned our lesson about how futile such things are there, none of us bother trying to run face first into paradox over Trump. Sad.

Comment Re:That's what we call a buying opportunity. (Score 2) 162

If you're invested in index funds, as you should be, the performance of your investment tracks the performance of the overall market, so if things bounce back in a week, it doesn't matter to you if a bunch of inefficiently human-managed mutual funds lost a bunch of money in that dip, the market is back up so so are your indexed investments and you're still doing just fine.

Comment Re:Self-fulfilling Prophecy (Score 1) 308

$100k household income is about 200% the median household income, so that not the best choice for "middle class". (It is around the mean household income, but some 75% of Americans are below the mean. Then again, real middle class status based on rent and interest expenses vs unearned incomes is large unattainable to even that 75% percentile, so maybe that's not such a bad choice, somewhere between the "like most people" and "actually capital-neutral" senses of "middle class").

Not that that undermines the rest of your point.

Comment Re:wow, great (Score 1) 181

The solution is easy and has been mathematically proven for literally hundreds of years: use a Condorcet method to count ballots and strategic voting is a thing of the past.

The much harder followup problem, however, is how to get the people in power, who benefit from the broken system we have now, to implement that easy solution to something they consider a feature, not a bug.

Comment Re:Nothing to do with Trump (Score 1) 432

The company that owns that investment is in your country.

Think as if it were people: a given American citizen might $X invested domestically, or $2X invested internationally. In the latter case, the American citizen has twice as much money invested somewhere earning him more money, which is better for him, the American, even though that money isn't invested in other Americans.

Comment Re:Yay (Score 2) 432

You realize they said the same thing about Obama curbing Bush's then-decried use of Executive Orders, don't you?

The ACLU had this huge list of things that Obama could and should have done on day one, using Executive Orders, to reverse bad things that Bush had done before, and the Democrat narrative in response to that was "he can't do those things because Executive Orders are bad and Bush was bad to use them and we shouldn't use them or else the next Republican president will feel even more emboldened to use them". And then they went and used them anyway -- on things other than fixing the problems Bush caused -- and yeah, almost certainly emboldened Trump to use them even though he decries Obama's use of them every bit as much as Obama decried Bush's.

Comment Re:Ain't nobody got time for that (Score 1) 111

Yeah, IF ther isn't already a pile of work queued up overnight or before I even got to my desk in the morning that's good new, but it's the panicked thought that there likely is all that which drives me to check my email first thing I wake up in the desperate hope that it might not be and I can stop freaking out about it.

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