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Comment Re:NSA? (Score 1) 157

For the same reason the article hides that democrats do this same thing as well at the bottom. Political agenda.

Slashdot is known to be hostile towards certain groups: Christians, republicans, anyone in government who passes laws or regulations about computers, and the NSA. They're easy to pick on, very few of us are members of those groups (I belong to the first two groups) and any post that mentions them in a negative light is good for your karma here.

Comment Give it a break already. (Score 1) 3

My user account is low enough to show that I've been around for a bit. I've been through past changes to the site, and I'll be here through this one as well.

Stop screwing up the site with spammy comments that are completely unrelated to the content of stories and just get over yourself. Slashdot redesigning it's website is not the end of the world. Grow up, leave the basement, and stop crying about people changing the wallpaper of your favorite fapping site.

Comment Price (Score 1) 97

Yeah, they cost 200k for the first few. But that is to cover development. The actual price of these things should fall dramatically over the next year or so as they get rolled out. If this is the same tiny drone I've seen pictures of in the news lately, they look like something you'd find being flown around the mall by some guy selling them at a kiosk, albeit with quite a bit more technology in the camera and remote control.

Comment In other news (Score 1) 3

In other news, local residents report stream of break-ins during work hours.

Honestly, this is pretty dangerous. Even moredangerous than the guns themselves (note, ONLY legally owned guns would be shown here since they're the only ones on record) is the fact that they've just told every criminal in the area where to go to find a gun. Good job y'all!

Comment Re:"Screaming, Mindless Christians" ?? (Score 1) 688

I am, in fact, none of those things. I don't approve of homosexuality, but I neither fear it or hate those who are gay. I don't dislike women at all. In fact, two of my favorite people on this earth are women. I am not irrational at all; I believe in science, history, and even the theory of evolution. (of species, not humans. There is absolutely no evidence that we came from some other species, just that we have changed. Find the missing link, and I'll change with the facts) Corrupt? I don't drink, I don't do drugs, have sex with strange women, or anything else most people would consider to be "corrupt." As far as stupid, I'm talking to athiests about God, so yeah... I'm probably a little bit stupid...

As an athiest, you know shit about Christianity... Just the words in a book. I know the bible, and I know God. Don't confuse that with what you know.

I don't want a theistic government. Not once did Jesus say we should make Christians our kings. Sure, I would rather have Christians in office than people who don't share my views and opinions, but I don't support most of what the "christian right" are doing. Gay marriage, not my thing, but I don't think it should be illegal. Abortions, shouldn't be used instead of condoms, but they do serve a use in some cases. Drugs, go for it. I won't join you, but I won't stop you either.

Comment Re:Obama's too conservative (Score 1) 688

The few heavy equipment operators I have seen are themselves rather definite proof that smoking pot DOES NOT affect your ability to, well, do almost anything. And I know quite a few. I ran equipment myself for two years. Stayed high nearly the entire time too... (come on, YOU try driving 10mph for 8-10 hours a day and see if YOU don't scream for a joint.) Oddly, the two accidents I did have, I was stone cold sober during

Pot doesn't affect your ability nearly as well as it affects your will to do something. I quit when I realized that sitting at home watching south park reruns just wasn't how I wanted to spend my life.

Comment Re:"Screaming, Mindless Christians" ?? (Score 1) 688

I'm almost positive he was Feudalistic, not Socialist... He didn't say "what is mine, is yours" he said "what is mine, came from the Lord."

There is a difference between believing in charity, and believing in forcing others into giving.

Jesus also told a story about a farmer who planted a tree in his field. For three years he watered and fertilized this tree in hopes that it would produce fruit. At the end of the third year he told his tennant to cut down the tree. His tennant replied asking him to wait one more year, and if at the end of that year the tree had not produced, he would chop down the barren tree.

We believe in charity, we believe in giving to others, but we do not believe in a nanny state which allows "barren trees" to live forever off of handouts, taken from others.

Comment Re:"Screaming, Mindless Christians" ?? (Score 0) 688

As someone who went to public schools in Mississippi, I can tell you for a fact that teachers don't lead the class in prayer even though very few of the students would object if they did.

Personally, I'm tired of being the "silent majority" in this country.

Athiests: Sit down and shut up. You make up less than 1% of this country and you are still getting your way in having God pulled from every place you can find His name. This is a democracy. .07% isn't enough to even be mentioned in the footnotes of our nation...

Yes, some people calling themselves Christians have done some horrible things in this world. Just because someone calls themselves a Christian does not mean they are one. I can call myself a pink tyranosaur all day, but that won't make me any less of a human or any more of a dinosaur. Those people will be right beside those who denied Jesus in the end.

And before you even start, just because I'm a Christian doesn't mean I have to be nice. Not once does the bible tell me to be nice. It tells me to be righteous and good. I am told to follow Jesus's example; a man who was sarcastic, loud, and often completely rude to those opposed to God's way. The thought of Jesus, or christians, as "nice" or "polite" shows just how little you know of the bible.

Comment Re:Obstruction? (Score 1) 203

1. of all the .22s I own, none of them are pistols... Checking wikipedia, it says that the .22 is the most common round in the world. Logic tells me that this is trus since I can buy a box of a thousand rounds for what it costs for 20 .45 rounds.

2. you're right, typing faster than I could think.

3. SWAT teams wouldn't fall into the category of "most police forces." They are more likely to be shot than conventional police and therefore arm (and armor) themselves accordingly.

4. Yes, I do. I was wrong.

5. See above

6. I'd call it debris. Otherwise tornadoes would cause fragments.

2 years 3rd ID, served in Iraq and Afghanistan, member IAVA, DAV, and WWP.

Comment Re:Obstruction? (Score 2) 203

Just googled them, they cost less than $400. SAPI plates run about 290, and the newer polyethelene ones cost between 400 and 600. You can get the full package (plates, with lv III-a vest) for around 700 online.

Also, small towns don't usually have swat teams, and those that do, have swat team members who wear ceramic plates. Would YOU spend $800 on plates for your vest if it meant the difference between coming home at night or dying in someone's front yard? Most cops aren't as stupid as you think, and the ones who have been around long enough to make their way on to a swat team are even less stupid. They know what bullets do to people, and they do their best to avoid first hand experience. You study computers, doctors study anatomy, swat studies violence...

When you say that it's used "almost exclusively" you're missing some key facts. There are hundreds of millions of soldiers on the planet who wear body armor. There are probably less than 200k SWAT team members world-wide. So yes, the military outnumbers police usage by far, but that's not saying that cops don't have access to them. Hell, assuming that you live in a country that has the word "liberty" in it's constitution, YOU have access to them. They aren't restricted, just expensive considering that they only last 5 years (or until shot).

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