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Comment Re:The sharing of table scraps economy not viable? (Score 1) 322

Aluminum suspension members, yikes. You realize that _all_ stressed aluminium will eventually break from metal fatigue? Aluminum race car parts are fine as they are constantly replaced, but on street cars? Eventually those members will just break in half, expect no warning.

On an old car, I'd have to zyglo those parts (looking for invisible cracks). Or I'd be 'making diamonds' when driving.

Comment Re:Another new headphone connector! (Score 1) 116

Trust Apple not to implement that. Of course it requires an audio amplifier, probably a chip so small it's difficult to see. There's also some extra logic around the USB chip, because that's a relatively high-current low-impedance task. But Apple has already driven its users to a different solution, and has no reason to admit that analog headphones are just fine, and that it can support them.

Comment Re:What does Jail achieve? (Score 2) 207

A disproportionate punishment is unjust, and sending a "message to those other potential offenders" is no excuse for injustice.

In my opinion, this guy deserved 30 days.

As a side note, vengeance is a valid reason for punishment. By putting vengeance into a standardized and official form, the public can recognize that justice is being done. People are less likely to seek exaggerated vengeance when vengeance is legally performed in a controlled and appropriate manner.

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