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Comment Re:Immunity (Score 1) 176

It's my understanding that the immunity transfer mainly happens in the later stages, and much of it even post-natal (via suckling). So much of it is already being frequently bypassed with sub-optimal results. But kids usually survive.

That said, this would appear to worsen the situation, so it does appear to be another problem to be solved.

Comment Re:Yay for women's rights, too (Score 1) 176

FWIW there's already work in progress towards taking a skin cell (a *live* skin cell, not one from the surface) and converting it into a root stem cell. And lots of work on taking that stem cell and causing it to develop into any particular kind of cell desired. In this case that would be an oocyte. Then there will need to be work done on maturing and supporting that oocyte, but that's probably not major considering what's already been done. And sperm is even easier.

So there won't be a need for either males or females, merely entities. This may herald an eventual population boom that is uncontrollable, as only those who specifically want children will have them, which means that will be strongly selected for. (This was one of the themes in Niven & Pournelle's "The Mote in God's Eye", but that doesn't make it wrong.)

Comment Re:What Solutions are there? (Score 1) 107

"If this goes on..." then there aren't any solutions for anyone. That's one of the arguments for why BirckerBot & kin are social services.

For *now* the correct solution is to refuse to buy IoT devices, or if you must, refuse to register them, or don't connect them to the internet and put them in a Faraday cage (if they use WiFi). (Well, you don't need a full-blown Faraday cage...just blocking a few wave-lengths sufficiently should suffice.) And if that won't work, return them as defective.

Comment Re: Correcting myself (Score 1) 655

He said: 'I am an electronics engineer'

Not 'traffic', not 'civil', not 'professional', not 'structural'. 'Electronics' means little more than 'software'. At many companies, people are promoted from 'electronics tech' to 'electronics engineer'. It's often just a title.

His mistake was using the (qualified) title in a discussion of 'traffic engineering', where a ticket is required.

Comment Re: Yeah, go ahead, blame TRUMP! (Score 1) 655

Do 'electronics engineer'(s) (his words) need a ticket in Oregon? As you say, the more mature branches have stricter rules.

In any case he was spouting off outside his specialty, doesn't mean he was wrong.

Engineering (Electrical) school grad, but 99% software, hence never took the EIT much less got a PE. There was no 'software engineer' PE exam until I had been working for decades.

Comment Re:It's true (Score 2) 246

Pixar was unique in Silicon Valley companies in that we had deadlines that could not move. The film had to be in theaters before Christmas, etc. I'd see employees families come to Pixar to have dinner with them. I took the technical director training but decided to stay in studio tools, first because Pixar needed better software more than they needed another TD, and second because of the crazy hours.

Comment Re:Wonder how it compares to Airlander (Score 1) 110

I was wondering the same thing. It's a bit of a non-story without any technical information whatsoever. The NASA prototype airship described by Alan Weston in TFA, which may be along the same lines as what he is developing with Brin, sounds more like Aeros' COSH "Control of Static Heaviness" system; pumping Helium from the main envelope into smaller bags at a higher pressure or vice versa in order to control buoyancy, which is a different approach to the Airlander combination of aerodynamic and buoyant lift. But there's no telling whether that's actually the way Brin's project is going.

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