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Comment Re:What excuses tomorrow may bring (Score 2) 149

Why should he release them? Romney did, and all it bought him was a lot of people like you complaining that he took every available deduction he could (otherwise known as "obeying the law"). If he's hiding anything improper, presumably the IRS will deal with him.

Given that the lawful authorities have found nothing to squawk about, I don't see his tax returns as being anyone else's business. What do think is in them that's germane to his ability to execute his official duties as president?

Comment Re: Spin-offs (Score 1) 141

Things get developed when they're needed. They were needed for the colliders before the MRI was developed. Had they not been, likely that work would have been done as part of MRI development.

Having the magnets available was convenient for the MRI developers, but they weren't a prerequisite. The theory behind MRI was developed independent of collider research.

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