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Comment Re:ATT is NOT a charity (Score 1) 87

You mean committing fraud? AT&T has been offered and accepted deal after deal granting them special tax breaks, subsidies,. and some big fat checks, not to mention right of way over other people's property in exchange for not cherry picking the rich neighborhoods. Time for them to pay up.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 266

Do you actually work for a living? $100,000 a year doesn't equate to $8,333 a month in take-home pay. Try deducting FICA, Social Security, Medicare, and local taxes. That gives you about $4,600 take-home per month. Oh, don't forget insurance premiums and 401(k)/IRA contributions so you can one day afford one day in the far future to retire, so say $4,000 / month take-home.

Rent is more like $3,000 / month, then add electricity, water, trash, insurance, telephone, and Internet.

The rest, if you can find it, can be used to eat. God help you if you need to buy clothes, get anything dry cleaned, buy furniture, pay medical deductibles, etc.


Comment Re:I thought Linux was supposed to be secure? (Score 2) 101

Nothing is so secure that a complete idiot can't screw it up and render it insecure (consider, fort Knox but someone stands the guards down and leaves the doors and vaults open).

When we say Linux is more secure, what we mean is that a reasonably competent person has a better chance of coming up with a reasonably secure Linux machine than they do using another OS.

Comment Re:Online ? Authors never shopped in real life (Score 1) 231

It's not the same. The price in Beverly Hills is the same no matter who you are. Everyone sees the same price. The coupons are available to everyone and offer the same discount to everyone. The sale is marked for all to see.

Imagine if there was no point at all in getting advice from a friend, acquaintance, or coworker about where the find the best price on X because the price will be different for you anyway. Also no point in shopping for the best price because by the time you've checked prices at 3 or 4 places, they will all be different when you click to buy.

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