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Journal Journal: Responses to the the US Recording Industry Activities

Responses to the the US Recording Industry Activities

Boycott the major record lables. Under no circumstances participate in any activity which financially supports the RIAA or their constituents.
Educate your self on the following topics:
- United States Copyright law and history. - History of copyright outside of the United States (particularly right before the US Revolution) - The creation and legal existance of ASCAP. ASCAP & BMI -- Protectors of Artists or Shadowy Thieves?
Participate in file sharing networks.
Write well thought out letters to your congress people.
Orgainze. Join the EFF or create similar entities.
Sue the RIAA and the major record lables whenever possible.
Create independant labels and distribution companies. Support independent labels and the artists who use them. (Yes, I know this means PAYING for music. Consider it voting with your pocket book.)
Protest RIAA and major record lables and their activites whenever it attracts public attention.
Advocate expanded rights for artists NOT producers.
Advocate expanded rights for copyright users.
Study and discuss the historical results of the supression of information and art.
Find technically legal ways of harrassing the RIAA, the recording industry, and the lawyers who act on their behalf. Example, it is illegal to publish the addresses of the lawyers who file subpoenas and lawsuits on behalf of the RIAA? Is it illegal to subscribe them for a few catalogs? Stationary perhaps? Pens? Computer equipement? Just trying to help!

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Journal Journal: RE: RIAA, DMCA, P2P nets & file sharing

A draft list of the destructive behavior of the RIAA's constituent companies:

1. Illegal price fixing (obviating the need for an alternative distribution system)
2. Unconscionable contracts with artists
3. False accounting methods to avoid paying artists
4. Using the profits from music sales:

to lobby congress to modify copyright law against the interests of the public at large and the against the artists' interests.

to lobby congress to pass laws that support the Recording Industry in its current form.
5. Filing lawsuits against customers.
6. Failing to publicly recoginze the difference between legal and illegal MP3s and copying.

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