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Comment Re:Middle ages warmer (Score 2) 159

When it came to an end it started the little ice age which called all of the above to this day never recovered.

The Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age were highly localized around the Atlantic. Europe may be at high risk for turning into Canada, but it's likely the rest of us will see far more subtle changes.

I find the Medieval Warm Period instructive. Today there's lots of fear-mongering that Global Warming will ruin all arable land, when in fact the Warm Period was a huge boon.

Comment Re:Mozilla is wasting money, brains, and time (Score 2) 78

Firefox OS was never faster or lower-end than Android to begin with. The idea that HTML+JS+CSS could ever be faster than native compiled apps (or even Java/Dalvik for that matter) was just insane. Damn near everybody knew it was a bullshit waste of money just thrown at the wall.

Comment Re:Mozilla is wasting money, brains, and time (Score 1) 78

once they accomplished that goal, they didn't know what to do next.

Actually, they did know what to do next, but they do so rather aimlessly and pathetically. It seems there's nobody at the wheel.

Mozilla helped get PNG adopted as an alternative to GIF, but that's only for still images, while GIF also does animations. Firefox first failed to promote MNG, then ensured its death by removing it from their browser, and much later introducing their own MPNG standard, which then repeated the above cycle of indecision, neglect, and sabotage.

Much the same goes for video... They shouted loudly in support of open video standards, but were pretty slow to even just include them in their own browser(s).

Personally, I'd be happy if Mozilla just focused on optimizing the hell out of Firefox. It's much slower and memory-hungry than other browsers on Android. Even on my desktop, a little bit of JS can drag the browser to an unresponsive crawl, even utilitarian sites like Amazon get less usable with each heavier and slower browser release.

Comment Re:Well, that's a start. (Score 1) 112

The video has no sound. It was certainly a quick encounter, but the officers swear they ordered him to show his hands 3 times, and the video doesn't show enough to contradict their statement. There are no other witnesses to contradict them, either.

Non-experts analyzing videos often come to completely wrong conclusions. The conspiracy theories around the JFK assassination come to mind...

Comment Re:Well, that's a start. (Score 2) 112

Of your three cases, the officer in the first is facing criminal charges with up to 20 years in jail. Obviously the system works.

The second two were running around in public with realistic looking guns, and didn't quickly do what the officers ordered... Are you suggesting that people should be able to point fake guns at cops with no repercussions? Too many officers get killed on the job, already. Requiring psychic abilities in use of force decisions will make that number sky rocket.

Comment Re:"Shitposting" is fraud, not speech (Score 1) 635

Just like people have the free speech rights to use racial epithets, but are expected to politely refrain from doing so. Yes. There are a lot of things like that, where people can choose to do evil. When they aren't evil people, we expect them not to do that.

Do you want to live in a society where everyone goes ahead and does every evil thing they think they can get away with? Because I'd rather live in a society where we try to be good to each other instead.

Comment Re:"Shitposting" is fraud, not speech (Score 1) 635

You offer several examples. None of them are "fire a specific employee who has bad politics or I won't do business with you". It's obvious why you want to change the subject from blacklisting Palmer Luckey to something a little more defensible. But we don't need to decide every question. Today's question is whether blacklisting a person from employment for bad politics is wrong. History and conscience should tell us it's wrong. The fact that people like you won't go on record specifically supporting and endorsing it should tell us it's wrong.

Since it's wrong, let's not do it.

Comment Re:Blacklisting again (Score 1) 635

I'm not going to lawyer it for you. "I oppose blacklisting people from employment because of bad politics. I support people being able to engage in their chosen political speech without their (unrelated, non-political) employment being threatened."

Can you make a similar statement? It doesn't seem like you can, because it doesn't seem like you oppose blacklisting.

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