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Submission + - Expelled

Epeeist writes: "It seems that PZ Myers and Richard Dawkins, who were in Minnesota for an atheist conference, went to see a preview of "Expelled", the creationist movie by Ben Stein. Unfortunately(?) for PZ he was refused entry though his wife and daughter were allowed in along with Richard Dawkins (possibly because his passport gives his name as Clinton Richard Dawkins). The NY Times gives details of the incident —
PZ's daughter Skatje doesn't think much of the film — either."

Submission + - No (My)space for atheists

Epeeist writes: "It seems that MySpace has deleted the "Atheist and Agnostic Group". This is the second time it has been deleted, the last time being November last year. Bryan Pesta said "MySpace refuses to undelete the group, although it never violated any terms of service." Seems the site's owners, Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, have also been altering and removing personal profiles. In one case they removed the scarlet "A" of the Atheist Out Campaign from one user's profile. More details at the Secular Students Alliance and Richard Dawkins sites."

Submission + - Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" to return (

Epeeist writes: "In 1980, the landmark series COSMOS premiered on public television. Since then, it is estimated that more than a billion people around the planet have seen the series. Now the Science Channel brings the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning COSMOS back, digitally remastered and with enhanced computer graphics."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Linux user with no advantages?

Epeeist writes: "Are you a Linux user feeling left out by the Windows Genuine Advantage programme? If so then this is for you! Install the software on your Linux machine and can experience a feature that until now remained the exclusive domain of proprietary software.

Once you have paid the licence fee your computer (which worked fine before) will continue working normally. Sign up now and the producers of the program promise not to launch unfounded lawsuits against you, slander you or require you to pay for software you won't use on every new computer you buy!"

Submission + - A new emergence of "Intellectual Property"

Epeeist writes: "In an article entitle Illegal net sport faces crackdown the BBC tacitly accepts that a sports match is the intellectual property of the sport's organising body and has an interview with the spokesman of a company dedicated to removing "illegal" videos of games from the Internet.

So are we going to get to the state where not only the MPAA and the RIAA come after you, but bat wielding cricketers and large rugby players too."

Submission + - Everything you wanted to know about Darwin

Epeeist writes: "The University of Cambridge has created a site which will eventually contain all of the works of Charles Darwin. At the moment about 50% of the material is available, with the rest promised by 2009. As well as note books from his time on the Beagle it contains transcripts of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th editions of "Origin of Species"."

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