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Comment Re: It Doesn't Work That Way (Score 1) 250

Your conclusion is only viable if you make a bunch of unwarranted assumptions:

  • Global power consumption does not increase (it quadrupled over the last 50 years)
  • The ~60% of current energy consumption that is not electricity generation (vehicle fuel, etc.) is replaced by... nothing
  • We solve the battery problem for intermittent power generation (most renewable sources are inherently intermittent)
  • The whole world generates electricity from solar power as efficiently as Phoenix, AZ
  • Solar and wind power production stops chewing through rare earth elements

Comment Re: Not all wrecks can be avoided (Score 1) 210

Self driving cars are usually not being programmed by their target audience. The car's developers can scale back the "selfishness" that exploits other vehicles driving in a cooperative manner. Their notice is to make life good for their customers overall, not for their most greedy customers at the expense of the rest.

Comment Re: Please stop (Score 1) 258

You got the nail on the head. One of the strongest contributors to the success of a company is aggressive competition. However, it's hard to keep that competition from leaking over to competition within the company, and that internal competition often manifests as arrogance and mistreatment of others. Sometimes that is explicitly group-oriented -- sexism, racism, or other -isms -- and sometimes it is just prima donnas being jerks to the rest of the team.

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