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US Senate Passes PRO-IP Act 212

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes "The Senate has passed the PRO-IP Act. While they stripped out the provision to have the DoJ act as copyright cops, it still contains increased penalties for infringement, civil forfeiture provisions, and creates an 'IP czar' to coordinate enforcement. Even though the civil forfeiture provisions are ostensibly intended for use against commercial piracy outfits, history indicates that they will probably get used against individuals at some point. Worse, because they left out the only part of the bill that Bush threatened to veto, it is expected to pass. It is going back to the House where they're expected to pass it on Saturday, after which the President will probably sign it. So, if you want to contact your representative, hurry." An anonymous reader notes that DefectiveByDesign.Org is mobilizing to fight this legislation. The Senate vote was unanimous. We've been following the progress of this bill for quite some time.
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Journal Journal: iPhone vs. Windows Mobile: And the winner is ...

The last two paragraphs are impressive!!!
That is: ...

Again, I'm still not planning to switch. I like Sprint. I like them a lot. I like them enough to put up with really bad phone UI, because their service, both RF-wise and person-wise, has been pretty good. Not that I wouldn't switch for a phone, but I'd have to see all the details, which I don't have right now.


Submission + - MORE than a fifth of Australians now use Firefox

nermaljcat writes: Australian IT reports that 22% of Australians are now using Firefox. Internet Explorer still claims 81% of the market, but that also includes Firefox users (like myself) that occasionally need to use IE because of compatibility issues with some websites.

"MORE than a fifth of Australians now use the Mozilla Firefox web browser, even though site compatibility issues mean it sometimes must be used in conjunction with Microsoft's Internet Explorer, researcher Nielsen Net Ratings says."

Submission + - Is There Room for Recruiterless IT Hiring?

chinenual writes: "Technical hiring is a mess — the popular job boards are swamped by anonymous, generic recruiter postings. You can't tell what company is actually hiring and all the posts have more or less the same skill requirements. How can the searcher have any idea if the post represents somewhere he/she wants to work? How can the company attract anything other than another generic cog in the wheel? Both employer and job seeker need a way to find each other without the recruiter middle-man. So we have launched a moderated, principals-only job board — www.recruiterless.com. Can this help return balance to IT hiring?"

Submission + - Microsoft Bumps Support Prices

BartlebyScrivener writes: "Microsoft's per-incident customer support prices were quietly bumped last week as the company rolled out the newest version of its operating system, Windows Vista. Prices for both Windows Vista and XP support were raised, from $39 to $59 per incident while support prices for Office XP and Office 2007 went from $35 to $49 per incident. General support inquiries as well as inquiries for less prominent software, such as Microsoft Money, remain at $35 per incident."

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