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Comment Re:No need for training... (Score 1) 284

Yeah, it takes them a day or two to memorize the material from the cheat sites for those certifications, too. I'm looking forward to the day that we can have some software replace most of these "visionary", "big picture", "strategic thinking" managers that simply follow the failed policies of other firms almost blindly.

I was especially horrified that after her disgusting example at HP of large-scale off-shoring of American jobs, Carly thought she was patriotic enough to run for President. It would be interesting to be a sociopath for a day, just to help understand how these saphien-bots think.

Comment Re:The Great Equalization Begins (Score 1) 284

It might feel good to consider the rest of the world our equals. Trade barriers are seen as protectionism. Patriotism is viewed as xenophobia.

The thing is, humanity needs teams and rewards. Both provide something to compete with or for, in order to stay productive. The second world communist model failed and will always fail because without incentive, efficiency is what people will pursue. One will do the minimum to receive their paltry equal share.

Submission + - USA Today: The U.S. Department of State is having hacker-related woes... (

EmptyHead writes: USA Today is reporting that the U.S. Department of State has been affected somehow by activity related to hacking. It is suggested in the article that this may be related to the trouble experienced by the U.S. Post Office. The only network(s) affected were unclassified in nature, the classified networks were apparently not involved. Other news sources are reporting this as well, but the USA Today article seemed to be the most informative source that is currently available. It is surprising that it took until today for this to reach mainstream media if the problems arose on Friday.

Comment Re:Not only that... (Score 1) 264

As opposed to the _awesome_ upgrade path from Linix ca. 2001 to a modern Linux release, right? Dipshit.

You neckbeards, man you crack me up.

Things tend to be pretty modular or easy to convert in the Linux realm. Aside from dependencies such as libc, migrating an app or configuration files for a service is as simple as a copy. Big things, with a tar command and a quick FTP transfer. Got me through lots of sytem migrations for Y2K including Linux, AIX (additionally, MKSYSB rocks for migrations across hardware platforms), HP-UX, Xenix and a few others.

MS stuff wasn't quite so easy to migrate. Ferreting out all the little places apps dump their garbage is a mess.

DOS was nice, things were contained in one directory, including all configuration files, etc. MS killed that by chaining to in 1994's Win95. Check out offset 10BB0 in the original Win95, change win to ver in a hex editor!

Submission + - New Technique Creates 3D Images Through a Single Lens (

Zothecula writes: A team at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) has come up with a promising new way to create 3D images from a stationary camera or microscope with a single lens. Rather than expensive hardware, the technique uses a mathematical model to generate images with depth and could find use in a wide range of applications, from creating more compelling microscopy imaging to a more immersive experience in movie theaters.

Comment Re:I know the government loves to lie to us... (Score 1) 490

They also stop drawing benefits. I tend to think they're doing us a big favor by not slowly fading away into dementia by dying earlier of smoking related symptoms. Big pharmacy and big medical must be the reason they want us all to live so long. Have you seen how many pills a geriatric needs to take per day?

Comment Re:I'm no fan of PETA, but... (Score 1) 590

Are you sure? Perhaps he's like me: a reader who never bothered to post before - but unlike me, didn't want to post under the "Anonymous Coward" heading. I'm not saying he is or isn't, I'm saying your reasoning is full of holes. I could have created a user ID just to post this, and your logic would have me being a PETA sockpuppet as well.

Never posting doesn't have any relation to the UID. When your account is created, it is assigned. Posting or not posting has no effect on the UID.

And yes, you are also a PETA sock-puppet.

Comment Re:One Falsity Replaced with Another (Score 1) 542

"there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it" and replaced it with "a platform for a smaller government."

Absolutely it's inflammatory. But there is an element of truth to what he said. When you have a nation that vote themselves more stuff at the expense of the productive members of society, that nation is on a paved path to ruin.

I have relatives that voted straight party ticket for Democrats this last election. I asked why. One of them said he really loved Romney and disliked Obama. However, he couldn't afford to lose his "benefits". Truth of the matter is that he's an indentured servant whether he admits to it or not.

Never ask from the government which can so easily take away.

Excellent point. There is a quote running around that apparently tends to be mis-attributed but is nonetheless quite insightful and worrisome.
"A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy."

I've also see a similar quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin. The source isn't my concern, the politicians on either side of the aisle having the power to but votes and the long term implications for the solvency of the U.S. is.

Comment Re:The funny thing at my university (Score 1) 372

That's a pretty ineffective CS degree if it can be completed without any sort of practical application of skills. Even the on-line program I eventually finished required all assignments to be successfully completed so you couldn't game the system and just skip past an area you're weak on. Almsot all tests were proctored and proctors had to be preapproved.

Without some basic controls, the degree lacks integrity. This is sad for the guys that did get it, because the dummy you've described is touting that degree and no one that ever works with him will have any respect for that school or its graduates.

Comment Re:Oh the critics... (Score 1) 368

Any society that does not enable citizens to persue higher education if they wish fails at civilization. We do not exist merely to eat sleep shit and fuck. No everybody doesn't need to go to college, everybody shouldn't need to or have to go to college. But everybody deserves the chance to better themselves, and society as a whole benefits when they do.

It's deeply troubling that the response to "tuitions are too high" is "not everyone needs to go to college" these days. Education is not a luxury that we can afford to go without, it is civilization itself.

Censorship is obscene.
Patriotism is bigotry

Yeah, let's lower our standards so EVERYONE can go to college. I guess that worked for you. Must have been Columbia, noticed your "Patriotism is bigotry" tag line. That one always warms my heart, dear comrade. Healthy patriotism (not xenophobia or racism) instills competition, it's necessary until we have aliens to compete with... Human nature or something...

Most degrees are already nothing more that a metric we must all achieve to get through the automated HR filters. Sure we should all look to improving ourselves after high school but we don't necessarily have to water down the worth of a degree by diluting the workforce with it. Having everyone get degrees entails dropping academic standards (so everyone that wants one can have one - I feel so warm inside), wasting obscene amounts of tax dollars and encumbering the poor sheep with massive amounts of debt to work in menial jobs that likely didn't even require a high school education 30 years ago.

There are other avenues such as tech schools for some.

I don't hate degrees, I finished mine for the sake of career advancement. Doctors, lawyers, architects, most scientists and real engineers certainly need them.

Comment Re:Even better - just meter the whole damn thing (Score 1) 329

When more people consume bandwidth, more bandwidth has to be purchased by the ISP to increase capacity for the collective need. Otherwise, the existing connection becomes over-utilized and downloads slow down for everyone using that ISP.

Routers have processors that consume more energy when under higher demand. They also generate more heat when utilization is higher, which must be mitigated with cooling systems, also consuming more power. This factor might be small on your home network or even for a small or medium sized business, but it adds up when racks upon racks of networking equipment are being considered.

Power and real-time bandwidth (not what you download per month, what bandwidth is being used right now) cost money. That cost is passed to the consumer. Thinking of bandwidth as being like roll-over minutes that you need to use or you're wasting something is a flawed consumerist notion. If you conserve, perhaps you could move to a cheaper Internet package and save some money for a rainy day or know that you aren't being a wasteful consumer.

I use less than 10 GB per month and I still have room to play on-line games almost daily, view the news, e-mail, corporate remote access and keep my home network up-to-date.

Poor use of Bit-torrent chews up more than it should. Most clients include bandwidth throttling options that could easily be used to get what you need quickly and then control how fast you are going to seed what you've already downloaded.

Your tag line is bizarre, senseless and revolting. "Patriotism is bigotry" How cute. Did your Bohemian friends at Columbia teach you that one? Such ideas are why nations that still embrace patriotism or any level of national pride are going to destroy us economically, if not in other ways. When the U.S. looks like the 3rd world places I have to work in perhaps you'll understand why you should care about your nation, regardless of which nation you belong to.

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