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Comment Re:I did (Score 1) 310

Cute, and hey let all stop having kids because its our "choice". When our population implodes, we'll just bring in a bunch of third worlders like Europe does. What could possibly go wrong with that. Don't hate the breeders dude, as long as they aren't overdoing it, they are guaranteeing a future for humanity. BTW, its time to move out of your mom's basement and discover this awesome new concept called "A LIFE".

Comment Re:Not even a debate (Score 1) 502

No really, stop tickling my sides. Skeptical Science, a shill front organisation for rent-seeking environmentalists. It does matter though, imho. It matters for reasons of integrity, especially public trust in science. Who's going to believe the next big scare and impress on their politicians to do something about it when the previous 120 scares proved to be shite.

The moderators must be a bit left leaning and annoyed today. I would have at least modded you +1 funny.

Comment Re:America hates Hillary Clinton (Score 1) 1069

She'd have lost by more if it wasn't for the winner take all method used by a lot of the states. She'd have lost upstate NY for example which would have been a few of the electoral votes for that state. Parts of CA too. This time around, it was basically the super large cities that voted for her en mass. Almost everything else went red. That was enough to gain the overall popular vote, oddly enough.

Comment Re:Maybe he does support those values (Score 1) 600

The difference is that most of our hideous caveman stuff (Kill, anti-gay, eye-for-an-eye, etc) was in the Old Testament that was supposed to have been superseded by the more friendly Post-Jesus New Testament. There is no version of a New Testament for the Quran and Big Mo shortsightedly declared that no other book shall ever be written, which has trapped his followers without a path forward in these changing times. (Being a moderate, tolerant Muslim is basically being a jack-Muslim)

Comment Re:Islam is anti-freedom (Score 1) 600

Deuteronomy 13:

6 If your very own brother, or your son or daughter, or the wife you love, or your closest friend secretly entices you, saying, “Let us go and worship other gods” (gods that neither you nor your ancestors have known, 7 gods of the peoples around you, whether near or far, from one end of the land to the other), 8 do not yield to them or listen to them. Show them no pity. Do not spare them or shield them. 9 You must certainly put them to death. .....

Well, technically most of the trouble is between the followers of the Abraham traditions (Jews, Muslims and Christians) who do all believe in the same guard. The differences lie in politics and technicalities. The Muslim version doesn't have as much flexibility.

Comment Re:Islam is anti-freedom (Score 1) 600

Higher bone density makes swimming a bit harder. If I remember correctly, there are some structural advantages in the legs that help with running compared to a Caucasian with the same level of conditioning. We all have strengths and weaknesses, both intellectually and physically. It's time to stop using them to divide us. Affirmative action is racist and serves only to divide us and pander to and weaken the "beneficiaries". The left will never win an election again once the minorities realize what has been done to them by the left.

Comment Re:Islam is anti-freedom (Score 1) 600

What does being a good swimmer have to do with being in the Coast Guard? They use boats, precisely to avoid having to swim.

Really? Just in case you are not the only one that can't connect the dots I'll explain this.

To get in the Coast Guard they require the recruits to demonstrate a very basic level of being able to swim. This is for the safety of the crew since if there is a problem on the boat then they will have to be able to swim some distance to safety. Also, there are a lot of positions in the Coast Guard which require people to be able to swim, such as the people that have to jump in the water to save others from drowning. Those that are the strongest swimmers (if you excuse the pun) float to the top. This is a bell curve. Statistically speaking Europeans are better swimmers on the average than Africans. This has a lot to do with the large number of coastal European societies compared to Africa and natural selection setting in. If the people applying to the Coast Guard is even close to the statistical norm of the general American public then this tendency will show up in those that graduate from the Coast Guard training.

This is why it is important to have minority voices heard. They can debunk stupid shit like this, and equally as importantly make sure policies don't unintentionally screw them.

Did I say that minorities needed to be silenced? Did I say that Blacks need not apply to the Coast Guard? In fact I'm saying the opposite. All people need to be heard. No one should be discouraged from applying to the Coast Guard. What should happen though is that we should not prop up a minority out of a fear of "screwing them". If we told the Coast Guard that instead of being 5% Black (or whatever the ratio is right now) they need to match the general public and have 12% Blacks (or whatever) then what we will see are Black people winding up dead. Being at sea is dangerous if you are not a strong swimmer. If we keep out strong Caucasian swimmers to let in weaker Black swimmers then we are not helping out the Blacks, we're putting them at risk of death when it could have been avoided.

This shit is precisely why affirmative action is not applied to the uniformed services. They already have a rigorous scheme to weed out any kind of discrimination based on anything other than merit. If affirmative action is imposed then people die.

You're being too thoughtful. You're writing to someone that obviously has benefited from racist programs such as affirmative action that keep them trapped as a dependent voting block and suggest that they are not capable of meeting the same standards. The jobs they are given in the government and especially contractors tend to be menial token jobs to keep quotas where they need to be.

Meanwhile, the left side of the legislative class enables the real problems that are keeping these same minorities down with multi-generational welfare programs, poor schools, revisionist history that reinforces a perpetual state of victim-hood, and so much more. It's a huge scam and should be outlawed. Term limits now!

Comment Re:so... (Score 1) 600

Are you white? Then you're a racist. (at least that seems to be the general tone of what I've had to endure these last 8 years). This new version of PC is not PC at all. It is revisionist, anti-white, anti-USA garbage. For some reason the current version of the left wants us to feel guilty for America. The "professors" and "journalists" (terms used loosely for the most part) "teach" the students to judge the actions of our founding fathers and other key figures that don't fit their idea of what's right by today's standards. Slavery is bad, it was always bad - yes. However, it was a prevailing practice when the US was involved in it and we were one of the first nations to abolish it (Lincoln was a republican). The democrats in the South had us fight and win a civil war to get rid of it. I am still amazed that the democratic party has spun things so effectively that they keep the black vote. Amazing what a bit of pandering from the treasury can do. It isn't helping the minorities though. Other countries have this problem too. Use a bit of spin, buy some votes - but never actually help them become independent and strong or they'll stop voting for you.

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