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Comment Re:What's the plan, Stan? (Score 1) 202

So your basically suggesting that we should ban anyone that is espousing ideas that you don't believe in. Your alt-right nazi fk comment is very hypocritical then. When did everyone become political zealots? I don't think it was just Obama and Hillary that brought us this nightmare (Trump has only been a PIA since the election cycle began), something bigger must be happening. That is where the real conversations should be directed.

Comment Re:The answer is obviously UBI (Score 1) 392

It doesn't matter if you call it Cost Of Living Allowance, Minimum Guaranteed Income, Universal Basic Income, or anything else, the only reasonable way to go forward in a capitalist society is with simple currency-based redistribution of wealth.

There are not and will not be enough jobs to go around. A significantly-sized population is required to maintain the level of technological development, so killing off the masses is a non-starter which would impinge upon the lifestyles of the rich. Their basic needs have to be met somehow. They are going to have to be handed money, because if you don't, one of two things will happen, or both. One, they will die in the streets in droves. Two, they will show up with torches and pitchforks and really ruin all the spreadsheets.

We can forestall this future with public works projects, and honestly that is a good idea anyway, especially in the USA where infrastructure is crumbling. But we cannot do so indefinitely. The health of our economic systems is based on endless growth, and the only way for humanity to enjoy endless growth is to expand into space. We are decades behind where we could be in that area. We may, in fact, be too late. Rockets can never get enough humans off this mudball to make a difference, for reasons of physics, and we still don't know how to build a space elevator. We may well fail here, and never escape our gravity well (a handful of experiments aside.)

So we should tax robots that are designed to replace human workers? Other options result in wealth distribution, but that just kills the middle class. UBI or other euphemisms won't be providing a commanding income and certainly won't incentivize innovation or productivity. Perhaps a voluntary sterilization could be implemented in exchange for a significant boost to one's UBI credit so the population could be controlled a bit in a couple of generations.

Comment Re:Excel (Score 1) 392

Well, Lotus 123 pre-dated Excel by a few years. Their product tying made it hard for companies like Word Perfect and Lotus to survive very long. --That's how the billions were made. Copy / steal / sue and tie it all together in a platform from the O/S through the application. Hell, even the TCP/IP network stack used to be an industry of its own.

Comment Re:yeah, tax the robots (Score 1) 392

They desperately needed to break M$ up. They were looking at product tying when congress took a run at it. While this was going on, I was enraged to see that Windows95 rev A. had chained to at about offset 010BB0. By changing "win" to "ver" with a hex editor it would boot up in DOS mode.

Among many other products, chaining DOS to Windows instantly killed the entire DOS operating system market and most products that use TSR programs. It was a huge hassle to make other network stacks work, as well.

Of course, their vision was to force us to us their super-bloated Windows NT style server software with some minor crippling on EVERY desktop. Win95 was step 1.

Comment Re:Min 5 year warranty required (Score 1) 136

Actually, these companies are lobbying to retain ownership rights to the items they sell you. This is a double whammy on the purchaser who no longer owns the object he bought, and can only use it as the seller wants. So you buy a screwdriver and need to pry up that board? Sorry, you cannot use your screwdriver that way.

Interesting, kinda like what the software industry has been ramming down our throats for years. I guess the tractor companies will embrace a subscription model soon, perhaps without the perks of upgrades. They shouldn't call it ownership without rights to repair or do anything else we want to with the darn tractors/cars/whatever. I have seen in the shade tree mechanic and hot rodding circles that the Japanese stuff is a lot nicer to work with because they haven't deliberately coded parts to each other and done other things to make working on their stuff absolutely miserable. I still buy American, but things like this tempt me to stop enabling their greedy and short sighted behavior.

Comment Re: Start our own farm equipment company (Score 1) 136

Seriously, go fuck yourself. There's nothing, other than the law, that prevent other manufacturers from pulling the same shit. And that's the point, the law. So again go fuck yourself if you seriously think that JD is the only manufacturer that prevents people from repairing their own property.

Dude, if you're not a farmer that has been ripped off by John Deere, you're really taking this too seriously.

Comment Re:I call Bullshit (Score 1) 246

Cry me a river. I love the outrage about the govt gathering information, but no worries whatsoever about the likes of sociopathic corporations doing it for fun and profit. The folks with the gov have sworn an oath to uphold the constitution. Corporations only worship the dollar. Now contractors having access to some of this does concern me - they haven't been as brought into the fold and have less to lose.

Comment Re:Who's Responsibility? (Score 1) 246

Mod parent up. A lot of this info that was released is rather old. The smart phone stuff has been around for quite a while too. There have been theories about smart card exploits as well.

Comment Re: Who's Responsibility? (Score 1) 246

They are an intelligence group. Their job is to find ways to exploit just about anything. Now, if they are breaking the law this dump will likely save Congress time to discover that. However, whoever did this is just creating anarchy and I hope they bring back treason when it happens. You are always aiding the enemy when you dump this kind of information that you have signed legal agreements and sworn duties to protect.

Comment Re:Locals preferred ? (Score 1) 239

Unless you're company is based on translating foreign languages or something else that requires a foreign background, I call B.S. I've been all over the world, the schools are crap compared to ours, the graduates are equally poor. Of course, the top 10 percent or so might be able to recover from their unfortunate past through hard work and years of experience. The H-1Bs I've had the misfortune of working with in the States are not of this elite cadre. I'm sure they exist, maybe your group has some of them. I suspect you're just trolling with pro-H1B garbage though. If we did this to your county we'd be sent out ASAP. If the talent is really needed, then they should be getting paid much more than the imaginary hapless USA retards that the H-1B B.S. system is pretending to be fixing. OMG, thank you for saving us! You are world treasures and should have VIP entourages and senior politicians should be meeting with you weekly to find a way to save our fumbling morons that the U.S. colleges must be producing for there to be such a great demand for your services.

Comment Re:An Excellent Start But More is Required (Score 1) 295

Firemen and janitors make more than this in the SV area once overtime is factored in. Make it $400k for such renowned world treasures to uproot themselves to come help innovate our technical fields. Brings a tear to my eye, such a beautiful endeavor. Think of these brilliant minds that are currently being exploited. [/sarcasm]

Comment Re:Reversion to the mean (Score 1) 391

Horse pucky! We operate at a massive trade imbalance. We can apply tariffs to offset their product dumping on our markets. If they manipulate their currency to make it harder to compete, tariff more. Lets get the largest GDP in the world circulating internally a little better. They can do business in socialist Europe or irrelevant South America.

Comment Re:You don't own common sense (Score 1) 1149

In this age of information availability and 3D printing, gun laws are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Bad people will always have access to them. Mental illness is the issue here. Need to be able to detect and treat it a heck of a lot better than what we're doing now. Most school attacks with a gun, knife or other weapon have one thing in common: mental illness. This dummy in the article that shot someone because they were from a different culture is also almost certainly mentally ill or a member of the KKK.

Comment Re:You don't own common sense (Score 1) 1149

Actually there is a "correct" side, the side that says my coworker would not be dead if he meet the same type mentally deranged guy in New Zealand, Australia, Britain, China and most of Europe. If that had happened here my coworker would be in the office the next day with a broken nose and the other guy would be in court on an assault charge.

Mental illness and ignorance are key issues that DO need attention. Stop focusing on the particular weapon that was used, you hysterical fool. If he'd run over him with a car or used a knife, would it suddenly be okay with you? FFS.

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