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Comment SAS get sued so often it boggles my mind (Score 1) 81

Nearly every SAS customer I have heard of has either sued them or engaged in some serious name calling. How on earth does SAS not only continue to stay in business, but in many cases SAS will screw up royally, engage in a public fight with a company, only to have that company expand their SAS deployment.

When I see a company deploying SAS, I usually am seeing a company that has recently been taken over by MBAs. Maybe a big family company that is moving on to the third generation. Maybe a company where the founding engineers have retired. But it take a seriously shitty bunch of management to choose SAS. The sort of management that would believe some bullshit about this 60/40 thing without a few googles of how shitty SAS is.

Comment Hadoop is easly put to shame (Score 1) 93

I read a great article where one guy compared Hadoop to tools such as grep. I many fundamental ways he was able to use UNIX command line tools to wildly outperform Hadoop on what I would consider to be on the larger end of a typical company's data set.

To me Hadoop was the classic solution desperately in quest of a problem. The worst problem with that being so many people who jumped onto Hadoop and thought they were ass kickers for doing so.

The simple reality is that for most corporate datasets the tool of choice is a boring relational database and usually something like MySQL. The common capacity roadblocks aren't found within the tool but in the tool users.

But if you use a tool like Hadoop, or go NoSQL with a tool like MongoDB, you get to say (until people realize you are actually quite stupid) "my datastore is better than your datastore".

Comment Re:Death of Email (Score 1) 456

Buy an iPhone to use iMessage ? Some people are crazy.

Funny little fact: most of these systems all use email or the phone number in some way. For example as identifiers or for password recovery, etc.

Why do you think that is ? Because it's universal: everyone has one. Why is that ? Because it's federated.

Obviously, none of these services wants to be federated, because in Silicon Valley it's all about how many users you have (locked into your ecosystem). Doesn't matter if you are making profit or ever will, as long as you have enough users investors will throw money at it.

Comment Re:Duh? (Score 1) 644

Anything that increases productivity raises output, and therefore value, of the people producing. You'd expect that to make them richer.

Well, it doesn't make people richer. We are already living in that world for a while now and it's just not true:

(some products have become cheaper so maybe your buying power went up, but I doubt it)

Comment Re:I seriously doubt this works... (Score 2) 142

Doesn't make as good an advertisement to the sucker investors. Zapped flash looks like unzapped flash. Unless it does something the sucker investors won't invest.

Think of the whole one-drop-of-blood exam. It played perfectly into the whole. "Why do you need to take so much?" question by non medical types.

Comment I already have a self destructing phone (Score 4, Funny) 142

Nearly every iPhone I have owned self destructed. The glass broke because it looked at it funny. The battery would become weak as a kitten because I abused it by actually charging and then using it. The touch sensor would start to ignore me. The sound regularly would go to crap. And with every OS upgrade on a slightly older model the phones would take another step toward the edge.

So, WOW, Apple gave me a free feature that I did even appreciate.

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