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Comment Close but no cigar (Score 0) 80

Making a slightly better Pi for a slightly higher price isn't going to turn heads. The pi just works. There is lots of code and it is a known quantity.

To beat the Pi there has to be some zing. Some problem that I am having needs to be solved.

I can think of a few things that would wow me(one or more would be great). Lots of RAM. Really small footprint. Really cheap. Very low energy usage. Really good GPU. The whole thing on a single chip. A zillion cores (even if they are slow). vxWorks Compatible. And what would be great would be a shipper in Canada who didn't charge way over MSRP and tag on a shittonne of shipping charges.

Basically, for a company to make what is effectively a next generation Pi is just dumb. The next generation Pi is probably around the corner anyway. Things like the Omega2 catch my interest. Super cheap, Low power and car run linux.

For instance. A ESP32 that could run linux would rock my world. That would basically end my pi buying days.

Comment SAS get sued so often it boggles my mind (Score 1) 161

Nearly every SAS customer I have heard of has either sued them or engaged in some serious name calling. How on earth does SAS not only continue to stay in business, but in many cases SAS will screw up royally, engage in a public fight with a company, only to have that company expand their SAS deployment.

When I see a company deploying SAS, I usually am seeing a company that has recently been taken over by MBAs. Maybe a big family company that is moving on to the third generation. Maybe a company where the founding engineers have retired. But it take a seriously shitty bunch of management to choose SAS. The sort of management that would believe some bullshit about this 60/40 thing without a few googles of how shitty SAS is.

Comment Hadoop is easly put to shame (Score 1) 150

I read a great article where one guy compared Hadoop to tools such as grep. I many fundamental ways he was able to use UNIX command line tools to wildly outperform Hadoop on what I would consider to be on the larger end of a typical company's data set.

To me Hadoop was the classic solution desperately in quest of a problem. The worst problem with that being so many people who jumped onto Hadoop and thought they were ass kickers for doing so.

The simple reality is that for most corporate datasets the tool of choice is a boring relational database and usually something like MySQL. The common capacity roadblocks aren't found within the tool but in the tool users.

But if you use a tool like Hadoop, or go NoSQL with a tool like MongoDB, you get to say (until people realize you are actually quite stupid) "my datastore is better than your datastore".

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