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Comment Re:Second to announce being first. (Score 1) 249

Is the US going to stop messing around in other countries with their military, the NSA spying and CIA ? That actually sounds very tempting. Maybe we will pay for a wall, maybe even a dome. ;-) That would put a lot of people in the US out of work. What I'm always surprised by is how the people in the US care so much about keeping manual labour jobs instead of getting more and better education and thus actually have a chance of getting a bigger paycheck.

After we take all the resources and the money from the US that you still own all the other countries in the world, their should be more than enough money to build that dome. ;-)

Here is a question: as many know, the US makes a mess of the middle east with their military forces because of natural resources. Why would they need to do that if there are enough natural resources in the US ? Have you ever thought about that ?

Comment Re:Why is this guy still talking (Score 1) 463

I had actually posted an other comment as a reply to mine, but it seems to have gotten lost.

It was something like: I should add this: one of the problems with the modern time is that through technological progress governments are now also competing with each other for the favours of the large international companies and smaller ones. In the hope it will help boost their country. In certain countries, like the US, this goes even further and leads to government capture where companies get (in)directly involved with creating the rules.

Which fits very well with what you mentioned.

Comment Re:He's totally right (Score 1) 270

Even a PRIMITIVE system that's only capable of "stay in the current lane, follow the car in front of you if the lane becomes ambiguous, and maintain speed while braking if necessary to avoid a rear-end collision" on limited-access roads would be a net improvement over what we have today.

Actually, those systems already exist today and even yesterday, because they've been around for years already.

Comment Re:Live by the media hype die by the media hype. (Score 1) 270

Google has already shown that automated driving is safer (not counting some conditions, because they don't test in regions with ice, because it will loose effectiveness for certain sensors).

The 'problem' is with the user. We are now in limbo land between manual and automated. If a car only supports automated you'll have a whole lot less problems.

Comment Re:This doesn't prove what they were hoping to pro (Score 1) 192

Your IV example is not a good example, that is actually something people are working on, here some quick list of some links:

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