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Journal Em Emalb's Journal: State of the Em 11

So uh, yeah. It's friday up in dis bizzo once again. Which means, well, not a whole lot, I guess. Still got a few more things around the house to get knocked out, but other than that, we are just biding our time. Paying rent and a mortgage as well as two sets of utility bills is kicking the shit out of my budget. Like Jet Li fighting a 3 year old. Can't wait till the house closes in ATL at the end of this month.

Anyway, this means I'm Captain Lowkey, Defender of the Couch, Freer Of the Beers(TM) for the next few weeks or so. Which kinda sucks, as I'd like to get out and explore the city some. Patience, young Lowkey, patience.

Anyway, how you kids doing today? Hope ya'll have a nice day and a good weekend.

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State of the Em

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  • Captain Lowkey? More like Captain Happy. Dude gets a new job, new house, new TVs and all of a sudden he's wishing people a nice day and good weekend and shit. may have something there.... :)
    • No, no new TVs yet....those have to wait about 4 weeks or so, till I get some other stuff knocked out.

      We have a 1940's French Provincial dining room table. It's in alright shape, needs some TLC and a new stain treatment, but we can't find any chairs for the damned thing(1). Also need a new kitchen table and chairs. I plan on getting Lasik at the beginning of next month.

      So the TVs are actually like 4th down the list of stuff. I really love this time of year though, tax returns, bonus from work, etc. Tho
      • by Mantorp ( 142371 ) *
        I have a completely empty dining room, I'm thinking of going Asian style with a rug and a few pillows, but the wife is against it. She wants real furniture.
      • I've decided that I can't change the things I'd like, all I can change is my behavior. So, here it is. The new Em. Same as the old Em, but with less venom.

        The wise man speaketh.

        Long live the new Em. :)
  • Like Jet Li fighting a 3 year old.

    The Confessor says "bring it on".

    OK, he's not quite three yet. 'Nother coupla weeks.



  • Hey Em,
    Did you hear about the new line of clothes that they're trying to bring to the market? It's sportswear designed by Rex Grossman. The clothes look like they'd perform well, but there's a manufacturing defect - they keep coming apart at the seams.

    ba dum dump.
    • heh, that's pretty amusing actually.

      Don't worry about Rex, either he'll prove the haters wrong or he won't. I'm just glad we have a QB capable of playing the game, not "managing" the game.

      ba dum dum. ;)
  • It's Friday night and where am I? Sitting in West Palm airport leeching free WiFi of course. I get the benefit of my weekend starting late when I finally land at 10:50 this evening. This in addition to us flying out here yesterday morning at 6:40. So way early start, late ending. It's nicer here than the DC area (76F, blue skies) but that doesn't make it less of a pain in the ass. Meeting was mostly successful. Ate seafood- saw the sea. Never touched the water. Never saw a shark.

    Hopefully the squir

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