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Comment Re:dust (Score 4, Informative) 270

Uhhhh dude? Yeah did you not see where this C64 is? Wanna guess what the main vehicle was before the wall fell in that area of the world? A little hunk of shit known as the Trabant which was a 2 stroke smoke generator.

Remember friend it was an area controlled by Soviet Russia, where soot generates YOU!

Comment Re: Comment (Score 1) 315

Depends on whether they use the age reversing tech, see young Arnie in Terminator: Gensys or the young Bridges in Tron:Legacy.

These are some strange times we live in man, we got Elvis on tour with the TCB band via video, you have holograms bringing Ronnie James Dio and Tupac back from the grave, and you can have a 70 year old and his 28 year old self in the same scene interacting. Hell give it a couple more years and I really wouldn't be surprised if they put out a new movie with Marilyn Monroe or James Dean as that seems to be the direction we are headed.

Comment Re:Microsoft Update Catalog is my new hero (Score 1) 221

So you are literally arguing that command prompts are magic? Or are you arguing that you cannot read?

Because you don't HAVE to use the GUI if you do not want to, you can just run the scripts straight from the folder and simply throw away the GUI if you want as all it is doing is simply editing a script called "update" that is in the parent folder right next to the GUI. Throw away the GUI and run the script, which again you can just open in any editor and guess what? It does exactly what the GUI does, installs the updates with the conditional flags you chose. The options you choose? Again all just basic scripts with easy to read descriptors like "install DotNET" "InstallOfficeUpdates" and "MakeLogFile" and anyone who can read even the most basic script can read these quite easily as they are all laid out in classic "if this then that" script language with no attempts at any obfuscation.

So I'm sorry but now you are either just trying to sling FUD or you honestly do not understand how virii work and think computers are magical black boxes that some boogeyman can wave a wand and create a bug. Scripting is something anyone with any kind of IT knowledge or support background is not gonna have any trouble reading, the websites being called to download the updates are the Windows Update site owned by MSFT so unless MSFT gets their own update servers pwned there is no issue there, and once you have downloaded the updates no network or third party programs or even the GUI itself is required as it is simply manually installing Windows Updates from a command line.

Comment Re:How many of those... (Score 3, Insightful) 153

Does this count the huge numbers that took the free upgrade, found they didn't like it (or just wanted to lock in the upgrade) and then went back? Does this count units sold to stores but not through to end users?

This is why I don't buy the numbers put out by companies, there is just too many ways they can manipulate the data to make it look bigger than the actual figures indicate.

Comment Re:Microsoft Update Catalog is my new hero (Score 1) 221

Uhhhh...can you read? Because that is really all you have to be able to do to check WSUS Offline since the GUI is really just a front end for some scripts which are in a folder appropriately labeled "cmd" so you can just open them in the text editor of your choice and see what its doing.

It also doesn't try to obfuscate in ANY way what it is doing or who it is calling if you are using the Offline Generator to generate an Offline Update client (it currently supports Vista-10 including the server variants, VERY handy to have) so when you launch it you get a standard command prompt where you can simply look at the screen and see its just calling the MSFT update servers and downloading the updates straight from the source.

Let me give you my personal assurance, I've been using WSUS Offline for so long I still have the DVD with the WSUS Offline for Windows 2K Pro and not once has there ever been an issue with any kind of spyware, malware, or even Windows Update issues because this doesn't use the WU client and just installs them manually via script. I can't even count how many clients I've used it on, easily in the thousands, and its one of those tools I'll always keep on my network share, its head and shoulders better than dealing with WU.

Comment Re:Microsoft Update Catalog is my new hero (Score 4, Informative) 221

The Convenience Rollup is kept on my keyring USB stick as its just soooo much easier than dealing with a system that may not have had a patch on it in years.

And as far as these new crap "mega updates"? Just turn off Windows Update and use WSUS Offline which last I checked is doing just as you described and grabbing the manual security updates, only you get them nicely bundled with a script that will install them all (and do any reboots required) and shut down the system, hassle free. I highly recommend it.

Comment completely wrong (Score 1) 2

This is completely wrong. Opponents of global warming find their basis here:

1. A single counter-example disproves a theory.

2. Improper abstraction of limited experimental data. The experiments, where sound, are used to draw broader conclusions than the parameters of the experiment support.

3. Misuse of statistics massage the collected data to the researchers' desired conclusions.

4. The "what's your theory?" fallacy. Opponents of a theory are not required to offer a coherent alternative to demonstrate errors and fallacies in the one proposed. That something is the only theory does not make it a correct theory.

5. Politicization of the theory severely hampers efforts at falsification. Theories which cannot be falsified have left the realm of science altogether.

6. Time and prediction. Much of the theory of global warming hangs on computer models which have not survived the test of time. A predictive model should have very different outcomes depending on data input, and then sufficient following years of data should be input with predicted results matching the observed results. This hasn't happened. There is no model from a decade ago which accurately predicts today's observations based on the last 10 years' inputs.

Comment Re:What a Waste (Score 1, Insightful) 852

How is this any different from Whedon forming a super PAC and using his Hollywood connections to shill for it?

Lets be honest folks, there really isn't an upside this round. On the one hand you have the most corrupt politician this side of Richard Nixon that has promised more wars and to flood this country with refugees ala Germany (didn't work out so great for them, did it?) and on the other hand you have a reality TV star that spends his time tweeting memes...ugh.

Comment Re:Tor exit node = child sex offender (Score 2) 241

As an ISP you're already required to report address allocation information to the regional registry who makes the associations publicly available. The police know whether they're looking for ISP staff or a customer when they show up at the door because as an ISP you published enough information for them to make that determination.

Comment I'm with Charter (Score 0) 65

I'm with Charter on this. There's a cost associated with customers that use random equipment instead of your preferred equipment and there's a cost associated with having to plan around customer-owned equipment when making changes to your sytem. It's unlikely this cost is meaningfully less than what charter pays for the equipment it provides customers.

I 100% support requiring charter to allow customers to use their own equipment but if they're already doing that then the FCC should back off.

Comment Re:Don't blame the courts. (Score 1) 222

the states can forbid councils from building roads or installing mains water services.

This is common. For example, in Virginia incorporated cities are required to maintain their own roads (and may collect taxes for the same) while county roads are maintained by the state and the county governments are generally forbidden to do roadwork.

The state government decides what subordinate governments are allowed to do and what activities are reserved to the state government. This is long, long settled law.

Comment Re: Don't blame the courts. (Score 2) 222

Municipal governments don't have rights, they have responsibilities and areas of authority as assigned by the state governments. To misunderstand that is to grossly misunderstand basic civics in the United States.

You also misunderstood what I wrote if you think I made any sort of claim that there's "right for some private entity to be given access to infrastructure they did not build."

I spoke to the smart plan, not any kind of rightful one. The smart plan is to build roads and let private enterprise build cars. The smart plan is to build last-mile fiber and let private enterprise build services like Internet access.

I would support laws against municipalities building cars were any hair-brained enough to try.

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