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Comment Re:Fitbit is next (Score 4, Funny) 186

Who on their right mind is going to spend hundreds of dollars for some minor functionality?

Back in the 1980s, I remember thinking "If only there was a way to have my girlfriend (at the time) send me her pulse so I could feel her love on my own wrist in real-time. Of course the technology wasn't there, and wouldn't be for some time, so I had to settle for her bloody heart in a jar and 25 years in a psychiatric hospital.

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1) 75

Yep. I have a friend who worked for a now-defunct ad placement firm. They hired people specifically for the purpose of figuring out ways around ad blockers. Of course that was dumb, because for people who are determined not to be tracked and force-fed ads, that simply makes them more determined to find ways to block things.

Comment Re:There are Ads on YouTube? (Score 1) 75

I recently went to renew my /. subscription because it has been some time since I last had. They are no longer offering subscriptions, not sure if it's temporary or not. One of the nice things with it was the option to turn off ads. I still run uMatrix and uBlock Origin on the site but still wanted to support them.

So it seems like they may be going straight for an ad & tracker supported model.

Comment Winter is Coming (Score 3, Informative) 573

So, if we've been witnessing a drop in observed temperatures, perhaps TPTB are actually doing something about it.

The quote was that we have been observing a global drop in land temperatures since the middle of the year. There is far more land in the northern hemisphere than the southern which means seasonal effects will not balance out. So rather than evidence of geoengineering I'd just take this as a sign that winter is coming.

Comment Copying Apple (Score 4, Insightful) 334

Except that in this case Samsung has a long history of copying Apple and apparently it seems to extend to even copying their stupid ideas. However it would be ironic if they put a USB-C on the phone and used that for the earphones too because then their phone would be more compatible with the new MacBooks than the iPhone.

Comment Quality vs. Quantity (Score 2) 161

The problem is too much choice and not enough quality material. If you have 4 TV stations, like the UK use to have, each of them has enough revenue to be able to produce quality programs that a large segment of the population will enjoy. When you have 100+ stations the audience is fragmented and most of the stations have less money since there re more staff to support and so they can only afford reruns or crap new shows which are cheap to make.

The same is true for streaming. If you look at the content on Netflix in Canada there are no real alternatives since Shomi shutdown and as a result the content they have is much better than the US. If you have 5 streaming companies then that same content will be split five ways and the money each has for new programming will be much less because now that same revenue has to support 5 sets of admin and support staff etc.

Comment Re:More advertising data (Score 1) 89

Linking who you share your location with their habits. Alice went to McDonalds. Bob went to Burger King. Both like fast food, show Bob ads for McDonalds.

Very elementary example, but they are basically asking the users to confirm that when Alice and Bob are in the same (or a similar) place, it is not a coincidence.

Comment Re:More advertising data (Score 1) 89

Thank you, you nailed it far more succinctly than I.

What gets me are the "So? Every other company does it." as if that makes it right. These are the same people that check in on Facebook, leave location metadata on in photos, and run Google Maps in the background because it gives them the warm fuzzies thinking they're helping.

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