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Comment A different perspective (Score 1) 158

The US cotton industry claims that a repeal of the abolition -- which destroys innovation and value creation -- will foster an environment that'll be more positive for their business and would be good for innovation in the industry. They went on to say that it "would provide opportunity for significant innovation and differentiation" and that it'd enable you to "do some very interesting things."

Comment Re:Beginning of the end (Score 1) 119

Actually, I had exactly the same thought, and that's coming from a background in biochemistry.

It's not "global warming" that I find frightening; it's the schemes people come up with to "cool the planet" (one or two degrees and hello ice age) or "get rid of CO2" (which is to say, plant food -- this is a recipe for famine by reducing crop yields by at least as much, probably about half-again more since starving plants need more water, and cooling reduces rainfall).

So while you got modded funny... it was actually damned insightful.

Comment It is all propaganda (Score 1) 324

Is there really a difference between Russian Propaganda and US propaganda? Not really. Change the names and places and they are the same. A lot has changed and now it is the US military is doing more spying and crying. Like when they go to Kaliningrad and cry that the Russian plane buzzed them to chase them out and the same spy ship was crying about the same thing the year before in Sevastopol. The news tells people what they want to hear. That is what sells newspapers. If you were to tell people the truth they would get upset and stop buying the papers. I remember talking to a Russian friend in the 1980s, before the wall came down, and I asked him about the difference between the east and the west and he said that the main difference was that in the east they know it is propaganda.

Comment Politically correct madness (Score 1) 243

I am a supporter of alternative fuels but currently there is no choice. It will take time to introduce choice. Electric sounds great but it is totally impractical for many people who need their car for work. Who wants to stop for 2 hours to recharge every 2 hours while on a 6 hour drive? Not everybody has a garage where they can charge their car, most people just park in the street. Petrol does have some advantages over diesel but diesel also has many advantages over petrol. Hydrogen etc. are far too new to talk about. I hope that we will continue to advance but often these moves are counter productive. Currently the best option for most people that actually do have a garage is a hybrid which still uses fuel. Diesel prolongs the life of the vehicle and is not a fire hazard which makes it a better option in a hybrid. The electric BMW i3 has a petrol generator to double the range, would that be banned? I think that these ideas are jumping the gun and we should all calm down and start taking baby steps toward a better future in order to avoid throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Comment There is only fake news (Score 2) 359

I used to turn to BBC for reliable news but once they became embedded during the Iraq war they never extricated themselves and are no longer a reliable news source. I turned to Al Jazeera who always reported both sides and went out of their way to help me understand the other side of the story but the US military actually targeted them and arrested them so they stopped printing the truth. There is only fake news left. I now read a variety of sources like Russia Today as well as western news and judge the truth to be somewhere in the middle of the two lies.

Comment Re:False dichotomy (Score 3, Interesting) 588

In the last election, while not the only choices, were the major choices.

And that's the problem right there.

Your problem is not Trump or Clinton. It's a system that culminated in a choice between two candidates which a large portion of your countrymen believe are both unsuitable for the job.

Address the cause, not the symptoms.

Comment Re:Next step... (Score 1) 154

I doubt that the contracts you work with are non-negotiable form contracts, so your personal experience is irrelevant to this discussion.

Binding arbitration clauses remove the customer's right to file a lawsuit. Instead, the case is referred to an "impartial arbiter" who decides in favour of the company 99% of the times, because they are the ones that pay him.

Comment Re:It's not rigged, you're just LOSING (Score 1) 299

The statement being copied went something like "Stein raised more money this weekend than she did down the whole home stretch of her campaign" -- the point being not to compare how much, but rather how FAST it was raised. And that is indeed a good point. If she can raise $3M in one holiday weekend, how could she not raise similar amounts that fast at least occasionally all last year?

That's why I think the guy who pointed out it's probably a guess-whose-bot doing the donating is likely correct.

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