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Comment Re: What TypeScript is (Score 1) 78


MS like any organization makes great and crappy software.

So they make mediocre operating systems. They do make excellent business software and good development software like C# and visual studio. Gnu makes great operating systems and ok development software.

Use the right tool for the job. It is open source and compiles to JavaScript so no locking. Why can't ms make something good considering no one makes everything good? Are you that biased?

Comment Re:Why do people care... (Score 1) 77

It is illegal to assault you and I'm not even sure I have a right to privacy. But I will first threaten you, and then follow through on the threat, if you are a glasshole and in the same room as me. I will also pull a cigarette out of the mouth of someone smoking near a pregnant woman who is asked to extinguish it and refuses, even though that is "assault" as well. I do both these things in the name of common decency, a notion usually lost on the insistent close-quarter smokers and glassholes. And both these paragons of Law and Order are welcome to call the cops. Unless we're sitting in college pubs in Brooklyn or Portland, I'm not too concerned about how things will pan out...

Comment Re:Just like google glass (Score 1) 77

Dude, I am the furthest thing from a Luddite you will ever meet and I am proud to have done more than my share online and IRL to keep Google glass from becoming a "thing." Glassholes weren't geeks (see how I am able to use the past tense verb there? I LOVE that!) they were self-absorbed hipster gadgeteers. Geeks value their privacy.

Comment Re:E.g. We can't use it if we can't cheat (Score 3, Interesting) 60

It's interesting, but some of the earliest accounting software I used, which was COBOL-based, didn't allow you to change any ledger once a month was posted and closed. I suppose it was possible to go into the actual database and directly alter records, but the underlying concept was that once a fiscal period was complete, it was inviolate, and the only way you could alter any closed ledger was to post adjusting entries in this period. This could be rather ugly, so you tried really hard not to do any major mistakes. Even end of the year adjusting entries were posted in the next fiscal year.

Since then I've seen a number of accounting systems that allow all sorts of monkeying around, including posting adjusting entries for a fiscal year within that fiscal year, even though you may be a couple of months into the current fiscal year. It seems common practice now, but a quarter of a century ago that was viewed as completely inappropriate, as it opened the door for fraud.

Comment Just start syndication (Score 1) 180

Krebs just needs to change his distribution model. Instead of limiting this info to his own website, just start publishing the content on any interested website. Why hasn't slashdot already contacted him and offered to host his content? Even if they can DDoS a single major site into submission, they won't stand a chance of taking several offline.

For that matter, why wasn't Akamai sending out tons of abuse@ emails during this mess, telling ISPs to stop the flood coming from their side, or face financial liability for any continuing traffic? That would actually SOLVE the DDoS problem, quickly and permanently diminishing the ranks of their botnets, and eliminating the attackers resources, costing them money.

Comment Re:You Mispelled "Bradley Manning" (Score 1) 374

First I will note that you completely skipped (for a second time) the question I put to you in response to your assertion: "You made an assertion about non-functionion male genitals. I'm asking how only those transsexuals with non-functioning male genitals will be allowed to use the women's bathroom."

You call me chicken shit (for not fully quoting you, though when pressed you give nothing that would have invalidated my reply), but here you are dodging a question based on your assertion.

I also did not see you admit that the North Carolina anti-trans state law was in response to a pro-trans city law, despite your earlier implication that it was conservatives against gay marriage going after a new target that started all this bathroom nonsense.

You originally said "It never happens."

That's twice now you fabricated a quote that I did not say. I gave a single case, "When men dress up as women in Hollywood movies, it's for a gag." I admitted there were other cases I missed, namely the "progressive" cause du jour of transsexuals.

It doesn't invalidate the context of the argument, which started with you talking about male actors in Shakespeare being accepted as women (turns out the law forbid women from acting at the time). The overwhelmingly vast majority of women's roles in Hollywood are taken by actual women. In fact, the only cases that you gave me were roles where the "women" were transsexual as specified by the role.

you'd get your ass sued

That's what passing trans laws has done, opening up new lawsuit threats. This happens every time the government creates a new "equality" law.

As for the "upset customers", first off, transsexuals and their allies (which are a significant portion of the consumer public) also have the right to be upset by not letting transsexuals pee in the safest place for them.

Everybody has a "right" to be pissed off or not.

They have all discovered that supporting the rights of transsexuals is just good business. It makes economic sense.

No, they all jumped in to the current climate of political correctness and the "progressive" cause du jour. Whether it makes economic sense or not is debatable, as they're really just afraid of the mainstream press targeting them and doing virtue signaling of their own to get positive press.

In response to all this drama, started by "progressives", Target is spending $20 million to install a single-use bathroom for any sex in all its stores.

so again, what are you really afraid of?

How many times do I have to answer this? I'm not afraid of anything, and I have very little interest in the bathroom drama, but you insist on dragging me into this argument, and I feel obliged to correct some of your bullshit and play devil's advocate.

It doesn't cost anything to use the new name and gender, so why do you have a stick up your ass on this issue?

Because I refuse to go along with the herd and participate in other people's delusions. We've already covered this.

And if you think you can tell, you're wrong. Twice last year I rented out my spare bedroom to men for 4 months each.

Congratulations. But there are plenty of cases where I could tell. And I'm guessing you didn't have sex with any of your roommates without them knowing.

Comment Re:With all due respect to Mr. Hawking and us... (Score 1) 275

None of those things allow information to move faster than the speed of light,

No they don't, as far as we know right now. But they're observed phenomenon that are themselves capable of FTL, completely shattering your oversimplified claim that the limit of c is invariable. They prove there is room for something else...

Comment Re:It's a good idea, even if he's lying. (Score 1) 218

People who use more than 10GB will move to Sprint because it is cheaper.

No, they won't, and the numbers show that they don't, because Sprint's coverage is lousy. If anything, most Verizon users could be convinced to move to AT&T if the price difference was significant.

People also like certainty in billing. People hate the idea that changes in usage from month to month will affect their bill.

Nonsense. Nobody has a problem with metered water bills. What they dislike is huge ballooning overage charges, and overly high bills to begin with, which my idea would eliminate.

Telcos are trying to get you both ways, charging a big monthly fee for much more service than you would normally use, then big balloon overage fees for the occasion you do go over.

Comment Re:What I don't understand. (Score 1) 55

What I don't understand is why you are not allowed to air mail a battery by itself in a sealed container, while you are allowed to air mail the same battery inside a device. I am not that familiar with battery technology, but I would expect that a battery connected to a circuit to have additional ways of catching fire compared to a battery by itself. I mean if a fault happens inside the battery you are screwed whether it is in a device or by itself, but AFAIK there are cases where the problems were caused by the electronics connected to the battery, so you get an even higher chance of something going wrong. Maybe they are afraid the density, i.e. shipments with just batteries which would make more batteries per volume than say a shipment of laptops? But still, there would be rules about density then.
What am I missing?

Problem is battery density. If you're sending batteries, the amount is far more dangerous per unit volume than if the battery was in a device.

Shipping lithium batteries in bulk is what caused the downing of a UPS cargo plane a while back which is why they're no longer allowed - one battery caught fire, which then caused other batteries in the same container to catch as well.

Whereas if it was in a laptop, it may destroy the device and the pack, but the density of cells is lower and its less likely to catch more packs on fire.

It's why hoverboards are particularly dangerous - their packs of 10 or 20 cells wrapped tightly together - when one goes off, it will more than likely cause the rest to off as well.

Also, raw lithium and aluminum don't mix - which means the sprayed lithium can damage structural aircraft components as well.

Comment Re:Johnson and anti-incumbent (Score 1) 380

He got better?

Seriously, that's the whole point. The only reason the OT is included as part of the Good Book is that it helps provide context and narrative. That, and the fact that the early Christians were Jews first and old habits die hard.

The Bible is a story of civilization's redemption, not a Chinese menu where different sects can take one from Column Leviticus and two from Column Galatians. An overwhelming majority of Christianity gets that, but the butt-hurt and snarky will always point to the one or two sociopath Baptist cults like Westboro as if these in any way represent modern Christianity.

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