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Comment Meanwhile, On The San Francisco Peninsula... (Score 1) 93

I live on the San Francisco peninsula. Google, Facebook, NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, Hewlett/Packard, NASA Ames... They're all within 20 minutes drive of each other.

...And I can't get better than 50Mb/sec.

"But Comcast has..." (*SMACK*) I will not let Comcast be my ISP, for reasons which should be obvious by now to every member of this site.

The weird thing is that, about a year ago, a truck from HP Communications (no relation) strung fiber up around my residential neighborhood, allegedly on behalf of AboveNet (now part of Zayo). Since then, however, not a peep out of anyone even hinting at a residential fiber service offering.

Comment Re:More condoms less climate change (Score 1) 162

There is overwhelming evidence that Climate Change is real. The problem isn't the evidence, but your refusal (for whatever reason) to accept it. It's the exact same attitude as anti-vaxxers or anti-evolution people. The evidence is overwhelming, yet instead of accepting that the evidence exists and adjusting their opinions accordingly, they double-down on their pre-conceived notions because of some kind of emotional investment in what they believe.

Given that the GP stated that he accepts that climate change is real, do you have any relevant to say?

However, I agree with your main point. People need to stop fucking like rabbits. I see religion as being a serious factor in this, because most religions *insist* that people fuck like rabbits for "the greater glory of god" or some bullshit. The Catholic Church, for example, consider contraceptives to be Bad(tm).

Religion bashing. Ok.

We're eating this planet alive with our collective greed and self-obsession, and nobody seems to care. I hate to say it, but we *need* another world war to thin down the numbers.

And a pointless diatribe about the imaginary loose morals of humanity which are again irrelevant. A lot of people care, but they also care about other things which are in conflict with reversing climate change, such as doing good by the people alive now.

The real problem with climate change is that it is not the only problem we have. So obsessively focusing on it at the expense of everything else will result not just in making those other problems worse, but also not actually fixing climate change in a positive direction either.

For example, human fertility gets higher when people get poorer. So the many mitigation strategies out there that make people poorer will make future population higher. It's not going to be a win against climate change since you're making the overpopulation problem, which is the basic driver behind climate change, worse.

Blaming this on religion is silly. Most people aren't significantly religious. It's not the driving factor here though in some cases, it can contribute to the problem and sometimes it can help.

My view is to get rid of overpopulation, we need two things in particular: wealthy people and women who have equal rights to men. A lot of other stuff, such as democracy, rule of law, caring about environmental matters, and developed world infrastructure can follow from that.

Comment Re:More condoms less climate change (Score 1) 162

The exact same sentence on say, Ars, would have been massively upvoted.

No one has been banned from Slashdot because they had the wrong opinion on climate change. I have on Ars Technica. Ars Technica is the real echo chamber.

Further, I guess I'm not alone in getting tired of idiots using the same irrelevant cliched statements. Sure, there are people who still don't believe in climate change, but why always assume the other party such? Give consideration to others and maybe you'll get some in turn.

Comment Re:Politicians siding with big business? Naw. (Score 1) 260

If you side with the people instead of the businesses the media companies the businesses own call you a racist sexist islamophobe homophobe xenophobe and pay a bunch of whores to say you traumatized them with a kiss.

Do the what the businesses want and fuck you can do whatever you want. Threaten your husband's rape victims and they'll call you a champion for women, and steal money from Haitian reconstruction and they'll call you an advocate for the poor.

Comment Re:Cui Bono? (Score 1) 427

I'm not saying the leaks aren't from Russia. The leaks could be from:

1. Russian government.

2. Non-state Russian hackers.

3. Disgruntled DNC staffer/IT guy.

4. The NSA.

It could be any one or all of these. They could have been hacked by Putin for general spying/blackmailing purposes, but then also leaked by a staffer. We don't actually know.

So I'm not the one jumping to conclusions here. You're the one blindly believing the government, which has a long, long history of lying about foreign attacks in order to justify war. You have your pre-formed doctrine ("Dems r gud guys dey wuldnt lie!!!11!") and will not look at the evidence and speculate about what it means, since then you'd have to wonder if you're Obama and Hillary's dupe.

They lied to get us into Vietnam (the Gulf of Tonkin incident never happened). They lied to get us into Iraq. They're probably lying about this, too.

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