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Comment Re:He's worried! (Score 1) 326

It doesn't have to beat it on "technical grounds" because the whole experience is the thing that counts. Not the screen size, or number of speakers, or quality of the amplifiers, etc.

The theatre has a bigger screen, but the field of view can easily be the same at home with furniture placement, and you're never in seats that aren't optimal (the first few rows are too close to the screen, the side seats aren't great, etc)

The theatre has "better" sound, but they always turn it up too loud, and you're often too close or too far from the surround speakers.

Even if you get the ideal seat, the sound has to compete with the guy rustling his popcorn bag by your left ear, and there's the idiot texting 2 rows ahead of you, and the guy beside you asking his wife to explain the plot line to date.

Even a cheap home theatre setup will likely yield a better experience than that, and a half decent one will blow it out of the water.

Comment Re:Autos cause 1.2 million deaths worldwide each y (Score 1) 599

Yes, you've said that you're against any and all progress, and that we should not save any lives unless we save all the lives. You've also stated that one idiot doing something stupid behind the wheel proves that the manufacturer did something wrong, while ignoring the fact that many many idiots do something stupid behind the wheel in other vehicles on a daily basis and yet all the other manufacturers aren't dragged through the mud daily about it.

So far I see you as spreading large amounts of FUD with no basis in facts.

Comment Re:Autos cause 1.2 million deaths worldwide each y (Score 1) 599

The supporters have provided their statistics. If you want to question them, why don't you provide statistics that prove otherwise? Instead all you're providing is FUD.

Not to mention that 1 death is hardly statistically significant out of the thousands upon thousands of driving fatalities.

So far we know that Autopilot is a safety suite of driver assistance features. We also know that this driver used it inappropriately. Unless your assertion is that nobody else has ever done inappropriate things behind the wheel, there's certainly no reason to think this proves Tesla to be doing anything wrong.

Comment Re:Autos cause 1.2 million deaths worldwide each y (Score 1) 599

Good thing the high end cars never added seatbelts, airbags, crumple zones, etc. Those would never have benefited the "average" person.

Every technology starts at the high end, and improves and moves downmarket over time.

You'd be lobbying to ban the wheel if it were invented today.

Comment Re:Autos cause 1.2 million deaths worldwide each y (Score 1) 599

I don't think you're good at risk calculations... you don't sacrifice anyone, you only save some. Maybe you don't save everyone because not everyone gets one, but that doesn't put anyone else at any higher risk than they're at right now.

There's literally no downside at all. There's only some people that don't get the upside, they're no worse off than they are now, and arguably even they're better off because the other car is less likely to collide with them even if they do nothing different.

As for "mass market" I quoted the average price of a new car, you want better, I don't know how you expect to achieve that, but the one thing we DO know is that new technologies always start at the top end, and work their way downmarket.

If you can't afford more than $10K, you're looking at a used car anyway, so that $35,000 car will be the $10,000 car in a few years, should we not improve that car now just because we aren't also retrofitting ones from 10 years ago? Or should we cheer for the improvements that are hitting the high end now, knowing that both the lower end, and the used cars, will benefit from it over time.

Comment Re:Autos cause 1.2 million deaths worldwide each y (Score 1) 599

So your argument, yet again, is that because it will never be 100%, we shouldn't try at all?

If we save 1 life over not having it, it's good to have. Not saving another life doesn't mean that the system is a disaster, it just means there's still room to make it even better.

As for not being available to the masses, sure it will be. When? How about next year? It'll be available on the $35,000 Model 3 to be released next year, and undoubtedly over time it will migrate down to even cheaper cars (though the average sale price of a new car is $32,000, so there's a good argument that the $35,000 car is "mass adoption")

This is no different than every other technology ever invented. They start off being expensive, and over time become cheaper.

Comment Re:He's worried! (Score 1) 326

except that you have to subject yourself to the noise of others around, often sub-optimal seating, uncomfortable volume levels, sticky floors/seats, inability to pick your own times, etc.

Sure, it's not as bad as some places, but it still can't beat a decent home setup.

I can have date night with my wife at home. Ship our daughter off to her grandma's place, make homemade pizza, and popcorn, and put a movie on.

Comment Re:Autos cause 1.2 million deaths worldwide each y (Score 1) 599

So far ALL the evidence shows that autopilot DOES work with human psychology just as well as autopilot. More people have been killed using cruise control than on autopilot.

Their solution right now is SAVING LIVES. it should be mandatory in all vehicles if you use soley that argument.

Tesla has not released a self driving car, have not advertised one, and will not release one until it is 10 times as safe as human drivers (per their statements)

Unfortunately 10 times, or 100 times aren't good enough for you. You'd rather keep killing thousands and thousands of people because that's better than killing one person if you personally can't understand why autopilot and autonomous are completely different words with completely different meanings.

Comment He's worried! (Score 2) 326

Right now, many homes have theatre setups that produce a far better experience than the theatre. Big screen TVs coupled with good surround sound systems are ubiquitous, the furniture is usually more comfortable, and you place yourself in the optimal viewing position. You have full control of the volume level, the start time, and can pause for bathroom or snack breaks. You also get to chose who you share the experience with.

The ONLY selling feature theatres have left is that impatient people can't wait, and insist on seeing it in theatre because the studios refuse to release it anywhere else until they've made their fortune in the theatre.

If people can get the movie at home, without the ridiculously long wait, theatres are doomed.

Comment Re:Missing a big point (Score 1) 599

Both can fully be true.

Most likely, Tesla will work on it's image processing to try to better capture this particular situation. AND the car doesn't have the hardware to do self driving.

Luckily, nobody has ever claimed that the current hardware could do self driving.

Of course you didn't talk at all about "handling the current situation" you talked about "self driving" which isn't actually related at all.

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