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Comment Perl... (Score 2) 379

but I bet that most of the code I write is in posix sh, bash or perl

Perl, yeah. I like it a lot too.

But sometimes I need to be able not only to write, but also read what I've written.
To determine what a piece of code actually does.

Or if it was simply my cat walking over the keyboard.

Or it it was my cat that successfully patched a mission critical Perl-script by randomly walking across my keyboard...


Comment Merge conflict detected (Score 2) 55

I don't understand why the linux community is not capitalizing on the situation with the Windows 10 Fiasco and Google and Apple spying on you? This is quite the time to hit them with a secure OS. Start making deals to get Adobe products to work on Linux and others like the old Unix's did before.

Git cherry pick failed: merge conflict detected.
Please resolve manually.

Comment Joke? (Score 1) 52

I think what the poster meant is that he's working on the other side of the same street.
(Or working from home), and litteraly doesn't need a complex system to tell him what are the conditions on the sole cross-read he needs to cross.


Alternatively, he's Scandinavian, and the traffic problems he has to face are more weather-related (read: heavy snow-falls) other than other-people related (his closest neighbour, Olaf Guntersson, lives half an hour away).

Comment German Autobahn!!! (Score 1) 52

So if your phone is going 100mph in a 45mph zone {...} if we want to catch speeders it is a much smaller data sets with less big computation.

Hallo ! Vee are the German Automakers von BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen.
Vee are tasked mit designing dis car data aggregator.

Vat is dis "Speed limit" dat you're speaking of ?
Vee have never heard about it....

(Alzo, vat are dis "mph" units ? Do you have nicht metric Zystem ?)


Comment Germany (Score 1) 52

As mentionned :
BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen are German automakers. Their bound by German laws.
And people in Germany tend to be very picky about their privacy.

The car will probably have to ask you if you agree to share you data.
With options to opt-in or opt-out.

(Though maybe the US-export model will get tempered with and will simply opt out of receiving the aggregated traffic information, but still constantly beam your position. To the NSA. And also transmit everything it can hear around).

Comment Data aggregation method (Score 1) 52

The map display in a Tesla already shows traffic congestion.

And you could probably find even older GPS units/applications that predate Tesla and still show traffic congestion.
(e.g.: old Tomtom do show traffic).
Even before the age of on-line connected cars, in Europe there were traffic information over the RDS data channel on FM stations
(and probably the same on the US equivalent ?)

The novelty isn't the traffic information, it's the way data is aggregated.

I have heard that they get the data from aggregate cell phone data. The cell towers can tell when the cellphones bunch up and stop moving.

The news here is that HERE-Maps managed to get competing automakers to work together to share their data on congestion (as determined by the connected cars themselves).
(Which could be combined with the coarser info from cell tower to get even more informations).

Comment Games and OSes (Score 2, Insightful) 120

Because people want to play video games...

Was does Windows have anything to do with couple of thousands games on Steam(*) that all run on any OS (Windows ; Mac OS X ; Linux) ?

Oh, yeah... "Triple-A games".
The kind of overrated content that rarely gets correct ports (Hi, Ryan Gordon, thank you for being the refreshing exception to this sad rule !), and is the most likely to b0rk your machine due to DRM (You know! Because "AAA" development costs a lot of money, and the "AAA" studios have to protect their revenue. By completely fucking the experience of their paying customer base).

If anything, today's DRM example is a big argument of why people should prefer the PirateBay version, and why I've personally downloaded cracks for any DRMed game that I've bought.


(*) : I know that Steam also uses some forms of DRM, but we have yet to have a FA on /. titled "Steam's own DRM causes a massive backdoor on all computers"

Comment Re:Peak time on satellite vs. cellular (Score 1) 222

Cell phone used to use peak and off peak for minutes. Things like $10 / mo for 20 peak minutes and 500 off peak minutes. Clearly designed to encourage off peak usage. The ratios started to change as cell phones began to be used socially and they couldn't do anything that extreme. Data is similar. Sure there are peaks but it is gently rolling hills not the sort of sharp drop offs that make a variable pricing scheme make sense.

Comment Re:Makes more sense (Score 1) 222

These are public companies their spend for the networks are public documents. The cost of spending to create 3G and then LTE was many billions for each of them every year. They have huge debts from it and your job is to indirectly pay down the bond holders. It is not pennies on the dollar to provide when you count the capital cost. That's why most of the cell phone providers went broke.

Comment Re:Why is Windows 10 the benchmark? (Score 1) 205

I should add, the evidence of this is plentiful. Anyone remember the days of IDE PIO ? Before IDE DMA and in particular before command and data blocks could be fully buffered by a hardware FIFO in the control, IDE PIO was a complete disaster. It barely worked (and quite often didn't). And we had to pull out the stops as device driver writers to get it work as well as it did (which wasn't very well).


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