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Comment Re:there is a reason for that (Score 1) 84

I'm still not following. Do you mean "racist software" in the literal AI sense that the software is thinking like a racist human being?

i mean that you need to have lights specifically for lighting their face.

You mean like a spot-light to the face? Then you get squinty photos. And awkward. One probably has to manually adjust the gamma levels instead, otherwise the background or clothing has too much effect on auto-adjustment. Either train the staff or have the photos sent to an adjustment lab to be tuned by experts (assuming it was taken with a camera good enough to capture sufficient details to be later extracted via gamma et al adjustments.)

Comment Re:Jobs (Score 1) 330

I see one solution to increasing automation of our workforce: a combination of make-work and retraining programs. Everyone admits our infrastructure is old...

GOP will allow this only over their cold dead bodies. They will complain it increases the debt and creates "bloated socialistic government" that is allegedly biased against Christianity and Caucasians.

They have a point with regard to the debt, but we can take the money from our military budget. It's far larger than our top 3 enemies combined. And/or, tax the rich, which they are also against.

Comment those are taxiways (Score 1) 299

Look more closely at the diagram.

The dual-circles around the buildings are taxiways. (Notece that, in addition to being far narrower than an airplane and too close in, they're also not circular, but have a flattened area at the right side, making it more like a "D" than an "O".

The runways are the wide, straight, "roads", of which you see just a tiny chunk at the very boundary of the picture. They're essentially tangent to the taxiways - slightly out from them.

This is just a standard airport designs with straight runways.

Comment Re:Thanks, I'll pass on all of them (Score 1) 211

I agree. I live in the Pacific Northwest and previously lived in Irvine, California. I brought my job with me when I moved to my town of ~18,000 people. It is great to be making a California salary with a "small" town cost of living.

I am close enough (20-30 minute drive) to the nearest big city that I can go do all of that nonsense when I feel the urge to. The rest of the time, I have a nice house, a good sized yard and mellow neighbors.

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