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Comment Re:They have it backwards (Score 1) 316

This. I used to have a large DVD library, which I would rip so I could watch anytime I wanted. It all looked cool, and occasionally there'd be a bump in encoding and I could break out the DVD and make a new version.

However, I noticed that I rarely watched any of it. If I was picking a movie for myself, I'd want to watch something new.

So aside from kid's movies and some classics, I deleted it all. With Redbox for new releases and Netflix et al for finding something new it just didn't make sense.

Comment Re:CS should _not_ be taught to teenagers (Score 2) 241

Computers run the world, so they do need to understand how they work in a general way. To do this I they should give students a general understanding of logical structures and how computer programs work. Knowing a particular language, or making that the focus, won't do most of them any good.

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