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Comment Re:I use linux (Score 1) 559

I use a systemd Gentoo system and I use it with systemd precisely because openrc and other init systems cannot do what I what them to do. Try getting any of those old init systems to execute commands on resume from suspend. They can't. The whole reason systemd was created was to address issues like these that prevent you from doing what you should be able to do.

Comment Is Fiscal 2016 over with already? (Score 0) 100

Per the statement released by HP about SGI--

The company has approximately 1,100 employees worldwide, and had revenues of $533 million in fiscal 2016.

Have they already closed the books on 2016 earnings? Heck yeah they need to get bought. The hardware running their accounting software is literally more than a month faster than anything I've seen in the industry.

Comment JESUS FUCK (Score 0) 704

A foreign government hacked US political party email in an attempt to influence an election and all people care about are the same old party insider bullshit that has happened forever in party politics. People may not like to hear this but a political party can select or favor whoever they want. People don't have to like it but it isn't illegal. Hell, people didn't even used to get to nominate before. I voted for Bernie in the primary but get over it already. He lost. Now it's time to keep the most unqualified lunatic from obtaining the most important and powerful position in the world. We can discuss how to change the political process later. Like it or not only two people have a chance to be President now. Avoid the potential disaster of Trump and at least we'll still have a shitty political process to fix.

Comment Re:Dude the threat is china (Score 1) 256

There is literally no way 25% of Bernie supporters vote for Trump. You don't even have to go that far back in time to see a similar phenomena. Remember the Puma's that weren't going to vote for Obama? They had bigger numbers at one point. The vast majority of them didn't vote for McCain and the vast majority of Bernie supporters won't vote for Trump.

Comment Poison Pill embedded intentionally (Score 4, Insightful) 144

Marrissa Mayer knew what she was doing. If this agreement actually exists, it was intentionally engineered to help resist a hostile takeover or shareholders forcing a liquidation of assets. Mayer took this job knowing that if either of those scenarios played out, she would be dumped without the track record to get another job of similar scale. Setting up this contract with Mozilla is one way she has been able to retain her control thus far.

Poison Pill

Comment mess with robot == create more jobs for humans! (Score 1) 263

Though the purpose of this technology is to reduce workforce headcount, as humans, we can ensure a certain number of us remain employed in this space.

Every visit, bring a few lengths of old garden hose. Lay them out in the routes the robot takes. From my experience with our Roomba, I would expect this will prevent the security robot from completing its appointed rounds. A human will be dispatched to remove the garden hose from the path. That human will grumble about how someone keeps messing with the robot by leaving this gardenhose laying about, while not realizing this is a gift of charity to the human who is paid to remove the hose-- job security for the security job.

Comment Re:So it replaces a security guard (Score 1) 263

But it'll eventually get there, and we (as a society) really need to be discussing how we're going to handle that new world where most jobs have been automated.

Challenge accepted!

Automation is about pushing more wealth to the ruling class and minimizing unavoidable costs. Every time a job like this gets automated, displaced workers head to another employment pool. As those pools get crowded, the salaries go down.

"Plumbers will always make a good living."

"Until the displaced security guards get minimal training by a contracting firm and there is a flood of certified plumbers."

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