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Comment Re:Revolution (Score 4, Insightful) 130

Is that what you took away from my post.. Sorry but you're wrong, I'm speaking on a much more macro level of human behavior. I could just as easily say that YOU are under the impression that people **on the whole** can be squeezed indefinitely with no consequence. Congratulations on running an efficient company, hopefully, there aren't thousands upon thousands of desperate people living around you who need to survive.

The whole "adapt or starve" mantra corporate apologists like to trot out for these kinds of stories seem to forget that "adapt or starve" is called "desperation" as a synonym. People NEED A PATH to survive, and if they don't have one then you're shiny efficient business is going to look like a shiny pile of resources to people who just don't care anymore... and people like YOU put them there, so I doubt all your hard work and dedication will mean a thing to them.

Comment Revolution (Score 5, Insightful) 130

Eventually it's going to reach a tipping point where you choke enough people into poverty that eventually they're just going to say "fuck it, I have to survive somehow" ....and start just taking all those pretty coins that robotics have allowed you to save... This is just a basic fact of life, you can't make people poor and expect them to just sit there and take it.

Comment We're just bacteria (Score 1) 207

It's almost as if cities acted like petri dishes.. so weird..

When the costs associated with tearing down the old and putting up something new is comparable to just buying up new land and building on that.. then urban decay will stop.

Since that isn't something that business would do on it's own as it isn't as profitable, it's up to government to regulate it.

Comment Re:Vagina award (Score 5, Insightful) 180

It's not the fact that they did it "with a vagina"... It's that they did it in an environment where simply having a vagina sets up barriers to your success.

Example: Women gaining the right to vote wasn't considered an accomplishment *because* they have a vagina, but in spite of that fact.

Comment Re:Wrong, redistribution is stealing, (Score 1) 392

At what point does social responsibility set in. OK fine you've made your wicked smart decisions and essentially turned yourself into a king. Now what.. just keep making yourself MORE kingly?.. Eventually with power comes the responsibility of acknowledging that YOU aren't the one doing the physical labor. OK so you have robots now that are taking the place of the pesky poor people with that annoying need to eat.

You see where this is going right? Anyone with a "I got mine.. fuck the poor" attitude is setting themselves up to be at the receiving end of a bloody revolution. You can't just squeeze people to the point of desperation and tell them to go twist without consequences.

Comment Re:Unskilled labor mostly going away... (Score 2) 440

What happens when you have a significant segment of your population to which you are shrugging off with an "adapt or starve" attitude? The realities of the situation may be pretty stark and accurate, but it's the indifference of those who don't have to worry about it which will stir the pot of discord and sow the seeds of violence.

Comment Using "disputed" ADDS credibility... (Score 1) 208

You'll just end up ADDING credibility to false stories when you say it's "disputed". Disputed can be used for things like "dark matter" where there is some evidence one can point to, but nothing concrete can be derived from it.

Fake news is usually based on pure conjecture and hyperbole, in a very fuzzy math / connect the dots kind of thinking. People who believe fake news WANT to believe it and will use ANY wiggle room as validation.

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