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Comment Stargate Lesson (Score 2) 304

People fail to learn the Stargate lesson. Stargate being the first movie IMHO, that had significant CGI effects, was fragged down by a lackluster story line. It had beautiful imagery but that doesn't carry a movie. Conversely take Forest Gump where the CGI was so good that you didn't even know it was there and took its rightful place as a tool to tell a story, not the star of the film.

Comment Re:Get ready everyone with anything (Score 3, Informative) 189

There's a reason tax laws are so "utterly absurd"... it's called loop holes.. You know when a company says "It doesn't explicitly state that I CAN'T do this.." So you end up with 15000 pages of legalize because companies are ALWAYS trying to get out of taxes. Not that they shouldn't, but what do you expect. Simplifying the tax code is never as easy as it sounds.

Comment The Horror! (Score 1) 460

There's that brief moment of confusion, followed by the heart clench and a burst of fear in realizing what has just happened. Then the mind quickly scrambles for any and every solution that could possibly put things back to normal. Then you're hit by the icy cold wave of fear like being submerged in frigid water as you realize the ramifications of what has happened and predictions of what your increasingly bleak future may hold. After you realize all hope is lost you hit "fuck it" mode and just try to escape the situation in the outside world, but it's too late... that icy water you're submerged in goes with you.

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