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Comment Or you could do a quick fact check. (Score 2) 332

In 1933, approximately 9.5 million Jews lived in Europe, comprising 1.7% of the total European population. This number represented more than 60 percent of the world's Jewish population at that time, estimated at 15.3 million.

So basically they wiped out 2/3 the Jewish population in Europe. I'd call that a Holocaust. You sir an an imbecile. You fashion yourself an iconoclast by questioning doctrine, but don't really have any true evidence to support your skepticism.

Comment New Normal (Score 2) 33

Get use to the new normal. It may get harder and harder to use the internet as bad actors (whether criminal or State) adopt AI to compromise systems. Of course we will use AI to protect systems, but this is probably an asymmetrical fight. What use are captchas or security questions if a basic enough AI can pose as a human and has enough background information to draw from? I don’t know whether the coming AI proxy wars will speed AI development, or slow it down as the internet grinds to a halt.

Comment Maybe not so far off after all. (Score 1) 69

I know latency is an issue, but surely we can use compression to some degree. 4:1 10:1? Run length encoding comes to mind. Maybe give up some theoretical resolution with a compression type that isn't designed to be 100:1 but nearly instantaneous in encoding and decoding (again, something like RLE).

Note, the same goes for transmitting to your TV from your phone, focusing more on ease of encoding (to save phone battery life).

Comment Only fair when we do it (Score 3, Insightful) 147

This seems like a lot of whining from Microsoft considering they marketed the XBOX 360 as a 1080p machine, though almost all the games rendered in 720p (the PS3 had many more games rendering in higher resolutions that generation). Since the PS4 Pro will play 4K video and render at higher than 1080p (then do some extrapolation tricks), I’d say Sony can call it a 4K Box.

Comment I'd say Glass Houses is the real reason (Score 1) 333

There is reluctance to take actions base on evidence uncovered by illegally hacked emails. Doing so would invite more entities with political motivations to just hack more. Republicans have just as many (if not more) skeletons in the closet as Democrats. I’d say these are very close to Fruit of the Poison Tree kind of findings. Add to this the suspicion that the Russians are trying to game our political system by hacking and leaking and it all becomes a morass.

Comment Sept 14th GAIA data likely to change things again (Score 2) 151

We have known for quite some time that young stars can behave this way. The reason Tabby is odd is because it DOESN’T appear to be young. I doubt the same mechanism will explain both unless Tabby’s age is radically down graded. I suppose that could happen, but the reason I believe it won’t is the highly symmetric first dip and the another dip indicating a huge ring structure object, then came the wacky random fluctuations that without the other two anomalies would like a young planetary forming nebula. On September 14th, GAIA will release its first trove of data on star distances and motion. Likely this data will give us a much better idea about what Tabby’s star is. Still only if and when another occlusion occurs we will really be able to draw some real conclusions.

Comment Nope, and missing the point (Score 5, Insightful) 77

I know you are going for funny point mods, but the real advantage here to Dominos is that NO gratuity is expected at all. If the price is the same then they will sell far more pizzas as people won't have to worry about tipping enough, or being dressed well enough to greet a stranger at the door, or have the front living room clean enough as said pizza person casually stares past you as you fumble for your wallet. Just talking to a stranger is a task for some socially awkward people. It will be perceived as safer also. No one casing your home as they deliver pizza. When you factor in the energy and gas savings and once it is perfected I bet the per mile cost is 1/10th the amount with a delivery person.

Yes jobs will be lost. Drudge jobs we as a society shouldn't be expecting people to live by. As for students, their time is better spent studying than trying to pick a few extra bucks, because like it or not, the no skill jobs are going away. Even many skilled jobs are in peril. This will be an awkward 10-50 years as we learn to adapt society to a not-everyone-has-to-work society. Corny as Star Trek's 'we work to better ourselves' slogan is, the only non-dystopian future will have to be this way -- where you are not compensated for the work you provide, but by how well you prove you are constantly learning and helping society as a whole, and yes for same that will be a regular job kind of work, but for most it will be community service and continuing education.

Comment Mmmmm not quite... (Score 4, Informative) 429

Easy way to get mod points, but just because Rush Limbaugh said it, doesn't make it true.

Goebbels actually thought propaganda should be truthful.
It is perhaps comforting to thinking of the Nazis as evil in every way, but the true evil comes from how they trusted the system in which they worked without question.

Fake Quotations

Comment Another wake up call to use Ad Blocking (Score 2) 143

Might Ad-blocking have stopped this? The industry wants to ban ad-blocking, but every other day there is a story about malicious 3rd party exploits using ads as a vector. Why does a news site have to have some horrible complicated Javascript Ad intwined code to function? Note to industry, the ad can be sandboxed as a static entity separate from the main page Javascript. Likely this time the passwords didn’t end up in the hands of hostiles, but who knows, especially since now they know to go look to see if it was collected as part of other behind the scenes shenanigans. The idea that the page should be “Collecting” page event information from the page for 3rd parties is pretty scary.

Comment And yet on the flip side... (Score 5, Insightful) 132

The world is full of people that are sure in their minds they are right and will do whatever it takes to stand up for their beliefs.
The suicide bomber in Brussels I'm sure was convinced he had rightful justification for his actions.

Escalate, yes,
Fight the system, yes.
Commit dangerous, illegal, criminal acts in defence of your beliefs, NO.

Not everyone can be IN CHARGE. While there are many bad outcomes from following the chain of command, on average it is probably better than the anarchy that would reign without it.

Perhaps you are engaging in hyperbole with your rifle example, but do you really want every halfwit in our country destroying things to back up their beliefs, because they "KNOW" they are right?

Comment Why wouldn't you for a Party? (Score 1) 288

It wouldn't take many guests to justify this cost.

I don't plan on using it (though I have an awesome Entertainment room). But who knows.

The real question is how they will keep Mom and Pop from trying to make a buck off the Neighbourhood?

The cost is trivial for large families and those that entertain.
High for us one child family or smaller types.

Expect some future iteration to include a camera monitoring the audience size.

Comment Or maybe just abuse (Score 0, Troll) 492

Seems odd you can’t voice a dissenting opinion without what amounts to threatening violence to express your political opinion. You wouldn’t be Republican would you?

I can be against all sorts of behaviors without resorting to harassment or abuse. This seems squarely aimed at intimidating replies to others or exhorting to violence. Seems this almost fall under regular law and Twitter is just enforcing it more directly.

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