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Comment Too early to get excited (Score 2) 240

So far the evidence is limited to one experiment. There will be more of them within a year or two from different teams, then we can have more confidence. So far, there are interesting, internally consistent possible explanations from two teams for this anomaly, but they are not so easy to fit in the current model as to accept them immediately. For all we know, this may go the same way as the FTL neutrinos, etc.

Comment Looking forward to the real applications (Score 1) 111

This was a great proof of concept for some "intuition" in AI, one of the behavioral aspects people believed hard to reproduce.

Now I am really looking forward to see the real applications for this, and their consequences:
- smart AI assistants, "a Siri that actually works" and similar
- AI assisted science
- AI assisted healthcare

There is a great interview with Demis Hassabis about this. There is hope for noticeable progress in mass products within 3-5 years.

This new tech will help a lot of people directly, and the related mass unemployment threat should force us to adopt better social policies. I already start hearing about base income experiments and the like more often.

Comment Re:VR? What the heck for? (Score 1) 53

Porn can guarantee success for VR as a mass market product on its own, although it will take some plausible excuse offer like 3D movies, games, or Second Life. And once a lot of people have the headsets, it makes sense for Facebook to include some rich content for them.

It would also suit them well, because a lot of Facebook posts are about impressive visuals.

You can also expect some VR analogs to Instagram, Coub, etc., which will also spread via Facebook. They don't have to switch to full "Second Life mode" outright to start using VR and benefit from it.

Then they can also offer an API for immersive VR social games, and so on.

Comment Non-volatile memory architecture (Score 1) 206

Several companies announced resistive or whatever memory that is almost as fast as DRAM, while also non-volatile, cheap and big like flash. We need an architecture that takes full advantage of that. Keep the programs and data in place (instead of the usual RAM to/from disk joggling), optimize the I/O and CPU differently...

HP announced some work in this direction with their "Machine", but for now I believe all they have is some slightly customized Linux distro.

If I remember correctly, PalmOS had some good ideas in this direction.

Whoever implements an efficient architecture for this, has a good chance to be a great thought leader for the next 30 years. There is really an opportunity for a new Linux-level (or even UNIX-level) innovation right now.

Comment "Free body culture" country (Score 0) 143

This comes from Germany, where fully naked kids up to 10 years old routinely play in public fountains, park steams, and are taken with parents to opposite sex changing room at swimming pools, etc.

The parents here definitely need more sense talked into them. This goes beyond poorly considered facebook photos. I support the police in this case, despite the fearmongering counterpoint mentioned by others.

Comment Re:Woohoo (Score 1) 56

Samsung Galaxy S6 is $540 on Amazon. There might be better deals. And it also has other uses.

I agree with your general point though. I am quite happy with my $170 Motorola smartphone. I would consider this VR attachment if I already had a compatible phone. As it stands, I will probably wait for Oculus Rift V2. Facebook intends to price them competitively, and there's a chance that second consumer version will be usable without too much headache.

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