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Comment Re:FizzBuzz (Score 1) 948

Yeah I don't do any hiring .... if I did I wouldn't of hired the last 10 'programmers' they've hired. The FizzBuzz is very simple but it'll weed out all those people who have absolutely no idea what they're doing.

Comment FizzBuzz (Score 1) 948

I just had to tell a client of mine again that in tandem to whatever other tests they want to give new hires they should give them a piece of paper and have them write some code to:

Write a program that prints the numbers from 1 to 100. But for multiples of three print "Fizz" instead of the number and for the multiples of five print "Buzz". For numbers which are multiples of both three and five print "FizzBuzz".

Comment Re:how much did that cost (Score 1) 92

I don't even want to know how much tax payer money was pissed away for that "key verdict" - having worked with quite a few monitoring and alarm systems for years I can tell you that most of the time "automatic alarms" get ignored and in fact can cause worse problems when an actual real alarm does occur because of how the operators tune them out - seems like they completely missed the mark on this - the real problem is most likely where you would expect it, the people running the system - human error I am sure !

I think everyone's familiar of that phenomenon regarding the alarm that cried wolf due to all the car alarms. Rarely do people even turn their head when they hear a car alarm.

I think I'm gonna make a "Let's blame IT!" t-shirt cause it's pretty popular theme. Seems to me that the hardware for detecting the problems was there, but the software required "the right person to be looking at the right data at the right time" which sounds vaguely like "the software requires training". If the data output is coming at you like a Matrix display and it is way too complicated to train people to reliably do their job then you upgrade the software. You can't put blame on inanimate objects for things like this. If a tree falls on your house, you can blame the tree, the wind, your god - but you can't blame a machine for not being built right. Especially not when a human has already admitted to stepping "away from his safety monitor for a brief cigarette break, and that at this moment he missed the complex warning signs on screen."

So the software/hardware is at fault for not reminding the guy audibly to do his job instead of smoke a cigarette. Waste of taxpayer sweat.

Comment Re:Penalty? (Score 1) 1219

I was just pondering that thought earlier tonight. If my state really wants to keep me safe on the road why enforce me to wear seatbelts and not enforce cars to not have blazingly loud factory stereos that distract the drivers. I really can't wait for an automated vehicle system.

The real reason is of course because with seatbelt enforcement, when in a violation in and of itself, allow cops to pull over anyone they feel like under the pretext of 'checking on their safety'. Same way Homeland Security will be doing door to door house checks for your security.

Comment Re:wtf (Score 1) 381

OH KNOCK IT OFF, What Manning did was uphold the Declaration of Independence.... the part that says its the right and duty of Americans to keep their government in check. We need information to do that.

Great point! Manning took an oath to protect the constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic.

Comment Re:Obama achieved something (Score 1) 828

I say they've been in that state of perpetual war for a couple decades, at least. Just since the 80's the U.S. have put boots on the ground or wings in the air in El Salvador, Libya, Sinai, Lebanon, Egypt, Grenada, Honduras, Chad, Bolivia, Kuwait, Panama, Columbia, Bolivia, Peru, Philippines, Monrovia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Zaire, Turkey, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Macedonia, Haiti, Bosnia, Liberia, Central African Republic, Albania, Congo, Gabon, Cambodia, Kenya, Afghanistan, East Timor, Yemen, Pakistan just naming a few.

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