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Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 389

>"If it wasn't clear, I was saying motion interpolation is a failure. "

Ah, I thought you mean the opposite. Sorry. And yes, I was referring to 4K in the living room. Sounds like we are a lot alike as far as tastes in TV tech...

And yes, curved TV's was/is, hands-down, the biggest scam of all. All it does is create a crapload of MOVING reflections (yep, they move dramatically with even the slightest head motion). It is really horrible! It would only serve a use for something like a computer monitor, where you are sitting much closer to it.

Comment Re:News for Nazis (Score 1) 1482

>"If you're talking about land size. Canada is the world's largest democracy. (unless you consider Russia democratic- then it is)."

Perhaps you should talk about reasonably HABITABLE land size. Probably 2/3rds or more of Canada are areas where people would not want to settle/live. Same thing with Russia.

I mean, sure, we would have to throw out Alaska, but Canada would have to throw out all the NorthWest Territories, Yukon, Nunavut, and a good portion of the tops of most of the lower provinces. Look at a graphical population density map and a huge percent (almost all) of Canada's population is all just above the border of the USA.

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 389

>" But that does not mean the new features are a "failure" (except motion interpolation)."

See, that is a perfect example of how people are different. I absolutely HATE motion interpolation. I hated watching the "high framerate" Hobbit in the theaters, and I hate what interpolation does on my TV (and it is turned off). It makes everything look like it was shot on a handheld camcorder :)

When I was at a friend's house and they were showing a 24P movie with that frame interpolation turned on, I actually asked if he would turn it off because it ruined the experience for me.

Probably a lifetime of watching 24P means I am ruined and can't adjust very well. Actually, I can tolerate a very mild amount of interpolation, probably up to a virtual 30p or so. Seems the younger people can adjust to it easier. And many people can't even tell the difference, which is amazing to me.... speaking of which...

4K is generally a scam. I would love to do a study of people at normal viewing distance, just to prove to the nay-sayers that 99.9+% of people would not be able to tell if it was 2K or 4K.

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 1) 1482

Explain to me again why this is more reassuring than someone who is an old hand at foreign policy and a known commodity?

Because while he is thin-skinned, he doesn't have Hillary Clinton's decades of history of corruptly exploiting public office to enrich her and her family while baldly lying to your face about it. She's made herself rich - not by building hotels or other constructive things, but by selling political access to people like overseas dictators who don't mind things like throwing gay guys off of rooftops to please Allah.

So we don't like his manners, but we do like her serial lying, corruption, and incompetence ... because she's been doing it for a long time and we're used to it? No thanks.

Comment Sad (Score 4, Insightful) 389

>"But some viewers will be sad to see the feature go."

That would be me. I am glad my Samsung TV supports 3D (I had to jump to a higher end/significantly more expensive 7100 series model to get it in August of 2015 because the feature was disappearing on most models). I enjoy watching the occasional 3D Bluray movie. In fact, the only Blurays I own are 3D and I would buy more if more were made (and were decently mastered).

3D shot/rendered correctly does add to the enjoyment of a film for many people. But, sadly, too much poorly shot 3D was released and helped to ruin the market.

Comment Original content (Score 1) 145

Producing their own original content was a smart more for Netflix. Everybody knows that their streaming movie selection sucks nowadays and you have to get the old fashioned DVDs in the mail for a decent choice. But for streaming TV shows of good quality it's a pretty good deal, especially since they allow people to share accounts. In fact they say the subscriber model for TV goes some way to explaining the rising quality of scripted TV in certain areas. Shows like Kings were really good but didn't do so well on conventional TV and didn't last very long. But Game of Thrones and the like lend themselves to long-term storytelling, and cord-cutting binge-watching streamers love that shit.

(I still think House of Cards shouldn't have been re-made though, I loved the British original and find the American version unwatchable.)

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