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Comment Re:Standard Ruling Party shit. (Score 1) 314

Hey, look! Leading off with more deflection and ad hominem! At least you're right on track with with not caring that she lies, though. Any guilt you may feel about helping her to get elected, though - that's entirely on you. Your phony umbrage isn't very convincing. You want her to be elected, and you're just faking it with the noble third party nonsense. You know perfectly well that the alternatives are completely unelectable. So you are taking actions that will put Hillary Clinton in power. Simple as that. If you actually have the ethics to feel guilty about that, perhaps you have some redeeming qualities after all and just need to work out your baked-in mixed premises and contradictions. Otherwise, your delusion that voting for a guaranteed loser will somehow help things is, well, delusional.

I take all of your vitriol and ad hominem in the context of that delusional perspective, of course. If you're going to be irrational with your vote, it's not surprising that you have an irrational understanding of how to persuade others embrace your world view.

Your entire shtick is so revealing. Thanks for letting other people see and confirm it. And man! you are such a baby! I thought the other guy was bad. I really wish you could step out and see yourself. It would make you gag.

Hey, look! More substance-less ad hominem that lacks even one example of what's "revealed" or any specificity of any kind. Just more hand-waving vague distraction in an attempt to get away from the matter at hand. Thanks for wrapping up the same way you started, just for consistency's sake.

Comment Re:Standard Ruling Party shit. (Score 1) 314

Me? No. I'm watching you unable to express a single salient point on your own. Here's one you can work from: Hillary Clinton, if she were anyone else, would now at the very least be unable to get a security clearance, and she's been steadily lying to you about the circumstances around her handling, hiding and destruction of government records. This pleases you. You like that she lies to you, because you're smug enough to think that even though you know better, you're hoping that everyone else in the world is too dumb not to fall for it. Your own response, rather than being your own factual rebuttal of that characterization of her actions, will be to say that I haven't sufficiently read other material.

This is because you know she's indefensible, and you know that if you use your own words here to say that she (for example) hasn't been lying about such things, you'll be confirmed as a fool. So, of course you're deflecting and attempting to avoid going on the record. Predictable, typical, nothing new. But still entertaining in its transparency.

Comment Re:Standard Ruling Party shit. (Score 1) 314

Here we go with the trite dismissal of third party votes again.

I'm not dismissing those votes at all. They have a very real effect on the election. Such as helping the Clinton Machine back into executive power.

The only person being dismissive is YOU (in your assertion that those votes impact both of the larger parties in the same way, and thus don't really change anything .. THAT is dismissive).

Comment Re:Standard Ruling Party shit. (Score 1) 314

We'll be stuck with that racist, mysoginist, xenophobe for 4 years.

Ah, I see you're one of the people pretending to actually think that, while also pretending you don't know anything about Hillary Clinton. If you're going to stay that uninformed, please don't do anything dangerous to those around you, like voting.

Comment Re:Religion is a mental disorder (Score 1) 325

No need. You've demonstrated your inability to address anything substantive about these topics, with the 30 or so points you've skipped over so far due to complete inability to respond.

Your pithy little conclusion won't change the reality, reviewable by anyone. You don't know terminology, you don't know the theoretical structures involved, you understand neither the philosophy of science, nor science itself.

You know that whatever it takes, your "science" must protect you from reality and the evidence within it you prefer to run from. Fortunately, you can't damage religion, and you can only damage science to a limited extent, before you get naturally deselected. Fair enough.

Comment Re:Deeply offensive, beyond spoiled brat (Score 0) 423

How does the fact that someone else makes more money than you do make you a slave? Be specific. Try to be intellectually coherent, too. Oh, and while you're at it, you make more money than most people in the entire world ... is your willingness to accept that money making other people slaves? No? I see.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 423

Because if you look at who the emails are from, according to TFS, none are from Hillary. The headline is clickbait.

They're not from her, but they're directly or indirectly all ABOUT her and the DNC's unwavering Coronate Hillary position. What else did you think was going to be the focus of the matter? Yoga and wedding plans? Right.

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