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Comment Monopolies (Score 2) 362

>"the U.S. "is the only developed nation on Earth which allows pharmaceutical companies to set their own prices."

There is nothing inherently wrong with a free market..... as long as the market really is free and isn't being controlled by unregulated monopolies. That is what we are seeing happen with things like the Epi-Pen. And in cases where patents are creating artificial monopolies, we have to examine if there should be regulation (as we rightfully regulate all other monopolies).

As for the backlog at the FDA for generics- that is just inexcusable.

Oh, and yes, I am one of the people that must have an Epi-Pen or risk losing my life if I accidentally eat a nut (which happened once and nearly did so). So yes, I have a horse in this race...

Comment Here we go again... (Score 2) 42

>"will walk you through the process of using a text message to confirm your mobile device as a secondary layer of security for your PSN account"

Please realize that all this is, is a way for businesses to capture your mobile phone number and then abuse it with marketing. Almost GUARANTEED. Any "security" that requires you to disclose your phone number is a HORRIBLE idea.

Comment Re:Vote for Jill Stein and Gary. (Score 1) 526

>"Your philosophy is basically, "Even though the system sucks, I don't have the sack to try and change stuff. Voting for a winner is much more important." "

Actually, my philosophy is that the system does suck, very badly, and we need to focus our efforts on trying to fix the system because the spoiler effect is very real and won't go away.

When faced with the "lesser of two evils", voters can't vote for third parties because they rightfully know their vote will likely work AGAINST what they want. Voting for a third party will almost always mean a vote taken away from a major candidate that is closer to what you want, thus supporting someone you less want to win.

Comment It is not a single scale (Score 1) 183

>"Facebook knows a lot more about its users than they think. For instance, the New York Times reports, the company is categorizing its users as liberal, conservative, or moderate. "

First, it doesn't know more than I think... but, then, I am not a user.

In any case, the political spectrum is not a single scale of left and right. Never has been. That is a gross over-simplification of how things actually are. "Conservative" and "Liberal" mean absolutely nothing out of context. You can be conservative economically and liberal socially, for example.

See this for interesting information and a test: https://www.politicalcompass.o...

Comment Ludicrous (Score 1) 173

>"The P100D Ludicrous upgrade costs $10,000 for customers who have ordered a P90D Ludicrous but haven't taken delivery, or $20,000 for owners who already have that vehicle type."

What is ludicrous is not just the speed, but the price! :)

Oh, and do note, in that mode your range will be ludicrously low...

Comment Re:What event? (Score 1) 526

The worst confidential info "scandal" was when she gave the order to send talking points for the day...

So, you either don't actually know what SAP material is (in which case you're being willfully ignorant on this topic and should stop expressing opinions until you read up on it), or you DO know, and you're just being another liar in the service of a liar.

Comment Re:How hard is it to find emails? (Score 1) 526

Yeah, because the FBI knows nothing about gathering information, amirite?

The FBI can only gather what's given to them, or what can be forensically recovered. If she blew away 30,000 emails, and they've got under 20,000 of them to look at, there's some they couldn't get. It's not really very complicated.

Comment Re:What event? (Score 2) 526

seriously. What event? Aside from the scandal itself what, exactly, did Hilary do that was a) a criminal offense and b) revealed in the emails?

The emails revealed that she was incredibly reckless in handling classified information - some of it SAP-level stuff so sensitive that it can't even be talked about when it's 100% redacted, content-wise. People lose their careers and their liberty over such carelessness. And we're now seeing evidence of pervasive corruption as her family was enriched while their family business sold access to her while she was in office. So, you're either simply not paying attention or (more likely) you know all of this and are a Shillary.

While I'm on it, which is it? Is she a fool who couldn't run an email server or a Machiavellian genius who successfully evaded the FBI and an entire political party's attempts to bring her to justice?

False dichotomy.

She's had a long career of throwing underlings under the bus or having her party cover for Clinton Machine mis-steps. So yes, incompetence (but mostly arrogance). And no, she hasn't evaded the FBI or congress ... she's still hip deep in the mess she created.

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