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Journal Journal: So long, and thanks for all the fish

For me, this is Slashdot's official jump-the-shark moment. 1 May 2012. Or maybe when Taco left was really the moment and this is just the result. I dunno. Either way, I'm done. I've been reading this site since a few months after it stopped being "Chips and Dips", and frankly this makes me a little sad. It's clear the ownership wants to take this site in a direction I ain't going.

CmdrTaco, Hemos, wherever you are, thanks for making the Internet a better place for at least a little while.

Clear skies, all. DragonHawk, out.

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Journal Journal: notes on experimental threading

"experimental threading One Two Three Four"
(from "MPAA Sues Company For Selling Pre-Loaded iPods")

One comment:

One and four either shows the parent and its replies or the collapsed parent and a message stating "4 hidden comments" or whatever.
Two toggles the collapsed state of the comment you click and any of its children that don't meet your threshold or something.
Three basically just toggles the collapsed state of the comment you click, but doesn't modify its children, except from when you're going from four to three, in which case it collapses ones that don't meet the threshold.

The difference between one and four is that in One, upon expanding a comment, if one of the children was collapsed before, it will stay collapsed, while number Four expands all the children too.

Another comment:

It does something (completely unintuitive and impossible to grok) if you hit the checkbox to enable testing the horrible new discussion system. In regular mode it indeed sticks to just generating javascript errors.

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Journal Journal: CMS

I've decided that CMS, which nominally stands for "Content Management System", should really stand for "Clone of Malda's Site", since almost every CMS I've ever seen is just a copy of the Slashdot layout. News stories/blog down the middle, boxes on either side.

Remember, you heard it here first.

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