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Comment Re:If you have "travel mode" on (Score 1) 61

Because Travel Mode is an indicator that you've got something to hide, and thus, must be using social media to send encoded terrorist messages.

Maybe, but most likely they'll just see you as another nuisance maker trying to make their job difficult. And in their opinion it's important, valuable, patriotic and you're either non-American or one of the wusses they defend. I'm sure the TSA system has some informal way to shitlist a person so he'll get picked for extra security screenings, luggage checks, extended questioning, "problems" processing forms etc. so any kind of solution that lets the TSA know you're trying to obstruct or evade them is kinda a non-starter.

Sometimes I think terrorists are just nature's way of weeding out the violent and stupid- especially suicide bombers.

I think we'd run of places to blow up before we'd run out of violent and stupid people. Also, most of them manage a pretty solid kill:death ratio so if 50 people of average intelligence dies and one nutjob the average doesn't move much at all.

Comment Re:Reduce tomato sauce wastage (Score 1) 139

I make a point of buying viscous products in flat-topped containers, but standing the bottle upside down is a poor alternative even for those wide-topped ketchup bottles that are designed to be stored that way.

If they are designed to be stored that way, then they aren't being stored upside down in the first place, are they? If the writing on the bottle appears right-side up, but the opening for dispensing is on the bottom, how can you say that it is being stored upside down?

You may, however, have to manipulate the bottle to be upside down briefly while you are opening and closing it in order to have some control over exactly how much of the contents you dispense.

Comment 2 accounts? (Score 1) 61

Far better to have a cutsie account in your real name with only polite BS and a 2nd account in a different name where you can be honest. No politics or opinion on your real name and open an incognito browser before logging in to the real account where you say what you really think. A cut down account is far too dangerous as it would still be the person that the junta in Thailand are looking for for criticising the way they arrest, murder people or sell Rohinghya into slavery. It is not just the US who want to read your Facebook page. Better still, leave Facebook and meet your family.

Comment Re:Donald Trump? (Score 1) 139

The reality is, if someone considers my comment "toxic" because it hurts their feelings. They probably need to spend some time outside of their social bubbles and realize that the world isn't a happy place where people give you what you want if you cry loud enough. The sad thing is, it *is* the left(not all of it), that are pro-censorship and anti-free speech. It's the same situation that we saw back in the 80's and 90's. Remember? When you had the religious nuts holding power in quite a few places, claiming that video games are gonna make mass murders. D&D will make you summon demons. Those things that happened all those years ago. Then there was a very subtle change in the 90's as those on the left started taking up those mantles themselves. Note tipper gore, hillary clinton, joe liberman and so on. Who said videogames will make murders, censoring TV is right, banning some types of music is proper. The last 20 years have shown that the left were happy to take up that mantle. You've got an entire generation of students in universities that believe that "those old people trying to censor things" were right. In Europe, you've got politicians who are trying to hold onto their political power by censoring. Elitists in universities doing the same.

The left currently has an authoritarian and extremism problem. Pretending it doesn't exist, will do nothing to help either side or anyone at all. And the political spectrum right now is in a fundamental shift. People on the left and right are becoming more libertarian, and there is a large segment of the left and a small segment on the right that's shifting to authoritarian. But as it stands right now? The problem is mainly on the left. Check your local university, see how much anti-free speech and pro-censorship policies have been put into place in the last decade to protect peoples feelings. How words have been twisted, where the label troll/racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/etc has become "anyone who disagrees with my point of view."

Comment Re:"Toxic" comments huh? (Score 1) 139

Guess you haven't kept up with what's been going on for the last ~10 years. Because the old definition of trolling has long gone out the window, and trolling is basically considered "anyone who disagrees with me" or "has a viewpoint contrary to my world view." You enjoying the era where social justice reinvents something or changes the definitions of words in order to self-victimize yet?

It's kinda like the casual use of sexism, or racism. As a response to anything, especially by those who are heavily into identity politics.

Comment Re:I want to see the results first (Score 1) 242

I worked once on a very large project that tried to do something similar for the Dutch tax service: put the (ever changing) tax regulations in some form of specification language, and compile that to C# code. I was a contractor for some time on that project. After a 160 milion EUR budget overflow and some questions about it in the parliament the project was significantly reduced in its ambitions.

Oddly enough this is one of those cases that should have worked. I mean if I have a tax filling all the rules and requirements should be specified and I should be able to follow the tax calculation step by step, there shouldn't be any unspoken or ambigious requirements about what applies and in what order to evaluate it. There is only supposed to be one correct answer. What it probably means is that the tax code is so complex nobody actually understands it and that whatever the actual code does is the de facto tax system, regardless of whether it matches the specifications.

Comment Re:pushing things underground (Score 1) 139

So you're a bigot. Censoring speech of bad view points doesn't make it go away, it makes it fester. On top of that, it's also used as a method to block views that people express if it's contrary to official policies. That's one of the reasons why you're seeing extremist parties start to rise in European countries, because views contrary to the government/elites are being blocked/ignored/etc. And those groups, offer a way for people vent/make statements/etc without being censored by the powers in place.

Why do you think the trust in government in Canada is the lowest it has been in 17 years? That was the last time the Liberal Party was in power and are in power now. And 80% of people feel that the elites in power are dangerously out of touch. It's because the elites live in a bubble and view points are filtered and censored before they reach them. This is the shit that leads to violent revolutions, and usually before that happens you see people enacting their view of justice on the streets. Something that's happening in some European countries now. Where "average people" are gathering into posses and enacting justice against people. Because they see that the state is failing to uphold their part of the social contract. Laws aren't being applied equally, people committing violent crimes are given slaps on the wrist. People who commit the same crimes if they are of a different sex get light sentences and so on. An example of the last one, a man rapes a 13 yr old girl, 5-10 years in prison. A women rapes a 13yr old boy, 2 months suspended sentence or time in a half-way house.

Comment Re:"Toxic" comments huh? (Score 3, Insightful) 139

Yeah here's the problem. Let's look at a site like neogaf, ever wonder why at one time it was the place to go and developers would post there and people would leak information. And now developers don't? Active participation is down? It was the moderation as you pointed out, but let's look at their definition of a troll, which basically boils down to "anyone who doesn't subscribe to the narrative." Let's look now, at what will get you banned. Have a contrary view of feminism? Banned. Support some ideas of a MRA? Banned. Have differing view points on global warming? Banned. Prefer the xbox vs playstation? Likely banned. Don't like your vidya characters to look like they were hit with a bat? Banned.

The problem is in many cases, moderators especially in this day and age use that as a form of power projection. A good example of this is /r/politics or /r/canadapolitics where you have moderators who ban people for pointing out factual information because it goes against the prevailing group think. Have a nice article about how forums become infiltrated by people pushing authoritarian viewpoints.

I ran a BBS in my teens, and it got large enough that I was considering applying for a regional fido:net hub. At nearly 700 people and 4 nodes, I picked moderators for my forums who weren't assholes, who usually worked, and if they stepped over the line they were given one warning then booted. As sysop, I expected my mods to be impartial. And if a friend was involved to pass the issue to another mod to deal with. I ran on Renegade.

Comment Re:Donald Trump? (Score 3, Insightful) 139

This might be new to you, but the left have been pushing for speech controls for years at google. It's not Trump, it's not those on the right. The right are the ones defending free speech, and it's the left who are trying to censor it. Whether it be no-platforming, violent assaults on people, using bomb threats or other tactics to shut down venues. The social justice brigade has been doing this for a long time, it's why github is such a steaming pile of shit now. You can see this when companies start instituting "codes of conduct" which push race/sexuality/etc instead of skill/ability as a core value. That garbage is a antithesis to a meritocracy.

Comment "Toxic" comments huh? (Score 5, Insightful) 139

Well, let's all bow down the moral arbiters of justice then. I'm sure that they'll be right on top of removing speech they disagree with. Then moving onto the useful idiots that cheered this on in the first place.

If you're willing to remove some speech because it makes you upset, there's nothing stopping others from doing the same to you later.

Comment Something similar for artists (Score 1) 242

A few years ago there was a tool that did something similar for art: you drew a really rough line-drawing that just gave a sense of scale and position to each object. Then you labeled each object like "cheetah" or "motorcycle" and had one special label for the background, like "desert." Then it ran an image search: it would look for an image tagged with the same label, with roughly the same proportions as the outline. It auto-photoshopped it in, and viola! Instant art! One of the demo pictures was a cheetah chasing a motorcycle, and it was pretty good and kinda funny.

However, I notice that the art industry is largely unaffected.

Also, I don't think it is so easy to just "blur and sharpen" between two areas of code. Maybe something like "content-aware fill" would work here? ;-) Not likely.

Comment Re:Other way? (Score 1) 212

If you must really keep a cat, get two. They're mostly layabout, but if they get bored they'll wreck your shit and not feel slightly remorseful about it. Another cat will give them something to do when you're not around instead of causing random mayhem in your domicile.

Nope. I'm gonna mark this type of shit down like with what you'd see with dog owners. No such thing as a bad dog, just a bad owner. Dogs can be trained, so can cats. Dogs are far easier to train then cats though, having trained both? If you think of a cat like a 3-4 year old which requires positive reinforcement to stop them from doing stupid things and the occasional punishment it all falls into place. You can train a cat just like a dog, to get you when they need something. Want to play, go outside, yard train them(so they don't go wandering off), beg, and so on. Find a really good cat or dog, you can even train them to somewhat vocalize human speech. My parents last cat I had trained to say "out" when it wanted to go into their garage(it's favorite place to sleep in the summer). When I was a kid, there was a neighbor a block away who used to voice train and litter box train rabbits.

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