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Comment Re:I live not too far from a major highway (Score 1) 197

And why the hell do these riders intentionally make their bikes so loud?

They are selfish, spoiled children who want their conveyance to continually shout "LOOKATMELOOKATMELOOKATME". The first thing the stereotypical Harley owner does is straight pipe his 1930s technology boat anchor and reduce the torque to the point that you can out-accelerate them in with a total ramp turd of a cage. Only spectacularly old riders don't do that, probably because it makes their tinnitus act up.

Comment Re:She's right (Score 1) 102

They should make up their minds. If the warming trend is natural and not at all bad for us, why not draw the graph realistically? What compels them to sugar-coat their own sad "me too" rebuttal?

Why does this remind me of GMO labeling? Deniers decry the "hockey stick" because they claim it is "alarmist". And the processed food industry is against GMO labeling for the same reason... it will scare people!

Comment Re:For limited values of 'you'. (Score 1) 93

So im coming to the conclusion that us 'power users' that until now always wanted pro should now be looking for the enterprise edition.

You're not a 'power user' if you're looking for ways to buy yourself out of abuse. You're Microsoft's bitch. Better have daddy's money on time. And get ready to get slapped around anyway, because that's how daddy keeps his bitches in line.

Comment Re:Biased article! (Score 1) 102

Hey, all you "man made" global warming think it is mans fault? Do the world a favor and exit the planet and leave the rest of us the hell alone!

The quick fix for the "global warming people" isn't to leave the planet. It's to kill the people who are destroying the ecosphere upon which we depend for survival. If you want to see an eco-war, keep running your suck instead of changing your habits.

The ice core from greenland is a perfectly good meter stick. If localized activity affects the weather there will be signs in the ice. For example, if there's a volcano reducing insolation, then there's going to be volcanic particulates in the ice. Thus, you'll be able to separate the localized influences.

Are you claiming that Greenland isn't affected by global climate? That's going to be a hard sell.

Comment Re:The Climate has always been changing... (Score 1) 102

The Earth's climate has LAWAYS been changing and will continue to do so no matter what. So the important question is not the blame, which is after the fat... It is what we can do.

It's not after the fact because it is still happening. We have to identify the culprits and stop them. Are you a time traveler, come back from an era when we no longer know how to spell, to tell us Fuck You, I'm Eating?

Comment Re:Paying customers and age appropriate roles (Score 1) 262

Is it possible to fix? Maybe. Won't be easy though. The key would be proving that age discrimination is actually harmful to the economic outcome for a film. Challenging case to make since they don't let a lot of people who aren't white and young (if women) into movies to test the theory.

I suspect it's also going to be a challenging case to make because it's wrong. They simply also make movies which appeal to that audience, which is not interested in big special effects and whatnot. Different audience, different budget, different casting. And different release strategy as well; many of those movies are direct-to-video.

Comment Re:Too much money... (Score 1) 130

Uber is trying desperately to use up all that money they were given based on their (relatively simple) app. An app that they can't even make profitable. Apparently they lost around $1.2B in the first half of the year.

If they don't use it up, there's a risk they might eventually be asked to give it back.

Comment Re:Scale and power vs weight (Score 1) 130

Are you seriously arguing that because we've done it with an RC airplane that it is a trivial exercise to scale up to the size where it can plausibly carry humans safely? Yeah it doesn't work like. The energy costs to get aloft do not scale linearly with size. The bigger the vehicle + cargo the more fuel you need to lift PLUS you need more fuel to lift the extra fuel. This places upper limits on what can practically get aloft and how long you can stay there.

Several outfits have now demonstrated an electric multicopter large enough to carry a human for twenty minutes.

Plus even if you deal with the technical problems getting it to be economically viable is a MUCH harder problem. Helicopters have been a thing for a long time but they remain hugely expensive and problematic for use by the General Public.

It doesn't have to be affordable to every tom, dick and asshole. It doesn't have to be viable everywhere in the country. It only has to be viable in a large enough market to afford a few such aircraft. Also, helicopter air taxi services are a thing. People with more money than you or I regularly use them.

Comment Re:The poor economics of flying cars (Score 1) 130

1) Physics. The energy requirements to get something the weight of a human aloft are considerable. The fuel costs alone would make it economically prohibitive.

Show your math. I'm sure someone would be willing to pay at least that part.

A VTOL aircraft is necessarily going to be more expensive than a standard automobile because it is more complicated and thus more expensive. Even the simplest imaginable version would be far more expensive than what anyone but the super wealthy could afford.

They don't actually make any sense unless they are autonomous, because you're just having to pay the fuel penalty for the pilot — who can reasonably be replaced by a computer the size of your testicle.

None of the infrastructure for any plausible flying vehicle has been built excepting for airports.

Well, that is most of the required infrastructure. You can use their radio navigation beacons.

The cost to change this would be astronomical. Can you imagine trying to land in the parking lot of your local Walmart without the prop wash endangering everyone around you?

We're talking about a lightweight vehicle by definition. It won't take much of a rooftop pad for it to land on.

A much bigger problem is that you really need to not have a pilot, and there's no FAA framework whatsoever that would permit transporting passengers by drone.

Comment Re:VTOL planes a/k/a Widowmakers (Score 1) 130

There's a reason that both the Harrier and Osprey are called the Widowmaker.

I've heard that about the Osprey, but not the Harrier.

I doubt a commercial VTOL Uber plane will be a reality in my lifetime due to liability concerns.

Why not? People can use helicopters in cities, and they're dangerous as heck.

Comment Re:Hollywood discriminates on age, race, gender... (Score 3, Insightful) 262

It seems unlikely to me that Hollywood has an age discrimination issue.

Oh they certainly do have an age discrimination issue, particularly for female actresses.

Society has an age discrimination issue. Most of us, even women, would rather look at a fresh-faced young girl than at a woman with lines on her face. We'd rather look at perky boobs than saggy ones. Is it even possible to fix the problem of age bias in Hollywood, and if so, would that actually help address the problem of age discrimination in society? Or would there just be a lot of bitching about how feminist laws are compromising entertainment, ala Ghostbusters? (I don't have an opinion on that movie, which I haven't seen; I'm only characterizing the complaints.)

If an actor doesn't look the age for a part, they're not going to get the role.

That might have some credibility if they didn't also hire actresses who do not look the role at all. See Emma Stone in Aloha. See whitewashing. Same thing happens with them hiring actresses who are FAR too young for the role they are playing.

Yeah, I thought that was a bullshit argument, too. The truth is that they're going to hire the prettiest, most popular actress to play the role, and part of that means hiring the youngest one that can more or less carry it off because that's what puts asses in seats. I shouldn't have to be the one to tell you this, either. The degree to which youth equals beauty has been explored nigh unto death by everyone and their mom, especially as she ages.

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