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The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Nigerian Scam unstoppable at eBay?

DorkusMasterus writes: "Here's the situation, and the question is to follow:

I was selling an item on eBay with a "Buy it Now" feature. So I got excited when someone actually did just that. I sent an invoice and nearly immediately recieved an email from PayPal stating that I had received a credit in my account over the requested amount. (Now, don't stop reading yet... I do read /., right?) So, I check it out. The email is of course, spoofed. PayPal shows nothing. The buyer, (I researched... okay, I googled) is using a variant on a name taken from a NY news story of a crashed motorcyclist. So even the address is "possible". Long story sort-of-short: He wants me to send the item to Nigera. Clearly a scam, as no actual money has changed place.

Here is my question to the legion called Slashdot: Is there any recourse here to prevent this sort of thing from happening? I mean, yes, I could just Craigslist the thing, but frankly I like using eBay. (yeah yeah, flame on!) But, being that he simply did what anyone could do, create a fake profile, made a couple of legitimate purchases to get himself a meager positive reputation score, etc... What's to stop people like this from doing it again. My meager efforts include notifying eBay and PayPal of course, but honestly, I expect nothing. I even wrote to Interpol giving them all information including this guy's Nigeria address, but again, with the sheer volume of this kind of crime, why would they bother. So, what tools do you guys/gals know to get this stuff to change? Any groups? eBay workarounds? Secret police in Nigeria? Thanks for your time!"
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Partial nudity in HALO 2 (PC) forcing recall.

Hushed Casket writes: "It appears that HALO 2 (PC) has it another road bump. Next-gen is reporting that partial nudity has been discovered in the retail version of the game that was originally due out on May 8th.

"It has come to our attention that an unfortunate, obscure content error which includes partial nudity was included in our initial production of "Halo 2" for Windows Vista. As such, we have updated the initial game packaging at retailers with a label, so customers are aware before purchasing the game. Additionally, we've developed an online update which can be downloaded from to remove the content."
The delays for HALO 2 (PC) mean that Shadowrun (also by Microsoft Game Studios) will be the first Games for Windows — Live launch title coming out on May 29th. Shadowrun is the first cross-platform shooter that allows XBOX 360 and Vista gamers to play with each other over Live. Now HALO 2 (PC) is set to ship from manufacturers on May 31st."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Harmonix donates $2000 to fan site for new server.

An anonymous reader writes: Harmonix, the makers of Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero II, have recently decided to donate $2000 to a poplar fan site, ScoreHero. ScoreHero, which maintains both a leaderboard and forum community, had been buckling lately under the load of huge growth, recently surpassing 35,000 members. The website's creator, JCirri, had begun raising $10,000 a few weeks ago to buy a new server. His goal was to reach that amount by June 30. However, that goal was met early much to the help of Harmonix members, most notably their donation of $2000.
Input Devices

Submission + - The 3D air-mouse you wear as a ring

GadgetMike writes: "The old pointing device we use every day, the mouse, has been in use for decades now, without suffering any major improvements or concept changes. That until now, when a group of five WPI undergraduates developed something new, the MagicMouse. The goal of this project was to create and advanced method of using software that utilizes 3D coordinates, like Google Earth and others. And what better way of doing this than having a 3D mouse? MagicMouse is a three-dimensional ultrasonic computerised pointing device, that you can wear as a ring around you finger. That's how, this design, easy to use, intuitive and wireless, virtually eliminates the need of using the old mouse.

The final product is small, low powered and extremely discrete. Combine these, the great number of applications that might benefit from it and the fact that it's cheap (155$ worth of parts were used for the concept), and you might get a real winner from the 3D MagicMouse."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Have Pictures of French Fries? You're a Terrorist!

Complain Here writes: "What would've been an innocent story about how someone's nephews loved the Bridgeport-Port Jefferson Ferry's "Ferry Fries" turned bizarre when the ship's crew threatened a passenger with arrest for taking pictures of their food. Frederick A. Hall, vice president and general manager of the ferry company was unrepentant, however, and said that the threat of arrest over three pictures showing children with fries and the food counter was justified because "there have been past incidents where possible acts of terrorism have been threatened." Clearly, this can only mean that terrorists are working on Weapons of Fat Destruction, which pose a grave threat to the American Way."
The Internet

Submission + - Never Mention "hotmail" In Your CV

Pete writes: A guy, who works in the department of a Human Resources consultancy company, says they made a selection process in which, among other things, they asked for a person with ample experience in using the internet (navigation, searches, formats...). They received 50 candidacies, from which 30 came from Hotmail-directions, all of them erased as they entered. The reason: You can't pretend being an internet expert and use a Hotmail account at the same time.

Submission + - Mario & Sonic Team Up, Face Off

RyoShin writes: "Signs of the apocalypse: seven-headed beasts, cats hanging out with dogs, and a video game that combines two previous rivals. Well, according to USAToday, we're one-third of the way there. From the article: "Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, due in stores this holiday season for Nintendo's Wii console and DS handheld system (prices not yet set), will also include other popular characters such as Luigi and Yoshi (from Nintendo's Mario games), as well as Knuckles and Tails (from the Sonic games), all competing in such summer Olympic events as running, swimming and table tennis." Furthermore, Shigeru Miyamoto is giving oversight to the project. Could this be a sign that Sonic might appear in Super Smash Brothers Brawl?"

Submission + - Parallels Desktop for Mac

Mike writes: " In depth review of Parallels Desktop for Mac. New features in Parallels Desktop for Mac are Parallels Transporter, Coherence, Compressor, Drag-N-Drop, Shared Folders. Although most of these are for Windows only, Parallels does work great for Linux and other alternative operating systems as well. Not only does Parallels give OS X a more feature friendly feel, but it also makes using OS X a whole more fun to use as well."
It's funny.  Laugh.

John McCain's MySpace Page "Pranked" 503

Several readers let us know about a little problem with presidential hopeful John McCain's MySpace page. Looks as though some staffer didn't read the fine print of the "credit" clause when selecting a template for the page. The template author and CEO of Newsvine, Mike Davidson, noticed this and didn't care too much. But the McCain page was pulling an image from Davidson's site, costing him bandwidth every time someone visited the candidate's MySpace page. So Davidson changed the image in question to read: "Today I announce that I have reversed my position and come out in full support of gay marriage... particularly marriage between two passionate females." Here is Davidson's account of the "immaculate hack".

Journal Journal: John McCain, MySpace, and Code Theft 2

At first I thought the "prank" on a presidential candidate John McCain seemed a bit petty, making his myspace page say he has reversed his position on gay marriage just because someone in his campaign used some code without crediting the author.
But McCain doesn't seem to know his own position regarding contraceptio


Submission + - Recommended Tech for High School Science Building

rwhite5279 writes: "I'm a science teacher at a small, private, prep school with an enrollment of some 300 high school students. The science teachers are in the process of designing our new science building, and have some input into what sorts of technology-related facilities it will have. Keeping in mind obvious details like the fact that our budget isn't unlimited, what technology facilities or design features would Slashdot readers consider high priority? SmartBoards in every room? Ceiling-mounted LCD Projectors everywhere? Coax and Cat5/Cat6 junction boxes everywhere? Suggestions on Wireless versus Ethernet LANs? Desktop machines in labrooms versus carts of laptops? Any and all suggestions appreciated!"
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - What's On a Games Dev. University Placement Test?

Kamineko writes: "I'm currently taking a four year BSc (Honours) Comp-Sci degree at a university in the UK. For the third year, I'm required to do a year's industrial placement. By some bizarre fluke, I've been offered a junior programmer position at a well-known video game development studio.

If I do well on... The Test.

What kind of material will be on The Test? Are they going to ask me to apply De Morgan's Theorem over and over, or do I need to be able to explain the principles behind the PageRank eigenmatrix?

Slashdot, how should I prepare?"

Submission + - "Police blow up foul-mouthed CDs"

FirmWarez writes: CNN is reporting that a bomb squad in Santa Fe, New Mexico, blew up three CD players containing home burned CDs spewing forth "foul language and pornographic messages" in a Catholic church. The CD players had been taped under pews and were louding relaying their audio messages during Ash Wednesday services.

I'm beginning to wonder if somehow the war on terror has been combined with some evangelical Republic an agenda to rid the world of obscene gestures and comments. First "lite brites" and now CD players. With all the "WTF" comments on-line, is your server next?

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