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Comment Re:One just arrived, I kid you not (Score 2) 194

There's a lot of stuff in that little device. Try browsing to ... admin/admin ... there's an HTTP server there (naturally) ... with a lot of settings (FTP, VPN, and on and on). I don't know what actually works. The server says it is "RALink" And ... while stumbling through the menus, I found the System Command option. And did an 'ls'. Some sort of tiny unix/linux in there. Have fun, everyone.

Comment One just arrived, I kid you not (Score 5, Informative) 194

I just had a "matrix" moment. I read the summary ... and within 10 minutes, a priority mail package arrived. "What's this?" ... opened the envelope and out popped a suspiciously thick copy of Forbes, containing one of the hotspots. Surreal. Hopefully, I will have time tonight to do some testing.

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