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Comment Re: Sociopaths gonna sociopath. What's new? (Score 4, Interesting) 185

Confidence gained from their private schooling.

I'm not a rich person, but some of the people in my social circle can certainly be classed as rich, while others should be classed as "middle class but working extremely hard to send their kids to private school", and others are normal middle class who send their kids to public school (I'm in the UK here). I have no kids of my own.

One thing you would immediately notice when interacting with the kids of this fairly diverse group is that those kids that go to private school have significantly more confidence in interaction and themselves than the kids that go to public school. They are taught in different ways, and they are individually fostered and curated by their school teachers and support assistance, and they have a lot of support when it comes to "soft skills" such as confidence and interaction.

Kids who go to private school are much more confident in themselves and their actions.

Comment Re:Doesn't Netflix do this in its main interface? (Score 1) 44

>>> "the Watch List," the app will recommend shows based on the content viewers access through their Apple TV

> I seem to remember Netflix suggestions just showing up on my main content selection screen. Never having seen one, why does an Apple TV need a separate app to suggest TV shows to its viewers?

Tivo suggested things for you 17 years ago.

If iTunes was less lame, it would already be doing this (like Amazon).

Comment There will be NO third coming of Steve (Score 1) 512

Geez... WTF is Apple up to these days?

As much sense as some changes have made, there's been a consistent movement toward a bland homogenized, minimalistic product line.

First they take the Mac Pro and turn it into a weird little trash can that can't be expanded internally. No more jamming the bays full of big, fast drives, no more expansion or video card upgrades. The result? I either keep using my aging 2009 Mac Pro or build a hackintosh.

Then they take the MacBook Pro and take away the ability to upgrade RAM/Hard drive or do your own maintenance. The iMac is going the same way now.

Then they take away the freaking headphone jack from their phone, which many people still need. Yes, I can spend more money to work around that issue, but I shouldn't have to.

Now, the brainiacs at Apple are talking about nuking the escape key? I'm a Unix admin. I use a Mac to access my Linux server farm and pretty much live on the command line. All of my scripting is done with vi and the escape key is essential.

As much as I love using Macs, I'm getting fed up with their "have it our way" attitude. They're following in the footsteps of AOL and Blackberry with their idiotic hubris.

Ever since Jobs died, Apple has been coasting. There have been no positive innovations, just variations on a theme that ended when Steve died.
No one's come up with anything good, so they decide to shake things up by making user unfriendly changes "just because".

Hint to Apple: There will be NO third coming of Steve to drag your asses out of trouble. I've already dumped 90% of my Apple stock. It's grossly overvalued and when the current asset bubble burst, the value will be in the toilet.

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