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Comment Re:wars destroy wealth (Score 1) 514

No, I'm saying that its impossible for any government to commit theft -- at least not if they decide to call it a tax.

Sort of like how extortion isn't extortion as long it's called protection money? Theft describes the nature of the act, not the nature of the perpetrator, and glossing over it with nicer-sounding words make it any better.

Comment Re:Supply and demand? (Score 1) 161

Russian jet manufacturers cant compete with western quality standards, economics and support - they are well known for having poor supply chain, which hits airlines when a plane goes tech for instance.

Sorry but racism simply doesnt have anything to do with this - its pure economics. If their aircraft could compete, western airlines would be buying them in droves, simply because Airbus and Boeing cant keep up with current orders - the situation is ripe for a third major producer in the same market, the capacity in the market is there in the single aisle segment and has been for a couple of decades now, but the Tu-204 still failed.

Comment Re: Supply and demand? (Score 1) 161

As I said, the C-Series sits beneath the entrenched market that Airbus and Boeing compete in - the fact that the CS300 touches the low end of Airbus and Boeings products capacity wise doesnt alter that, as airline orders have been trending toward the top end of those offerings for several years.

A319NEO orders stand, to date, at just 55, with the bulk of Airbuses orders going to the A320NEO (two thirds at 3,600) and A321 (a third at 1,400).

737MAX orders are trending a similar way where airlines have identified the subtype, with the 737 MAX 7 only seeing 60 orders to date, with the rest of the orders split in a similar way to that of the Airbus products.

The C-Series simply doesnt compete in the same market.

As to a CS500, sorry but its a pipe dream. Bombardier have enough debt and issues with the CS100 and CS300, they simply cant commit to a new stretch in the next decade. They also dont have enough orders currently to break even on the current versions, and don't have an engine for anything larger so that would need more investment with an engine company.

There is also no evidence of strong arming by Airbus and Boeing - yes, Bombardier approached Airbus for investment and were denied, but neither Airbus nor Boeing have anything to gain by stopping Bombardier compete at the low end of the market. Bombardiers main competitor is Embraer and the new jets coming out of Russia (Sukhoi Superjet), China (Comac C919 and ARJ19) and Japan (MRJ). Airbus and Boeing dont want to compete in the regional jet market.

Comment Re: Supply and demand? (Score 1) 161

It isnt - the C-Series sits beneath the entrenched market that Boeing and Airbus dominate with the 737 and A320 series. Bombardier is really looking at the larger end of the regional jet market with the C-Series, as it just barely nibbles at the lower end of the 737 and A320 series capacities (and both Boeing and Airbus are seeing their customer base for those aircraft drift largely to the top end).

Comment Re:Supply and demand? (Score 3, Informative) 161

Actually the article is a load of crap - Boeing is reducing 777 production right now, is in talks to end 747 production and has scrapped a production increase in the 787 (and may indeed scrap an entire production line in the next few years).

The only aircraft seeing production rate increases at the moment (that arent related to a new program coming on line, such as the A350XWB) are the A320 series and the 737 series - those sell well more than a thousand copies each year, with production lagging sales considerably.

Comment Re:Not good (Score 1) 161

Boeing did use off-the-shelf fasteners for the 787s roll out - they didnt plan ahead properly with their supplier of aviation grade fasteners and came up short, so decided to use commercial non-aviation grade fasteners just so they could roll something out for the 7/8/07 unveiling. Of course, the airplane didnt fly for another three years and was eventually written off as unsaleable due to the amount of rework it had undergone...

Comment Re:Then 38,928 Incorporated Cities in US are "Smal (Score 1) 114

If NO ONE else were interested in servicing your entire town sure. Even then, this clause would apply if and only if they ONLY serviced your town and nothing else. Unless your town is 100 miles away from anything else, I don't see that being a real problem in Denmark.

Reno is not a bad example of a town literally in the middle of nowhere.

You would probably think of it as living on the Moon and net neutrality would probably be low on your list of complaints.

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