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Comment Re:Buttons would be nice !!! (Score 1) 170

I was working in Singapore once. At the facility, they had Western toilets. Above the toilets, they had instructions for the locals telling them "not to stand on the lids" when they took a crap. Seems they weren't used to sitting on one and were used to squatting over a hole to dump their load.

That brought on a whole different cultural perspective regarding what we consider to be common.

Comment Re:Won't be long now (Score 2) 197

ISIS is not a centralized enemy as we once had way back in WW II. They're a bunch of little "cells" that are doing their own thing. It would be impossible to "nuke them" as "they" aren't in any one place or country.

Even the nutty Muslims have no centralized governing body. They're interpreting their religion on the fly with likely thousands of nutjobs coming up with their own interpretation of what is "right" and "wrong" so it's impossible to put pressure on any leadership because there is none.

Since WW II, we've encountered a whole different type of war. One of small groups and in some cases, guerrilla warfare (Vietnam) which again,had little centralization as a target.


Comment Re:How about teaching kids to type first? (Score 1) 196

I took freshman high school typing. I was the only male in the class way back when. I found it was one of the most-useful classes I ever attended.

I agree that in the computer age, typing is a necessity. Also, I used to type a lot of technical reports. It's obviously necessary for the same reason.

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