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Comment Re:Look for a new job (Score 3, Interesting) 140

I was reorged and placed under a kiss ass manager-ette. My solution: I called up my old manager and asked is I could go back to work for him. Viola. Done. I think she was in to some "categorize work tasks in to a flow chart" thing . I couldn't take the situation. I am an adult. I think she may have given head to someone at the top.

This lady was like a Marissa Mayer on knee pads.

Got out, kept my sanity, survived well.

You can't change crappy managers. Best to distance oneself.

Comment Re:Mint (Score 4, Informative) 510

I third Linux Mint. Just put it on a disc and boot from the disc to give it a try (or a flash drive). You don't even have to load the OS to try it. If you like it, you can dual boot it with Windows or overwrite Windows.

I installed it both ways on two laptops and I really like it. The user interface is similar to Widows so it should be pretty intuitive.

Comment Re:100% of landline customers affected by strike (Score 2) 172

I dumped AT&T two years ago. They wanted $39 for basic telephone service (no long distance).
I bought a dedicated Tracfone and linked it to a bluetooth gateway. I plugged the gateway in to my house wiring and transferred my landline number to the Tracfone. My monthly cost is running about ten dollars now.

Screw ATT and screw their union.

They are a dying business model.

Comment Re:so go use linux? (Score 2) 419

Same here. I've turned updates off for several years. Who wants a forced update to Windows 10?

Additionally, the updates just bog down my system. Some say it's for "security" but I haven't had an issue on any of my systems (I have 8 various PCs running at my house for various purposes).

I'll be on Win7 until it becomes unusable. Then it's over to Linux unless Microsoft starts behaving with civility.

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