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Comment Re:First Ammendment (Score 2) 124

Assemblyman Calderon (neophyte 31 yr. old politician, lib/dem) claimed IMDB was exhibiting "commercial speech" and not one of an individual. The judge didn't see it that way. I understand that a stupid, young politician might make such an inane law but what really bothers me is that Jerry Brown (California Governor) actually signed the stupid law without any legal basis. Calderon is the son of a politician and nephew of two others http://www.whittierdailynews.c... who pled guilty of corruption. Why he was elected???? Pretty incredible. At his recent wedding, guests were asked to give "cash gifts" (google it).

California is truly-screwed when it comes to politics.

I wonder why Calderon initiated the law (he's from Whittier, a ways from Hollywood). I googled about but couldn't find out why he's whoring himself to Hollywood.

Comment Re:Pretty sure the FM chip in my phone is active. (Score 1) 209

It depends upon the station. I listen to one in Ft. Bragg, California that has very few commercials (KOZT).

Streaming FM radio via TuneInRadio gives you the choice of listening to FM stations that aren't receivable in my area so I can pick ones that aren't cramming a lot of commercials down my throat.

Comment Re:the real reason theyre arguing it. (Score 1) 310

If Apple wants to prevent lithium batteries catching fire with private repairs, then they should provide high quality replacement batteries that don't catch fire.

I replaced the batter in my iPod and it wasn't a big deal. Yes, it would be more difficult in an iPhone but not impossible.

They're obviously attempting to create a repair monopoly.

Comment Re:It highly depends what you want from me (Score 1) 113

Agreed. There is nothing worse than someone giving you a "leaping monkey" and ending the message with "Thank you in advance".

Most of the time, they're trying to offload a task on me that is their responsibility.

I'd much prefer a two way conversation vs. lobbing something over the fence to me.

These were most notable with the "working from home" bunch that didn't want to come in to do their job.

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