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Comment Pull the plug on TSA (Score 5, Insightful) 128

TSA was created by Bush as a knee jerk reaction to 9-11. I'm surprised Obama hasn't gotten rid of it.

However, government never seems to get smaller nor can it realize a mistake. It only perpetuates (in this case) an unnecessary bureaucracy.

Let's go back to metal detectors and private security. My tube of toothpaste isn't the problem.

TSA is.

Comment Re:As long as it's for the right reason (Score 4, Interesting) 482

I go to a lot of concerts but I find smart phone users during the show very obnoxious.

We went to see Tom Petty at the Rose Quarter/Moda center in Portland . The folks in front of us were constantly taking selfies *with flash* , googling, doing fucking Facebook and more during the music. It was such a bad experience, we'll never return to that venue.

We've run in to the behavior at other shows but not as bad as this one.

I'm all for bagging cellphones during concerts if people can't learn to behave with them.

Some of the venues I go to (smaller ones) remind idiots when they're being idiots with cellphones.

Comment Re:MP3 (Score 2) 316

When I buy music, I do it via Amazon (if you by the disc, they give you the MP3). I like the .mp3 format. I won't buy music via iTunes because of the proprietary format that won't play via USB stick in to my car stereo.

For streaming, it's Pandora and TuneInRadio (I stream a station I like located far away.... radio is crappy in my locality).

Comment Re:Well (Score 2) 304

It's really not a racial thing. It's a U.S. problem in that raising three generations of black folk on welfare has generated an increasing dependence on the government for income.

Look at African folks in European and African countries for a balance. The crime problem isn't there.

It's what the U.S. culture/government does with the race that is the root of the problem.

You don't see the same crime, crappy language and behavior coming from people of African descent in other countries.

Heck, you don't even see it in Canada.

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