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Comment Re:Corruption in gaming magazines? No never. (Score 1) 145

Are you voting for Wu or something? Honestly, this "it's a front for harassment" misses the entire point of the actual gamergate issues, while addressing none of them. Were there assholes using the hashtag to troll? Yep. Just like there are trolls on Slashdot.

Not that you'll watch....

It's not Brianna Wu's patreon.... so you might not like it.

Comment Re:Sooooo (Score 1) 492

He didn't stop tweeting. 'His wife' tweeted once, and a few minutes later, he started back on his rant, but added about the "assault" he endured a few minutes ago.

Sorry, I was reading the feed when this happened. And by gum, the gif didn't play automatically for me. ;) The timing's suspicious for most people who witnessed the previous and post-seizure tweetstorms.

Comment Re: Um (Score 2, Informative) 492

It takes a special kind of asshole to think that it's blaming the victim here. He has epilepsy. He knows he has epilepsy. Thanks to the Internet, everyone including your grandma knows he has epilepsy. If he was PRUDENT, he would have disabled ANIMATION AUTOPLAY. It's disabled by default on my browser and I don't have epilepsy. If he clicked "play" and got a seizure, well... the "victim" deserves to be blamed.

That being said, I doubt it was the same level of intentional harm that has happened in the past. Because Kurt has been trolling Twitter for quite a while, poking people to get a response. Very nice and journalistic of him, to be sure. Note that this asinine behavior from a douche like Kurt doesn't excuse the specific attempts to harm him, this one seems simply a case of him being already unhinged after his appearance on the talk show and his 40-tweet rant about the CIA and Trump. Seeing the tweet with the words "you deserve a seizure" made him go finally full retard and threaten everyone with jail and fines and beatings because he was feeling butthurt.

I read the whole thread in real time, so spare me the bullshit, AC. I know he's milking this for sympathy after his rant and implosion on Tucker Carlson's show.

Comment Re: Um (Score 1, Insightful) 492

If you have epilepsy, you should really turn that off.

I use twitter in my browser and it doesn't autoplay anything. :) If Kurt wasn't such a man-child, he'd have done the same thing.... but his meltdown after his meltdown on Tucker Carlson's show means he is lashing out to people who saw his meltdown.

I have no fucking sympathy for assholes.

Comment Re:Time to take nuclear seriously.... (Score 1) 234

I'd love for nuclear power to take off. But every time people try to put it forth, there are a squintillion (that's a lot) naysayers crapping all over the concept. They talk about anti-AGW people being thick-skulled.... Try telling a Green that Nuclear Power is a vastly superior and cleaner alternative.

Comment Re:Old computer with better spec than the new ones (Score 1) 310

I game quite nicely on a Core 2 Quad. Of course I don't really have any desire for VR, though. It's just not my cup of tea. I've not done FPSes since Quake 1. Quake 2 made me nauseous. (Something about that engine that made me want to hurl.) Nothing beats Galactic Civilizations 2 (or Alpha Centauri) for me. :) I like the "new, shiny" Civs, but the old school stuff is just great for me. And couple that with Worms:Armageddon and I'm in turn-based heaven. Still, I don't begrudge people wanting the latest and greatest. I did it for years. I just didn't upgrade after a while and I haven't noticed. (Granted, I run Linux and Windows 7.) I even turn off the eye candy for each.

One day I'll head back to eBay and order myself another 5 year old CPU. (as I stare at my Athlon running XP... heh.) Surprising what you can get for $30 on eBay...

Comment Re: You wouldn't download an Oreo (Score 1) 229

The current "Double Stuft" Oreos are merely the original amount of filling re-packaged. Back when Double Stuft was actually double, they did cost a little more, but today, they're nothing more than the original Oreo for the sucker with a short memory. Sort of like the size of candy bars and soup cans. So these asshats couldn't have picked a worse metaphor this side of "a series of tubes."

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