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Comment Re:Apple's take on Windows 8 (Score 1) 370

I'd rather say, it was more of one foot in the grave and one foot in their collective cornholes. Windows 7 UI was fine. It wasn't great, but did the geniuses at Microsoft tweak and enhance? No, they scrapped and plopped that abortion of a UI onto everyone thinking it was still 1995 and they could do no wrong. Now they're scaling back the stupid with Windows 9 and 10, but the damage has been done.

I have been following Apple (after the death of the PowerPC Macs, and thus the death of my association with them as a primary PC), and the things I fell in love with in OS X were (and still are) being systematically dismantled. Yosemite just continues that trend. Since my G5 is now a printer stand, I figure I'll let Apple go its own way. It was really the best thing that could've happened. I am now running Linux exclusively and haven't missed Windows or OS X yet. No, put down the pitchforks. I am not turning this into a pro-Linux post. :)

Apple and Microsoft have lost their, shall we say, inspirations when the cult of the founders (Jobs being the most stark) leave (or die.) It will be interesting how they pull themselves out of this rut. It's forcing Microsoft to play damage control... and Apple's just about out of the last of the Jobs' ideas... so in time, we'll most likely see them hit the skids a little, unless they can unfreeze Jobs and let him be creative again. (or rather, be a pop-culture version of creative.)

Comment Re:gtfo (Score 0) 724

The same reason sexism is a non issue in games. It just is. It's a hobby. Don't like it? Make your own games. Stop pissing all over other people's entertainment under the mask of "equality" and "social justice." Yet the people at the forefront are disingenuous bitches who fucked their way to the top and aren't gamers or developers at all. They're seagulls. The squawk, fly in, crap all over everything, and are protected by the government.

Life's hard. Buy a helmet. No one is guaranteed the right not to be offended. These "SJWs" are no different than the temperance movement or the anti-porn crusaders.

Comment Dolt.. (Score 0) 796

I know I shouldn't feed the trolls, but get bent. The tired, debilitating Keynesian crapola that is causing the western world to take a swirly down the tubes needs a counter-argument.

I notice you don't bother to put anything down as a counter-argument, so I'm going to assume AC that you're a Statist Progtard.

And what do we say to progtards? Get bent.

Comment My List (apologies if already mentioned) (Score 1) 796

Brave New World, Aldous Huxley
C.S. Lewis Space trilogy (Out of the Silent Planet, etc.)
Night, Eli Wiesel
On Anger, Seneca
The Road to Serfdom, Frederick Hayek
Free Speech for Me, but not for Thee, Nat Hentoff
Lawrence Lessig (Free Culture and any of his others.)
2001: A Space Odyssey (great movie too.) Arthur C. Clarke
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, William L. Shirer
Common Sense, Thomas Paine
Nostromo, Joseph Conrad
Moby Dick, Herman Melville

And anything by Philip K. Dick. The must-reads on him are well, most of his work.

Comment Re:Translation: (Score 1) 236

It's a trial balloon. Microsoft does it all the time. They gauged the response and sent out the "apology"... meaning that in a few months, they'll re-spin it... Make no mistake the 720 is going to have always-on DRM. It's just a matter of how they're going to present it to the customer... they'll figure it out. :) Trick is, though... will they "buy" into it?

Comment Re:And it didn't even make a difference for securi (Score 1) 242

You have a choice, Linux on the PS3 (which wasn't all that special anyway) or PSN

That wasn't a choice when I bought it. Why should it be a choice later on after I've sunk money into the damn thing? As for newer models not having the feature, that's fine... no one is forcing them to include it, but since I bought it with that feature, they took a big fat dump on my PS3 to make it continue being a PS3. It doesn't matter if YOU thought it wasn't really special. You don't get to dismiss a valid point because you think the choice is obvious (you chose PSN, I am guessing.)

I didn't want to make that choice. But I am making this choice. No PS4. They can shove it up their tailpipe. I won't buy one.

Comment Re:Twitter-shaming. (Score 1) 1145

She could've handled it without the "shaming twitter pics and righteous faux-anger" schtick. If it was offensive, the policy for most companies (and the conference itself) is for you to confront the person who offended you unless you feel that retaliation would be detrimental (like you tell your supervisor that was inappropriate) then you go to their boss, or to HR if it's a high enough official. She could've told the PyCon people about it and let them confront the men, or kick them out.. it's their conference after all.

You don't get on Twitter, after taking a clandestine photo of the "offenders" and then proceed to smear them without giving them opportunity to rectify the situation, explain their position, or to know that they were offending someone. Remember, this was overheard, not directed at her. She could've misinterpreted the conversation she wasn't a part of.

Life's hard, buy a helmet. Humans of all stripes are walking on eggshells... those who don't are jerks anyway. The rest of us have no recourse to defend our speech or actions because half the time the offender gets an anonymous tip that "you said something offensive" (since they won't say what for fear of retaliation), you're left with some head-scratching. Sometimes it's obvious... but sometimes it is NOT.

Courtesy is contagious... but in this climate, we have too many people being busybodies. The world isn't Mr. Rogers Neighborhood....

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 1145

If they're not talking to you and you can avoid listening to their conversation... yes. If I am in a whispering conversation in a public place and you come up to listen what I'm saying, if you find out there's something you might not like in that conversation... too fucking bad. I wasn't talking to you.

Saying it when everyone can hear, and no one can reasonably avoid eavesdropping... that's another matter. And I'm not talking about in a place where such things are already prohibited. There is some discussion as to what the method for dealing with this at PyCon was... and it wasn't how Richards did it. And I suspect that the first offense (these guys were never given the opportunity to change their behavior, or informed that it offended someone), they wouldn't have been kicked out of future conferences and fired (well one of them, after all.)

It just is this hypersensitive crap... As I've said elsewhere in the thread... (to you, actually)... it's an epidemic of hypersensitivity.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 1145

Devil's advocate:

She made an off-color joke in public (twitter isn't private) about body parts, which is the very thing she got these guys on, but two guys whispering to each other in the audience (or talking, who knows?) made a dongle joke that may or may not have been inappropriate, considering they were talking about forking a project too (you can see where these assumptions go) is different? Why, because of the conference? They weren't making a presentation or officially commenting in a Q&A at the conference. And i imagine the joke in question, brought up by one person, would've gotten them a stern talking to by the organizers if Richards had gone to them instead of the "vigilante" crap she pulled.

/ Devil's Advocate

What I see is a double-standard. I know what's appropriate in a workplace. It's policy. Sorry, smells like a publicity stunt on her part. I doubt she was offended at all, just opportunistic. And even if she was offended (judging by her comments on twitter, she's more salty than the two she helped railroad), that was a cunt move taking a pic of them, THEN sending the "oh, they made body part jokes at PyCon" allegations. Yes, I said cunt. Kick me off Slashdot... I am not impressed with Political Correctness.

People are too fucking sensitive. I think it's just the byproduct of being in a society where everyone claims victimhood over anything that makes them upset. Fuck it.

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