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Comment Re:The chart is mis-labeled (Score 1) 295

I can tell you one very enormous thing that you can do with Office 2010 that you can't do with Office 2000. Get mail using RPC over HTTPS. I have found this to be a HUGE hit for companies that I have worked for. Instead of popping mail, using Outlook Web Access, a Firewall/VPN solution, or jumping on Remote Desktop, users simply open Outlook when they are at home just as they would at work. The speed is consistently good and along with the fact that it is so convienient makes this a huge upgrade.

Regarding Windows 7 vs. Windows XP, I'd have to say the answer is "Use 16 GB of RAM". Windows XP 64-Bit was pretty much terrible. Windows 7 64-Bit? Not terrible. With Engineering (Cad, 3d modeling) tools and software development tools increasing in complexity, having enough RAM to avoid constant paging is very nice.

There. Two decent examples without thinking much about your question.

Comment Re:a complex question with no single correct answe (Score 1) 395

I second everything that Tubmleweed mentioned since it's dead-on accurate. The real debate is between Verizon (great coverage) versus Sprint (great 3G speed), with AT&T and T-Mobile being runners up.

Be aware that if you plan to "tether" (connect your phone to your computer to let your computer have wireless Internet access over your phone) then Sprint will allow you to do that for free as long as you have an existing unlimited data plan ($15 for base plans or included in new plans), but Verizon will try to charge you per-megabyte costing you hundreds of dollars a month once they find out. Also be aware that Sprint also includes "Any Mobile-to-Mobile" add-on in many of their plans calling any of your friends on any mobile network completely free.

The iPhone is no longer a booster to AT&T's service since there are other alternative phones out or about to come out this year to rival the iPhone. T-Mobile is a company that has changed names three times already always hiding from a bad rep but trying to make money on we-cut-our-own-throat prices.

Some HTC phones that are are out already for Sprint and Verizon networks (both CDMA based) and are also GSM six-band phones so you have international usage, or additionally if they are Hard-SPL flashed, Secure Unlocked, and flashed with a custom WU World Unlocked Radio they can use US mobile carrier SIM cards letting you use AT&T, T-Mobile, or other carriers with regular or pre-paid SIM cards. You simply let the phone choose the network automatically by availability or manually by switching between CDMA and GSM only modes on the phone.

This CDMA & GSM access makes these phones almost universal in usage since they are carrier independent. On top of this you can flash them with tons of custom ROMs giving you access to all versions of Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5 already including tons of custom applications written for these operating systems. You can even build your own custom ROMs from "kitchens" customizing the settings, drivers, and software available on these phones. They sell for $325-350 on eBay and can be activated with either carrier without a contract. Be sure to only by the Sprint or Verizon (CDMA & GSM enabled) HTC Touch Pro 2 phones and not the AT&T or T-Mobile (GSM only) since you won't have access to both wireless network types and the GSM only phones have a slower processor.

HTC Touch Pro 2 (aka RhodiumW) - 2 x CDMA, 6 x GSM, 480x800, 528MHz, 288/512 MB
Sprint - HTC Touch Pro 2
Verizon - HTC Touch Pro 2

Websites that you must visit.

If you can wait a bit longer and wish to spend $750 or more then you can consider this phone.

HTC HD2 or wait for the predicted but not confirmed HTC HD2 Pro (with keyboard and CDMA later this year).

Comment There are no local authorities left in Haiti. (Score 1) 124

Really, one of the first news is that the Presidential Palace was destroyed.

For all practical matters it seems like Haiti has stopped having a functioning government (and no, I know that the demise of the Palace would not necessarily imply the collapse of government, but I am using it as a symbol, before you wise asshats point this out...).

Comment Re:what do you call "truly open" there?? (Score 1) 322

My OpenMoko works perfectly well. Whilst I''ve played with a few distros on it that's only because I like to. The OS it shipped with (OM 2007) was incredibly basic and unsupported on arrival, but nonetheless worked exactly as it should have. OM 2008 is the same, and Qtopia/QtExtended. Android was rough around the edges but when I tried it the image was simply taken straight from the G1 and only had enough modifications for it to boot and run on the Freerunner, it's probably better now but I wanted a more traditional Linux system since Google's Java+tons-of-XML put me off. Debian is a bit hit-and-miss (I tried the QTMoko version, didn't work too well :( ). Got SHR on it at the moment, which is a nice system. Occasionally get some issues from DBus though :(

Whilst I certainly wouldn't say it's a mass-market smartphone in the same way that the N900 or iPhone are, I'd say it's perfectly capable of being a mass-market basic phone with any of the OSs I've tried other than QTMoko (although obviously it's way too overspecced to do well in sales :P ). However, for a geeky smartphone it is absolutely perfect for me, in the same way that Debian is perfect for my desktop, laptop and netbook systems, but I wouldn't lumber someone with Debian who wouldn't know what to do with it; that's what Ubuntu's for.

For the record, I probably would've got an N8*0 rather than the Freerunner at the time, but they're not phones. The N900 is, and thus is win. I know a number of people who've got one, more who want one, and I've recommended it a few times. I don't understand the "fail"...

Comment Re:Adapter (Score 1) 160

You mean it is a jumble if you carry around 4 different Mac laptops at the same time? Each one that he lists is for adapting for the VGA projector. I got one for $10 (DVI-VGA). Wow, that's just crazy. OK, to be honest I did buy a $5 DVI-HDMI adapter so I could play games on my HD TV, though I wouldn't call that a critical flaw.

All get back to you when I have enough money to buy another 3 laptops. Some arguments are just a bit silly.

Comment I'm a contractor (Score 1) 285

I've been contracting since 1992 (mostly SF Bay Area). I'm cheap, around $125/hour. I could not imagine anybody worthy of the job to work for much less.

Consider a post to CraigsList, and see what comes back.

Not to discourage you, but this will be a long journey, much of which involves stuff you apparently are not interested in. You will have to staff and supervise the work. If you are unable to communicate what you want done, you might have to pay for multiple attempts to get it right.

Another alternative: If you really have some coding ability (however meager) you should try to produce a prototype and make it available. Perhaps you will attract some interest and attract a community, which is what you wanted anyway.

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