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Comment Let me get this straight. (Score 1) 93

People are using Pepe Cards with Bitcoin. Pepe (The guy the media has tried to tie to Trump and Racism.) To help save the economy of Venezuela. (The country sitting on shitloads of wealth that they can not use cause the went commie and retard at the same time.)

Trump racism saves the lefts favorite government?

Comment Re: isn't that a German thing? (Score 1) 429

Which is exactly what a lot of people say if and when the US goes down.
They will point to our, "War Mongering" and everything else they do not like about us and say, "They had it coming".
Live by the sword, die by the sword.
Hopefully we are lucky enough that once we are defeated that the people coming in give us a shitty piece of land and let us be semi autonomous. They will not though. Because that NEVER happens. They only place that the defeated culture was given a partial independence is here.

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