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Comment This is idiotic. (Score 0) 159

We are fining a company because we are protecting people so fucking stupid that they think and MSRP means something real.
The problem with the world is that we keep insulating these people from their retarded decisions. Nothing good will come of dumbing the world down to the capability of the lowest common denominator.

There are zero people in the world that we want to breed who were fooled by this. Zero!

Comment OMG! (Score 1) 103

Google gave contributions to people and entities that may align with their interests?
Fuck that! Either give and make sure it benefits you in no way whatsoever of keep your fucking money.

Fucking triggered fucking socialist scum. Left leaning fucktards that spend all their time demanding what other people should be forced to do for the poor while never giving a dime in charity and bitching that those that do give to charity should feel bad because it dose not align with your shitty, fucked up and useless views.

Author should shut the fuck up forever.

Comment Not a Problem (Score 1) 635

Those workers who are displaced by robots can just do like the others that made Obamas economy, "Great".

They can use up their unemployment and then not work at all. Just go out and, "Pursue their dreams". That way they will not be unemployed. They will just be part of an alternative way of life.

I could be wrong though. Permanent unemployment benefits all the people that want it should be a great way to make things work.

Fucking Idiots

Comment Re:im afraid not (Score 2) 492

While some of his Tweets have been questionable in their content, what is the real problem with cutting the press corps out of the process? They were there to disseminate information, from the president to the people. The press corps serves no purpose now. We know for a fact that as far as large media outlets go, you can only get partisans. Left or Right, does not matter. Get rid of the press corps.

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