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Comment Re:Ah yes... (Score 1) 126

I'm sure there's a third "security best practice" that's not being followed.

I bet one of the accounts on there is a test account for the developer to test with in production, and the username/password is the same as the password to the FTP server or to the DNS registry or some other important service.

Comment Wrong way to go about it (Score 0) 117

Seriously, if they're going to push out an alert, it needs to go to the people with explodey batteries, and leave people with OK batteries out of it. A nice big popup reading "This device has been recalled due to exploding. Please return it to the store you purchased it from" that cycles through a few dozen languages and cannot be dismissed except to use the phone.

Comment Re:I'm calling bullshit (Score 4, Interesting) 585

Wow, Microsoft must be paying a fuckton of money to AMD. Windows 7 is still 47% (down only about 5% from Q1 2016 and probably not moving any farther now that free upgrades are over). If my competitor stood up and said "we are walking away from half of the market" my response would be "We are committed to supporting the half of the market our competitor just abandoned."

Is AMD independently wealthy enough to also ignore half of the market, or is Microsoft making them wealthy enough to do so? Stockholders ought to be asking that question right now, especially given the weak position that AMD is in.

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