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Comment I read the version with the photos (Score 1) 4

I've got to say your camera barely qualifies as a potato.

I used to do the convention thing, but then I realized that all I ever did was gawk at better-dressed people and occasionally spout gibberish at people who are significantly more famous than myself (As an example, back in the 90's I met Brian Jaques and handed him Salamandastron to sign. When he asked me who to dedicate it to, I replied "uh... I dunno?") or embarrass myself by asking really, really stupid questions at panels.

I just realized it's been a decade since I drove half a day to Dallas on a lark and went to A-Kon. Every now and then I think of going to cons again but work hasn't left time for having a life, even a nerdy life such as that maligned by the masses.

Comment Re: Why isn't this configurable? (Score 1) 141

I just wrote a comment to you and closed the window. Ctrl-shift-t restored the window, but did not restore the comment. It can be argued that Chrome ought to store the exact state of the window including all javascript junk, but it currently does not.

This also annoys me when Chrome unloads a background tab and loses all the form data.

Comment Re:Until that's possible ... (Score 1) 2

Interesting idea, but it kind of defeats the whole purpose of blocking them: wasting my bandwidth. I'm also not sure that you'd be able to "download slowly". For larger requests you can refuse to empty the kernel TCP buffer, but buffers are pretty large these days, they'd probably pump the whole thing out to you before you can start sending ICMP source quench packets to slow them down.

Privoxy does something like this, but it's not going to request the crappy scripts, and especially not multiple times.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Web privacy idea 2

Proxy Command.

Step 1: Missile Command, but as a web proxy. Every outgoing connection = 1 incoming missile, labeled with the hostname. The proxy holds onto the connection until the missile hits the city at the bottom. Shoot down the rocket to prevent the connection to tracker.facebook.com or whatever. Speed would be adjustable.

Step 2: add auto-targeting by hostname, so you don't have to click on tracker.facebook.com over and over.

Comment Re:18 Quintillion Planets and No Story (Score 1) 157

This might be okay if there were some sort of story campaign like the Wing Commander Privateer games

Maybe there is, but nobody has found the one guy in the basement of the one building on that one planet with an ! over his head to start the quest chain.

Personally, I'll just sit here and hope that Star Citizen will finish trickling out and I'll be able to recapture the fun I got from playing Freelancer with friends, which had recaptured the fun I had playing WC Privateer by myself.

Comment Re:Considering that people play music (Score 1) 83

if you can get this program onto the air-gapped machine in the first place, haven't you already compromised it?

Yes, but now your compromise is stuck on a computer with no way off. You drop a handful of flash drives around the target's parking lot, someone plugs it in and gets the internal network pwned... then what? Put the data back on the flash drive and hope they put it back in the parking lot? But say you're a TLA and can track/activate cellphones on demand. Sure, people aren't supposed to carry their cellphone into the secure area, but they figure if they keep it in their pocket and don't whip it out and start taking pictures, they'll be fine. They might even turn it "off" so it's OK, right? Drop some flash drives there, and turn on the guy's cellphone and listen for the k-tka-tk-tk sound. Could be a failing drive, could be the secret weapon plans.

Comment Re:Either may be more profitable, but competition (Score 2) 95

However, it's ILLEGAL to compete by bringing faster service to Queens. The franchise board assigns each neighborhood to a single provider.

However, it's ILLEGAL for franchise contracts to establish geographical monopolies, since the Telecommunication Act of 1996.

What the real problem is, is that installing wires takes millions of dollars, and modern capitalists can't invest that much capital without an ROI measured in quarters or their stock takes a dive. Thus we have Google (who has billions of dollars in spare change lying around) doing installs, and even then they're only doing it where they can get concessions on right-of-ways to keep the cost down.

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