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Comment Re:Survey sponsored by company reveals (Score 1) 83

water is wet

This is a key piece of knowledge that companies often overlook. I once asked a CEO over a round of golf whether or not he knew water was wet and after reviewing his reports and whitepapers he acknowledged that he really had no idea.

That was when I decided to leverage my synergies in the dashboard paradigm to develop our Wetnss Information-as-a-Service product. Utilizing our proprietary moist dashboard technology, the C-suite can be kept up-to-date in the latest advances in the critical business infotech field of how wet water is. We're looking for investors willing to get in on the first wave of this groundbreaking new service. Act fast, we're planning to hit the ground running with a big IPO next year!

Comment Re:Or politicians can go back to basic services (Score 1) 469

The solution would be to have every single freeway and street operate at 75 MPH. This includes your driveway. The first person who steps on their brakes is automatically shot by patrolling drones, which then attach to the car and fly it off to the junkyard to be crushed. Stoplights and stopsigns will be removed.

Comment Re:Time To Invest In Infrastructure (Score 1) 469

The real problem is that the freeways are designed to be "hurry up and wait" systems. Designers bring in thousands and thousands of cars on 3 lanes at 60 MPH, then ask them all to take a single lane exit at 45MPH, then they scratch their heads and wonder why things go to shit.

Bonus points if they put a stoplight 100 feet from the end of the exit ramp that is red more than 50% of the time.

Comment Re:Perhaps a better method... (Score 2) 1001

That was my very first job interview out of college. They sat me down with emacs and a screen recorder and asked me to write, compile and test several basic programs while they were talking to the next prospect. Very relaxed process, I liked it, but they decided I wasn't a good fit for the job .

My next job interview was with a company that asked me to implement a binary tree class. There was no whiteboard, no computer, no paper. I had to recite to them verbally the class with methods for adding, removing and searching. All I could think of is how fucked this was.

The job I ended up with went the regular whiteboard route and asked some stuff that was basically specified implementation problems like fizzbuzz rather than quizzes over how lempel-ziv or red-black trees work.

Comment Re:Uber need to get a clue. (Score -1, Troll) 354

Honestly, I'm not convinced, especially not until Brexit is complete and all those damn funny-sounding furriners from the rest of the Union can be kept out of the country.

I DO think that Uber ought to assess language proficiency themselves, then hook French-speaking riders up with French-speaking drivers and so on.

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