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Comment Re:No other option when using JavaScript. (Score 1) 133

A huge problem with JavaScript, compared to other languages, is that its standard library is totally lacking, even after 20 years of existence.

A lot of common library functionality that Java, C#, Perl, Ruby, Python, Tcl, Go and even C++ include by default just aren't present when using JavaScript. Or worse, if JavaScript does include some functionality it's often really shitty, sometimes to the point of being unusable.

could you cite some examples? It would be interesting to know more on this.

So if you're using JavaScript you pretty much have no choice but to start using external packages almost right away. That's why npm has become so widely used: it's because JavaScript itself is so goddamn lacking in the most basic of ways.

I think it depends on the developer, to be fair. You could install Ruby gems like crazy if you were that way inclined. Also, you have to bear in mind that JavaScript developers don't have total control over their runtime (on the client), so you get a lot of polyfill type packages to, as you say, start right away.

Npm is basically a bandage that you have to apply to JavaScript to make it even barely usable. And you have to apply it for pretty much each and every project written in JavaScript.

OK, but, NPM is just a package manager. In other languages, you get the package manager as part of the language itself and then not think much more about it. You'd *have* to apply it for each JavaScript project, because you don't get anything by default.

Comment Re:Dont cancel it - fix it! (Score 1) 171

What the BBC badly need to do, is revert the show to its old format - one main presenter (e.g. Dr Lintott) expounding on Astronomy, plus *relevant* guest experts, and loose the current crop of b-list cabaret circuit comedians and fading celebs, who have infested the show like roaches over the past few years - if I wanted to see that lot, I'd be watching the One Show, sick bag in hand.

Like a lot of other BBC sourced science programs (e.g. Horizon), Sky at Night has been dumbing down for some time, and, frankly, both the programme and the licence-fee payers deserve better.

struggling to see how this is Insightful.

The people on, and involved with S@N are amateur astronomers. They may well be celebs who have faded, or comedians on the comedy circuit, but as far as S@N is concerned, they're intrigued by the stars.

As for Horizon... I like what Horizon talks about, I frequently quibble with how they present that topic, or debate. For a while, it's been too much fancy camera work, and way too much dramatic tension voiceover. One problem Horizon has, is that it's one of a few. It can't easily turn around and say "if you want hardcore, see 'Horizon (hardcore edition)'" or whatever, so it carries the mantle and has to appeal to a broad spectrum. The other problem is the fancy camera work and dramatic tension voiceover.


Submission + - The Architecture of Open Source Applications (

jrepin writes: "In new free book the authors of twenty-five open source applications explain how their software is structured, and why. What are each program's major components? How do they interact? And what did their builders learn during their development? In answering these questions, the contributors to this book provide unique insights into how they think."

Comment Re:Styling the UI? (Score 1) 281

I've just created an <audio> based project along with a friend. We didn't use the 'controls' attribute, and instead created some faux-LCD style display, with all the play, pause, skip buttons, volume dial and track progress slider with scrubber, in standard HTML - images, <a> links and JS calls. All styled as per our own designs. I assume <video> is much the same, but I've only yet begun to fiddle with using that element as yet.

MySQL Founder Starts Open Database Alliance, Plans Refactoring 153

Gary Pendergast writes "Monty Widenius, the 'father' of MySQL, has created the the Open Database Alliance, with the aim of becoming the industry hub for the MySQL open source database. He wants to unify all MySQL-related development and services, providing a potential solution to the fragmentation and uncertainty facing the communities, businesses and technical experts involved with MySQL, following the news of the Oracle acquisition of Sun." Related to this, an anonymous reader writes that "MySQL has announced a project to refactor MySQL to be a more Drizzle-like database." Update: 05/14 20:50 GMT by T : Original headline implied that this was a project of Sun, but (thanks to the open source nature of MySQL) it's actually Monty Widenius — no longer with Sun — leading this effort.

Comment for what reason (Score 2, Interesting) 204

Honestly, what kinds of hot (political) info would someone expect to find on Facebook? Is it because it's popular? Hence it must be monitored? Here's a clue to the UK government: don't trust the banks, don't go to war on flimsy excuses, don't spy on your electorate. How's about money saved by avoiding the above on: better investment in UK business, better investment in healthcare, better investment in, err, the UK.

Comment Re:Um, what? (Score 3, Informative) 492

agree. It was nice to look at, however I've seen this done before. On YouTube no less. ( This is DJ Shadow, using video footage. And people have been doing what DJ Shadow did for a while before that. Nice, but not revolutionary. As an earlier post pointed out, it's evolutionary.

Rails and Merb Ruby Web Frameworks Merge 80

An anonymous reader writes "The Merb and Rails Core Teams today announced a major merger; the two projects will become one, and be released some time in Q2 of 2009 as Rails 3. This is great news for lots of folks who worried about the potential community fracture, as well as great news for all the developers who will now have an all-around better option for programming Ruby. Read more about the details in Yehuda's blog post, or at the Ruby on Rails blog."

Spain Outlaws P2P File-Sharing 432

Section_Ei8ht writes "Spanish Congress has made it a civil offense to download anything via p2p networks, and a criminal offense for ISP's to allow users to file-share, even if the use is fair. There is also to be a tax on all forms of blank media, including flash memory drives. I guess the move towards distributing films legally via BitTorrent is a no go in Spain." Here is our coverage of the tax portion of this law.

U.K. Group Wants DRM'd Media Labeled 244

peterfa writes "The BBC reports that the U.K. 'All Party Parliamentary Internet Group' wants companies to label their DRMed products. Consumers will see a label on the product before they buy. The label will spell out clearly just how easy it is to copy media, and what they can and cannot do. This is in response to Sony BMG and their virus-like DRM. The group claims the industry is turning media into a rent system, rather than a purchase system."

You Say You Want A Revolution? 503

rafemonkey writes "Looks like the first hard info on a revolution game has hit the internet. The game, from Ubisoft, is called Red Steel. It's a FPS where the Revo's positional controller takes the place of the mouse. And, for those of you that were worried, the graphics look nice." PointlessWasteofTime points out that it doesn't actually look like an FPS, but more of a GunCon title, in a piece called A FanBoy Intervention. Elite Bastards has a brief history of the Revolution console. From the Waste of Time article: "Look at the Red Steel screens again. Never mind that Ubisoft has a habit of publishing concept renders and claiming they're in-game screenshots, and never mind that shots like that in magazines tend to have usually been 'touched up' a bit. Just look at the screens, then look at the inset photos of the people pointing and shooting with their Rev controllers: Guys... it's just a freaking light gun game. Tell me it's not. This isn't a badass 'Halo killer.' It's next-gen Duck Hunt."

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