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Comment For the Record: Byrne solicting mod points (Score 3, Informative) 485

This is a post copied from Overstock's Investor Village forum. Byrne is solicting drive by modding to keep his story over the fold. Who is manipulating who?
The Most important favor I have ever made of you folks - Slashdot
Hey Sports Fans.

I don't often ask for your help, but I am asking for it now: rec this post and spread the word on what I describe below. I submitted to SlashDot.com Cade Metz's story from TheRegister. It was accepted. Right now it is on the home page ("A Wikipedia Conspiracy and the Wall Street Meltdown") of Slashdot.com.

The significance of that is that plenty of mainstream press looks at what does well on Slashdot, and then write about it. Ultimately, I think control of the Wikipedia page gave the miscreants the high ground from which to shape the discourse in the mainstream press, which is why it took so long for them to write about this issue long after the data had become incontrovertible. That means to break through the cover-up we had to follow the thread all the way back to Wikipedia, expose them there, then expose their hijacking of Wikipedia, then get the mainstream press to see that. It has all been done but the last step. Cade Metz's story is out. We need the mainstream press to notice it and write about it.

So go to Slashdot, read the story, and if you approve of the story, then vote for it (assuming you are registered). The more votes it gets, the longer it stays on Slashdot, and the more independent and mainstream journalists will start noticing and digging into this.


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